Erin Pavlina’s Advice to Spiritual Bloggers

I jumped at the chance to interview psychic medium Erin Pavlina for Shift Your Spirits. It’s been a year since Erin stepped into promoting her one-on-one readings, and a year-and-a-half since she began her blog.

With her trademark candor, Erin shares with me some of the most difficult trials along the path to her success as a spiritually motivated blogger.

Erin’s husband Steve can easily be described as an “A-list” pro-blogger. Steve Pavlina’s “Personal Development for Smart People” has set the standard for the self-improvement, self-help, and personal growth niche of the blogosphere, employing a high-traffic/ advertising revenue marketing strategy.

But it was Erin’s blog that inspired me the most. Launching in early 2006 and motivated by an ultimatum from her guides concerning her life purpose, Erin’s experience resonated with my own in both timing and the directive to once and for all answer to the call to serve a higher purpose.

Erin has always welcomed my participation — I met one of my greatest blogging allies Jeff Lilly in the comments on Erin’s site. I continue to discover and connect with like-minded readers and fellow bloggers as a direct result of Erin’s work. Erin also gave me advice about how she and Steve deal with plagiarism and scraping; their show of support was very helpful when I was confronted with theft of my own content and looking to develop a policy for dealing with lousy attribution and misuse of my work.

Although the target audience I share with Erin, and the growing subscriber base of Shift Your Spirits, made the opportunity to interview Erin in exchange for a link on her blog a no-brainer, I knew you guys would KILL me if I passed up the chance to ask her for a little pro-blogging advice.

I was pleasantly surprised and terribly interested with Erin’s response to my asking her to describe a really difficult period in her life. She opened up about a devestating financial low-point — a bleak time not so long ago, before Steve and Erin re-emerged in the success with which we have come to associate them.

“We found that when you serve others and give of yourself, then abundance is the natural result. I don’t think I would have fully understood abundance until I’d gone through lack and scarcity. So I consider the entire experience one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. I believe that if we hadn’t gone through such a low point financially that we may have continued making the same mistakes that led to bankruptcy. So I thank the universe, my guides, and higher self for allowing us to learn that lesson early on when it didn’t matter as much as learning it today would be.”

Erin Pavlina, from the exclusive interview with Slade Roberson

As we are all working toward success in online marketing, while striving to align our best intentions with a sense of meaningful purpose, this glimpse into the Before and After of Steve and Erin’s manifestation of a better life means a lot.

I could tell you a similar story, different in the details, but close in time-frame, about how I have used blogging to transform my career, my income, and my mission for the better. It’s important to remember that most entrepreneurs have lived through multiple “failures” on the path to finding what works.

Erin and Steve Pavlina represent the perservance and hard work required to create the life you want to live; most importantly, they show us how being true to your highest intentions, for the good of all, IS a winning formula for success we can all aspire to — without sacrificing our spirits.

Read my interview with Erin Pavlina at Shift Your Spirits.

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