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Each and every one of us has a god posse — a kind of spiritual support staff — a pitcrew of benevolent entities that serves our mission on earth.

Reader Questions about Spirit Guides

Can we talk about our spirit guides and their names once we discover them? Is it better to find out who your spirit guides are on your own?

The Souls of Our Pets

Some of our pets are guardian angels incarnated in animal form. In honor of all our “angels with fur,” here are some of my beliefs about familiars.

Do Spirit Guides Lie?

“Is it true that spirit guides often lie to you?” Virginia asks.

How Many Spirit Guides Do You Have?

Personal spirit guide teams are composed around a core of human souls, angels, and ascended masters, and these entities commonly appear as individuals in a general range of numbers.

Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters

Distinguishing between spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters.

Spirit Guides Names

Do spirit guides have names? What is your spirit guide’s name?

Animal Meanings & Symbols

Resources and Reference Links for discovering the symbolic meanings and messages associated with animal sightings, animal spirit guides, and animal totems.

Waking Ghosts – Part 4 – Pick Up

Ghosts and spirits guides are not the same thing. These are the events that prompted my transition in discerning between them, and how by failing to pay attention to the voices of spirit I learned to listen…. Part 4 (Final segment) of the Paranormal Memoir Waking Ghosts

Soul Counting

If you’re struggling to expand your intuitive abilities and your psychic sensitivity and you feel like you’re “missing something” it could be a matter of attempting to run before you can walk.

Here’s one of the most challenging exercises I know of to shift your awareness of spirit and of the spirit in others.

Can Spirit Guides Give Bad Advice?

I feel the bigger issue is that we sure can do a lousy job of employing spirit guides properly and/or interpreting their messages.

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