Do Spirit Guides Ever Leave You?

Yes, actually there are some spirit guides and benevolent guardian entities who come into your life only to assist you for a specific, intense period — some of these may be signficant events, life changes, personal challenges, or tragedies. But these experiences, events, and the spiritual assistance that coincides with them are not always negative; you may just need a boost to help you achieve a specific, positive goal.

Transit Guides
I’ll give you an example of a guide who recently came into my life and then “left.”

I’ve been aware of these temporaries before — I now call them Transit Guides — I theorize that they coincide with astrological transits. I’ve learned to notice their entrances, and to question what they may signify.

This Transit guide position seems to be occupied, for me anyway, as one of only a few Roles that have a kind of rotating staff… There is already a “new one” since the last one left — I have yet to define who or what it is, or what its role may be. It hasn’t spoken at all. I’ve seen it, clairvoyantly… also not the norm for me…

Last summer, I met a guide named Angela, my “switchboard operator.” She came in response to my request for assistance with performing an enormous volume of distance Readings for subscribers to this site. Actually, I asked for help and guidance launching and promoting Shift Your Spirits — the idea to offer free Readings was a directive. My guardians told me to do it, and I flipped out over the potential challenge of reading for so many people — I saw the enormous benefit, but was afraid I couldn’t handle the workload. They promised me I would receive special assistance — help came in the form of Angela.

Angela was not the first transit guide I’ve ever been aware of coming in for a specific time and purpose, but she was different in many respects — she identified herself quickly, was not mysterious or quiet or vague but easy to engage, interacted with me pretty much daily, and then quite suddenly she said “Okay. My work is done here. Gotta go…”

It’s not that I can’t still contact her, it’s just that she’s kind of moved on to a new job. I became really attached to her in the months she was here, and then one day I started feeling like something was up with her — I noticed her silence, then her absense, and even pulled out the Tarot cards to clarify what might be happening when I realized she was leaving…

(A few years ago, other intuitives kept telling me to put the cards away and allow my direct clairaudience to come through. I finally took the advice, with amazing success. I generally avoid using divination tools to initiate contact or rely on them as a sole means of communication; the tools and the results are inferior to channeling, but they can provide confirmation or specific details.)

Angela’s response to my questions about her leaving me were very Lifetime Movie of the Week — cut and fade, melodramatic (the cards probably enhanced the sense of drama). I was reminded of one of those scenes where the main character comes home, finds the guest room bed made, the closet empty, a note on the dresser…

I’m describing the Hollywood flavor of the scene somewhat flippantly; but I was very emotional. It was bittersweet. It was one of those Right Endings — not necessarily a Happy one.

The most noteworthy thing about this very special episode of my life guest-starring spirit guide Angela is how clear the communications with her always were — and particularly when she left. Out of all the Interrogations/Confirmations I’ve ever pushed, I’ve never had a Guide that was so impossible to dismiss — there was very little to question, or wonder about, no vagueness, no subtlety.

Angela’s connection was clear as a bell.

We generally speak to spirits and ask them to say “Hello” — to give us a sign that they are with us.

Isaak Denisen, the author of Out of Africa, wrote of partings

“I’m much better at Hello.”

It never occurred to me how literal it would be to experience a spirit saying “See ya, later” — and how definitely real she seems because she’s not there anymore.

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2 Responses to Do Spirit Guides Ever Leave You?
  1. Lexi Sundell
    June 20, 2007 | 11:37 pm

    Hmmm, I don’t recall losing a guide I had such a deeply clear and postive connection to as yours with Angela. That would certainly be a different experience, to say the least. Like having a good friend move on to a different cycle in life, good for the friend, but perhaps rather hard to take at the time.

    I am in the midst of adjusting to a brand new (to me) team of guides after more or less firing the whole collection of the previous ones about a week and a half ago. I don’t miss the ones who are gone, and find the new ones much clearer and more spiritually potent, by several orders of magnitude.

    I am absorbing information and applying it as rapidly as I can and suspect I better keep up the pace since there are no guarantees how long these will be with me. And these four I would definitely miss if I lost them!

    If you have a moment, pop over to my blog, part of the story of this is in my two latest posts.

  2. Jeff | Druid Journal
    June 26, 2007 | 1:08 pm

    Slade, as I think I’ve mentioned to you before, I had Apollo drop out of my life for a couple of months right around the Winter Solstice — at the time which the Greeks said he goes to “Hyperborea”, the land beyond the North Wind. It would have been devastating, if Athena (his replacement) hadn’t told me quite clearly that he would be back.

    Last night in meditation I made contact with a new guide — a jolly, matronly figure with red hair — who said she had arrived to help me prioritize and reduce stress in my life. I assume once that’s done she’ll be moving on, as well! In the meantime, she’ll be good company. :-)

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