Meet Your Spirit Guides — Guided Meditation

Want to try a special meditation designed to help you contact, connect with, and communicate with your spirit guides and guardian angels? The first step in establishing any relationship is a proper introduction.

Audio Tape - Guided Meditation

“Meet a Guide” — Free Audio Download
Jeff Lilly, author of, has released a guided audio meditation you can download for free. The “Meet a Guide” mp3, the first in a new series of guided meditations, was designed to assist you in contacting your guides.

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I was only half-joking when I wrote about how much I suck at meditating. I was talking about the whole “empty your mind” concept — my mind is never empty; it’s a busy, noisy place — not only do I accept that, I’ve come to like it that way.

Filling my mind or tuning my mind or being guided through a rich, internal landscape populated with spirit entities is a completely different story. There are actually a handful of meditations that I’ve picked up over the years, practiced regularly, customized to suit my particular use, and continue to employ:

  • Grounding and Centering
  • Calling the Corners
  • Astral Projection
  • Invoking the Goddess
  • My nightly visits to the attic laboratory in my Tower — a Clinic on the Other Side where I am treated for physical illness while I sleep

Now, I have a new meditation tool in my psychic utility belt
, and it’s not only one I can recommend you seek out and learn — you can start using it today.

Druid Journal Guided Meditation Series
Jeff Lilly often writes lush, descriptive narratives of his meditation experiences — “cinematic” might be the most appropriate word — and I’m happy to report that his skill as a narrator does not disappoint. Jeff’s voice is wonderfully suited to the audio format — warm, calming, authoritative, benevolent…

My Personal Experience Using the Meditation
Jeff sent me a copy of the “Meet a Guide” mp3 a few months ago for my feedback. My initial motivation in listening to it was to play the “editor” and offer detailed, constructive criticism.

I’m already “practiced” at communicating with members of my god posse — and for about a year I’ve been offering my clairaudient intuition as a relay medium, connecting with your spirit guides and asking questions on your behalf. I’m always looking to strengthen my skills.

What were my expectations?

  • I thought this meditation might induce a clairvoyant experience — I hear my guides; I rarely see them or talk to them face-to-face; I thought I might get a rare visual glimpse of them
  • I hoped the meditation might help me identify a lesser-known entity – there are always transit guides coming in and out of my life for specific periods — sometimes it takes a while to get to know the new ones
  • I generally anticipated retrieving some type of additional information or details about my god posse that I didn’t already possess
  • In the back of my mind is always the wish that I will find short-cuts for the connection process — especially with regards to acting as a medium for other people
  • Sometimes, I sense a guide and receive information without being able to pin down a specific name — knowing their names greatly empowers on-going communication

The first listen:
I was looking for the perfect evening to devote my attention to the meditation, but I was also expecting an important long-distance phone call from a friend. I opted to put my cell phone on vibrate and hold the phone during the meditation, in case the call came through — not the most ideal scenario, but I planned to listen multiple times anyway — at least once for experimental purposes, and again from a technical, editorial perspective.

I don’t want to color your own experience with too many details of my story, but a few amazing, unexpected things happened as a result of using this meditation:

  • the guide I met during the meditation was not one of my own — it was a spirit guide who belongs to the person whose call I was waiting for. I had never attempted a reading for this individual prior to the meditation.
  • on subsequent listens, I discovered an incredibly powerful short-cut to connecting with the guides of other people
  • once I knew the astral location or place where these interactions occur for me, I found that I could quickly “go there” again and again, without necessarily having to listen to the meditation each time
  • now, when I incorporate this meditation into my normal reading routine, I am able to retrieve distinct, clear names nearly 100% of the time

I NEVER expected that Jeff’s meditation would show me a whole new way of connecting and communicating with spirit entities. But then, of course, it totally makes sense that someone I know so well and admire so much would prove to be the source for something I work so hard to manifest.

One of the things I continually pray for is greater ability to use my clairaudience for other people — the number one request of those I do readings for is to find out the names of their spirit guides — my own psychic abilities have been greatly empowered by employing this simple new tool.

I can only anticipate that, wherever you are in your practice of communicating with members of your god posse, whatever level of success you’ve had so far — the “Meet a Guide” meditation will fast-forward your progress.

Seek Wisdom — Practice Love
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Subscribers will find the links to free resources at the end of all new posts, delivered by RSS or email. Click here to subscribe!


  1. says


    Synchronisity at it’s best – I’ve just posted an article which is the antithesis of this one only to find that on my next mouse click my Inbox contained your article.

    I’ve already downloaded Jeff’s meditation and totally agree that he has the right vioce for guided meditations but unfortunately I DO suck at Meditation even though I persevere.

    The visualisations are the most difficult part for me unless I’m channeling for someone else. They are usually quite clear and sharp for others but grainy, patchy or non-existent for my own journeys.

    Thanks for another excellent article.

    Much Love,


  2. Lola says

    I downloaded this meditation from Jeff’s site earlier this week but was preparing for a trip and didn’t take time to listen. Gave it a first run-through tonight, although I’m tired from traveling and not in my best receptive mode.

    I didn’t clearly SEE anyone but I could FEEL their presence and I could definitely SMELL the roses in the garden! :)

    I will certainly listen multiple times.

    Thanks to both of you.

  3. says

    Hi folks,

    First, I want to thank Slade for his ringing endorsement! I’m as amazed as he is at how well this meditation has worked for him and for others who have communicated with me about it.

    Second, not everyone’s “channel” is visual. This meditation is designed around the visual medium, but not everyone can just jump right into that medium and have it work. Damian, in our previous correspondence about this, it’s sounded as though touch was more natural for you; and maybe you’re in the same boat, Lola (or maybe it’s smell for you!). For the record — I’m EXTREMELY visually oriented. When I do this meditation, I can’t hear any voices, smell the flowers, or anything like that. When guides communicate with me, I can see lips moving, and ideas — sometimes words — get inserted into my mind. :-)

    If you can’t see the pictures, it doesn’t mean you can’t meditate, or can’t contact your guides. It means you’ve got a different “preferred sensory channel”. So please don’t get hung up on seeing the pictures! I’m trying to work out ways to offer meditations that are not so visually focused. In the meantime, find the sense — hearing, touch, smell, taste, emotion, whatever — that is responding most strongly when you are relaxed and “tuned in”, and focus on that.

    Do let us know how it goes!

  4. says

    Let me stress — again — that any “power” you have, you ALREADY have.

    The goal in increasing your psychic abilities is not to bring in something foreign or different or earth-shatteringly profound — the goal is to enhance your existing awareness.

    I’d like to point out that my experience still revolved around aural information, primarily. I do/did have a greater dose of clairvoyance, but then I do typically experience a little bit of clairvoyance all the time — it’s just nowhere near the same volume of words, sounds, and dialog.

    Oh — and something I failed to mention in the article — the guide I met did not automatically volunteer her identity to me — I had to ASK her who she was, what her name is, and why she was appearing to me.

  5. Lola says

    I think I tend to “get hung up on the pictures” because I typically have a very visual, kinesthetic learning style. For example, you can lecture me all day long on how to change a flat tire but until you take me out to the car in the garage, show me how it’s done and let me get my hands on it, I won’t really get it.

    In this particular meditation, I can see everything Jeff describes (the stairs, the beach, the garden, the bench) very clearly and in great detail. But the guides(?) that show up are undefined, shadowy forms and I catch myself straining to see.

    Then there’s the auditory factor. I have a busy brain, too, Slade. I “hear” stuff all the time but still too frequently feel uncertain if it’s really something useful coming from my guides or just my normal, non-stop chaotic activity.

    Perhaps my lesson is to relax and learn to trust the authenticity of what I AM getting without comparison to the experiences of others, and see where that takes me?

    I appreciate the lessons from all of you AND your patience while I get it!

  6. says


    I “hear” stuff all the time but still too frequently feel uncertain if it’s really something useful coming from my guides or just my normal, non-stop chaotic activity.

    Perhaps my lesson is to relax and learn to trust the authenticity of what I AM getting without comparison to the experiences of others, and see where that takes me?


    This is the thing that most people seem to miss — when you state your doubt, or identify your limitation, you are defining it as such.

    Your guides aren’t calling their messages shadowy or undefined. They aren’t creating the label of chaotic — you are!

    Try this: “I wonder…”

    Better yet: “What if…”

    What if that is a message?
    What if that is my guide speaking to me?
    What if what I’m thinking is noise is a form of information?

    1. Don’t dismiss anything.
    2. Wonder — What if…
    3. Start there “if _____, then…”

    If you have to call it “pretend” then pretend. Assume. Practice behaving and asking questions as if it is so. Just proceed on faith. It takes a lot of practice, but one thing you will see is that when you start behaving and communicating as if these are indeed your guides, you can proceed to the next level of interpretation.

  7. Lola says

    Well then, since I’ve given myself the gift of a day off today with nothing more pressing to do other than appointments later for a massage and a pedicure, I think I’ll spend some time hanging out in the (no-boundries) garden!

  8. says

    When I did the meditation I could feel the energies around me right away it was a little startling.When I proceeded into the garden and sat 2 guides came I asked them their names and they told me. I could see them quite clearly and they communicated through my thoughts. Neat, just the way I pick up others who came to me for readings. I guess they are always around, just waiting for us to ask.

  9. Lola says

    OK – Wow. And I do mean – WOW.

    I did this again yesterday after my girly-girl mental health day. Must have had a much higher vibration than when I tried earlier.

    Shortly after I sat down on the bench, my two main guides approached but didn’t speak. They went around the bench and stood behind me, one to the left and one to the right. (I still didn’t SEE so to speak, just had impressions of forms – large forms. But I knew who they were thanks to my reading with Slade). I turned and invited them to sit and got the impression of them holding a finger to their lips and saying shhhhh. So they stood there and I went back to enjoying the garden and waiting to see what would happen.

    After awhile another being approached, I got a strong female impression, and rather than a shadowy figure, she presented as a very bright light. She sat beside me, stroked my hair, and put her arms around me. I was infused with the most incredible feeling of love I’ve ever felt. Then she held my face in her hands and wiped tears from my cheeks. I hadn’t realized I was crying. We spoke a little, but I was far too awestruck and speechless to carry on much of a conversation.

    This is awesome Jeff! I have to tell you this meditation incorporates my two favorite places on earth – a beach and a garden.

  10. says

    Good gracious! Lola, I’m pretty awestruck and speechless myself. It is wonderful to hear — I am so very, very glad you are getting so much from this.

    I’ll just add that I decided on the setting for this meditation by doing a meditation on it. In other words, my guides told me to use a beach and a garden… :-)

  11. Nathalie says

    Good evening,

    I just did the meditation. After sitting on the bench I did not see just one, nor two but a group of people approaching me. I can’t even say how many there were.

    Two sat on the bench, one to my left and the other to my right. The others stood behind me and one of them placed his hands on my shoulders. I automatically placed my hands on top of his. We basically ended up holding each others hands until it was time for them to leave.

    I could not see any of their faces. They were too blurry. I did talk to them about issues I am going through right now and got some answers.

    One thing that really got my attention is when they told me it was time for them to go. At that moment, the narrator mentionned it was time for them to leave. I had never listened to this meditation before.

    My question is : Is it possible to have that many spirit guides? or did my imagination go crazy?

    Thank you very much!

    Have a beautiful day!


  12. says


    Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m sure Jeff (the narrator and producer of the meditation) will be thrilled to hear about this.

    One thing I note about your experience that was very similar to mine the first time I used it — the hand-holding. That was a big part of it for me, too. As well as an awareness of others standing behind me, as opposed to who was sitting on the bench with me.

    Is it possible to have that many spirit guides? or did my imagination go crazy?

    Great question.

    Yes, I believe that you can have many spirit guides attending you. Those who sat closest to you or held your hands or touched you, are most likely to be your primary guides — the ones closest to you, the ones that are with you long term, for life. The one who held your hands could also be a transit guide — one who has come into your life temporarily, intensely, to help you through a very specific period or life issue or events going on right now.

    The whole gang that you felt present around you is what I refer to as your “god posse” — all the spirit guides and guardian angels and archangels and ascended masters who attend you, together in one big family.

  13. Nathalie says

    Hi again,

    Thank you so much!

    Waoo, I really thought I had too much imagination. :-)

    Before they left, we were standing up and one of them said “All right! time for a big family hug!” :-). We all hugged, and laughed. I heared “I love, I love you, I love….” and then they left.

    I have to tell you something though, we don’t hug in Belgium. It’s not part of our culture to do that. That made this experience even more “interesting”. :-)

    But waooo! I am very happy to know I have so many guides to help me out. I will do that meditation tomorrow night and see what happens!

    Thanks again!

    God bless!


  14. Nathalie says


    I forgot to mention, the guide to my left was speaking for the rest of the group. I could feel that they all had the same thoughts and only one needed to express them.

    I realized it right at the beginning, I was looking around to know who I should talk to. I understood right away that they shared the same thoughts and only one guide would speak, the one to my left.

    Voilà! Let’s see what happens next time! :-)

    Have a beautiful day!


  15. says


    Regarding the “mouthpiece” or “spokes-entity” — thanks for affirming my similar experience — that one comes forward to speak on behalf of the group.

    I was not aware that “hugging” didn’t happen so much in Belgium. Very interesting…

    Again, I’m sure Jeff Lilly, the author of the meditation, will be psyched to hear about your experience using the Meet a Guide meditation.

    I’ve made it part of my personal repertoire and am now working with Jeff’s Meditation to Release Fear. I highly recommend it, and look forward to the future downloads he has planned. Having someone walk and talk me through these meditations, especially in the beginning, really makes a difference.

    Once I have the process down, I can do them on my own.

  16. says

    “Psyched”? Yeah, you could say that…

    Nathalie, I am so very grateful that you were able to contact your guides with this meditation. My eyes actually became teary as I read your description. I feel so privileged to have been able to help you in this way… I hope that you will proceed on this path and gain greater and greater benefits from it.

    It really is amazing, how much support and love is available to us, simply for the asking.

  17. Nathalie says

    Good evening Slade, Jeff,

    Slade, when it comes to hugging in this part of the world…nope! People would rather kiss you on the cheeks…Depending on the time of year and people, you get from one to four kisses :-)I will admit it, it can be annoying when you go to work in the morning and EVERYBODY kisses you on the cheek before working….The morning is gone by the time you have said Hi to everybody! :-)

    Jeff, I did not try the meditation again last evening as I was very tired…

    There ‘s something else I think I should mention. The spokes-entity said something about guardian angels/spirit guides I did not know about. I am not sure it true or my imagination again :-)

    I have always had the belief that God decides who should be your guides throughout your lifetime based on the lessons you are supposed to learn.

    The spokes-entity told me, out of the blue, “Hey! by the way, nobody forced us to be your guides. We volunteered! It was our choice. So feel free to ask for our help anytime. Stop feeling and acting like you are on your own. We are here to help you out”. He had a huge smile on his face….I really understood that my belief really cracked him up! :-) :-)

    Could this be true? I know they are there to help us out…but my heart goes out to each of them if they truly volunteered to be by my side this entire lifetime! :-) :-)

    God bless!


  18. Dawn Flows says

    Hello, I have learned fast and i hope this will broaden my perspective in the astral world and see more than i do

  19. Gary says

    Okay, my name is Gary. I’m 14 years old and I think I’m a psychic. I’ve had premonitions, see spirits quite oftenly, [only figures, not specific details…well…I saw a girl many times in FULL detail.] sometimes hear them call to me & can feel them/sense them.
    Also, sometimes machinery can go wrong such as my comp when I’m angry, plates have fallen over before when I was angry & for as long as I remember, I’d always be able to hear bangs and such no-body else could hear except my dog. Always seen, heard and felt things since I remember too.
    I’ve told people names of people they knew, have done psychic tests etc…all pointing to I’m psychic.
    Okay, so what’s my point? I really want help. I really want to know if I AM psychic. I want to commune with the spirits who are constantly trying to grab my attention etc.
    I tried this meditation thing of yours Jeff, but it didn’t work. It made me feel totally relaxed and light headed, but I failed to get anything out of it. My mind is often too busy, and oral mental picture things such as this don’t work on me AT ALL.
    So uhm, if anyone can help me develop my abilties, tell me if I am psychic or anything else that can help, please e-mail me at:

    [email address removed — if you would like to email Gary, please send me a message through my Contact form and I can forward the information for you]

    I’m hoping you can help me Jeff, or anyone else, so thanks!

  20. says


    I’m going to contact you by email. I will also forward your comment on to Jeff. (I’ve removed your email address from the public comments, to protect your privacy. If anyone else wishes to get in touch with you by email, they can contact me and I’ll send you their information.)

  21. says

    Guys.. i just would like to ask a simple question because i am really in a state of doubt right now. is it really real??? or just simply a product of our imagination??? please don’t be offended with my question…

  22. Pam says


    This is my first try at mediation.

    I had a yoga class tonight and I decided t try to continue my relaxed state by trying the mediation. The experience was nice ..I am very relaxed . I don’t think I met any spirit guides — I am happy and peace filled. I am going to try again tomorrow.
    I think I just need to practice. ( by the way– my birthday is also July 23)

    Have a nice evening

  23. angelo cabrera says

    hi pam. what kind of yoga are you into???.. by the way i’m into chakra meditation and it really helps me relax and it transforms me.

  24. Pam says

    Hi , Angelo,

    I am not sure what type of yoga classes I am taking. I do know it is very similar to Hatha yoga. In college, I had several different types of classes and then I had a long break from all yoga ….for a very long time I returned to it two years ago. I love the way it makes me feel and I am so glad I returned. I am not sure what Chakra meditation is other then what I have read at various websites. But, it sounds very interesting and I think the use of colors would help in concentration and focus.

    Have a nice Sunday.


  1. […] I did a guided meditation for spirit guides (find more info on Shift Your Spirits blog). I met three guides. I talk to the main one, "Amanda" quite often. She looks like Mia Sara from the movie "Legend" and has an incredibly soothing voice. When I meditate, I often go into the lush forest scene from "Legend" and meet her, plus my other guides. It’s been barely a month since I’ve "met" my guides, so I’m still trying to figure out what to do. But, yes, you can find your guides through meditation. […]