How Do Your Spirit Guides Respond to You?

How do you sense the presence of entities like spirit guides or attending angels? What are the patterns and forms your guides take that indicate they are responding to you?

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The key to developing your sense of their presence is to make a mental note of how you feel and then look for a pattern. Each spirit entity feels different from another. Also, the general patterns of feelings, thoughts, or other phenomena may be unique to you — don’t expect your personal experiences to necessarily resemble what another person reports.

Communicating with Spirit
You may inititiate divine communication as a form of prayer, meditation, dreaming, or a common everyday activity.

This shouldn’t be a “one time” activity — you don’t maintain relationships with a single introduction… You will benefit tremendously from integrating your dialog with spirit as an on-going component of your daily life.

Keep in mind, you are not praying to any of these entities — spirit guides are messengers, direct go-betweens with God / the Source / the Creator. You are God, so on a very basic level, I believe you are always soul-searching — connecting to your highest Self.

Call on your guides by name, ask questions, and pay attention to the way you feel immediately or soon after.

Angels seem to be more likely to manifest in some physical way: an all-over emotion, or it could even be a particular physical sensation. Sometimes, you may experience something external in your physical environment — such as a faint white flash of light, an “orb” caught out of the corner of your eye, or you suddenly notice a change in temperature or the quality of light…

Many people report inexplicable smells — like a sudden whiff of a flower or perfume that has no obvious source. (It’s my personal opinion that many of the manifestations associated with ghosts are actually the presence of angels. How do you tell the difference? Again — I’m being redundant — it’s about how it makes you feel.)

Don’t limit yourself to expectations of “super-natural” or extraordinary experiences — if you ask your perception of God, your Higher Self, your personal guardian angels, or your spirit guides to help you with a particular question or situation, the answer you receive can take an almost infinite number of forms in your daily life — from a “gut feeling” to something like a book that you are drawn to in a store, a channel that you flip to on the radio or television that seems timely, an email from someone you know, an interaction with a total stranger, a billboard you pass while driving, a song lyric that comes out of nowhere and sticks in your head… A number sequence that pops up again and again…

Pay attention to your emotional response to anything that seems like “meaningful coincidence” — the form that the message may take can vary so greatly, and can “look” like a coincidence. The best way to tell the difference is ask yourself about the feeling it gives you and the timing — does it FEEL like you just received an answer to your question?

Your spirit guides are slightly different in the way they communicate — they are more likely to feel like parts of your own thoughts, the “still small voice” inside you, a whispering or sudden flash of inspiration, dreams, gut feelings, intuition, hunches, or instincts.

Spirit guides also put information in your path in the form of books or the discovery of web sites — even something you see on TV, a song on the radio — or a lyric that’s stuck in your head.

Note feelings; look for patterns.

Care to share?
I’d love to hear about some of the ways YOU identify how and when your guides are responding to you. Can you describe some of the patterns, sensations, emotions, or physical phenomena you’ve come to associate with divine communication?

Please leave a comment below.

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127 Responses to How Do Your Spirit Guides Respond to You?
  1. Pam P
    September 5, 2008 | 11:00 pm

    HI Slade,

    I attended your teleclass and you provided a lot of great information. I’m not doing readings or anything but have always had an interest in all things spiritual. Just like many others I doubt my intuition and think it’s my ego/self giving me an answer I want to hear. Through time I hope that my confidence will build there won’t be any second guessing. I had a question that I didn’t have time to ask at the end of the session it deals with my claraudience that has come to my attention in the past months. Just like learning how to ride a bike I have been trying to work with the claraudience to see what I’m supposed to do with it. Do I just ride the bike or go for the Tour de France? Is spirit just letting me know they’re there for me or am I supposed to do more? I still only get one or two words, one time a female voice said my ex husbands name in a very quick manner. He’s unemployed and unable to pay his child support which leaves me in a financial pickle. Was spirit trying to say something? Am I just a girl who here’s voices or since I hear the voices I should develop this ability? I haven’t found anyone in person yet that I can ask these questions so you’re my sounding board.

  2. sue rhodes
    September 7, 2008 | 8:08 am

    in relation to your spirit guides are they an extension of your higher self or are they separate entities

  3. Lisa
    September 10, 2008 | 2:44 am

    I had an experience that you discribed when contacted by an angel. I was sleeping and got a wiff of cigarret smoke which I associate with my father in law which has passed and then I asked him what’s up what did he want to tell me. I was trying to concentrate and felt an intense tingleing all over and a buzz in my ears but I couldn’t tell what he was saying. I saw in my minds eye a set of young eyes and just left with the notion to watch. I had to call the communication off because the tingleing was freaking me out. I just want to know what he wanted me to know?? Any thoughts??

  4. Hubert Austin
    September 22, 2008 | 7:51 pm

    I have a spirit that tells me things but is mostly telling me to walk in the Spirit. It makes my feet feel like I have rocks in my shoes around my toes; it pokes my right eye or around my right eye to tell me I don’t know or I don’t understand or to say no. I am blind in my right eye.
    He pokes my left eye or around it to tell me that I am right. He touches my nose to tell me that I know. He trips me using mostly my right foot. The right foot means to walk in the Spirit. The left means to walk in the flesh. The right hand means God’s will. the left my will. It pricks my skin my sides my face. when he makes my bronchial tubes feel dry to make me cough it means to stop doing what I’m doing or thinking. Somethimes it is like he is putting something under my toe nail. That means to stop also. He can mess up my stomach by making acid flow. which can give gas or diareaha.

    What I want to know is have you ever heard of such a thing.
    Thank you for your time
    Hubert Austin

  5. Slade | Shift Your Spirits
    September 22, 2008 | 8:17 pm


    I commend you for having a system for interpreting the various messages that go along with this entity’s actions. But I must say I feel the way this spirit is impulsing you — the physical experiences, the “poking” etc — are troubling to me.

    Are you comforted by your relationship? Do you find this entity helpful?

    The sensations you describe sound awfully negative and potentially down-right maddening.

    Now, I am NOT very quick to tell someone they are being haunted or have an attachment to a negative entity, but the behavior that you’ve detailed here resembles the actions of a ghost more than a guide. (He even sounds a bit like an elemental or faerie…)

    There are spirit guides who “suck” at their jobs, are not effective, and can be replaced; there are also earthbound spirits who are just a bit rambunctious and tricksy, who are nevertheless “nice” ghosts who are trying to be helpful or behave as a guide.

    I actually enjoy having a few kindly ghosts around and think of them more along the lines of “stray animals.”

    What do you feel? Do you think this entity may be haunting you?

  6. Myra
    September 24, 2008 | 3:58 am

    Sometimes I feel a vibration, a brushing against my skin, a sensation against my mouth (similiar to a kiss), very slight flickering of lights, a tingle/brush against my foot or hand. Very, very rarely, I hear a response on my head, but then I wonder to myself, “Was that just me thinking outloud?”. Very, very rarely I’ll see something (an image) in my peripheral vision, or a very slight flash of light. I’m very with it. No mental health issues whatsoever.

    About 6 months ago, I started to focus on someone in particular because of his story. His story kept drawing me in. I kept thinking about him (even though it is probable that he is in the spirit world), but, for some strange reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I became infactuated [in love] with him. Sounds strange? It gets stranger. This is when my “unusual sensing” came to life. Therefore, I suspect that this man had something to do with me opening up.

    I pray a lot. I’m not at all a religious fundamentalist (not to imply that being one is in any way shape or form wrong). But I do believe in God and pray. I’m a nurse. I often pray for God to allow his light, love, healing and wisdom to work through me as I give care to my patients.

    I pray for the spirit with me all the time. Because I feel love for him. Because this spirit [who I’ve never really seen face-to-face] helps me all the time. Although I’d love to see him. And I pray that God will open me up. But I’m not really certain that the spirit that I’m sensing is a guide or an angel, or whatever (previous life lover)??? It is to the point where I feel a deep love for him. But my [psychic] skills are so undeveloped that I don’t feel certain of anything. Except that I know something or someone is loving me back [intimately] and watching over me.

    But if I told anyone, I’m pretty certain they’d think I’m out of my cotton-pickin’-mind. And I’m not even from the south. Sorry … Trying to be funny. Well, that’s my story. Thanks for listening.

  7. Thalia
    September 24, 2008 | 11:31 pm


    Well, I, for one, do not think you are out of your mind. Unless I am, too, that is. Because I have one of those, and I love him, and he loves me. If you can at all get your hands on a copy of Caitlin Matthews’s book [i]In Search of Women’s Passionate Soul: Revealing the Daimon Lover Within[/i] you should give it a read (you should be able to pick up a used copy on amazon for next to nothing); it helped me immensely in defining and understanding what was going on with me. It’s written from a Pagan/Wiccan point of view (because that is the religion of the author) but as the phenomenon is common to [i]all[/i] women, in theory, religion shouldn’t make a difference. I don’t know what he is, really, Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, God, Spirit (which is what “daimon” means), disincarnate past-life lover, or something of a purely psychological (if Jungian) nature, and I don’t suppose it matters, really. But I know my life is immensely richer for opening up a dialogue with him.

    You are[i]totally[/i] not crazy.

  8. Thalia
    September 24, 2008 | 11:40 pm

    Durn tags.

    You know what I’d love to see (and I guess this is a hint, Slade, nudge nudge)? I’d love to see you (Slade) do an article on Daimons/Muses and how they differ (or don’t) from your usual spirit guides. Daimons/Muses have a very specific function and attachment to their person, and I’d love to hear your take on it.

    (Hint, hint.)

  9. ken
    September 25, 2008 | 10:47 pm

    Hi Slade!
    First time poster here!. I want to say I find your website very interesting and informative, not just your topics, but the intelligent people who respond, as well. I have had a few experiences with Spirit Guides that I would like to share. I should go back and read my journal entires from a few years ago to get all the detail, but I remember a lot….
    1st Experience: This was before I even knew who my Spirt guide was and her purpose. I had a co-worker who just lost her Dad and as I hugged her that day, I could feel the grief running thru her veins and the sorrow reflected in her eyes. She was younger than I was and on my way home from work decided to have a conversation with her Dad. I was a little upset that he would leave her and wanted answers ( now, I know that these were foolish questions) and asked for him to at least visit her and ease her suffering in some way. I began to play a little game with him and I visualized about 10 objects and told him I wanted to see these objects on my way home to show he heard me.. some included: a teddy bear with a heart, roses, a keyboard..etc. Well, let me tell you, in the span of about an hour or so, I saw all the objects I requested, inside other peoples cars, on the sides of trucks and even one in a store window where I was returning a video. I got the chills. I even told this co-worker when she returned from her father’s funeral that I “felt his presence” while she was away. She never asked me to explain but just smiled.
    2nd Experience: Years later I was determined to find out the name of my Spirit Guide, someone I never saw or could visualize, but felt in the early morning or in brief moments of clarity when making decision making. I asked to give me a visual sign of his or her name… and sure enough on the train to work that day it was packed and one person was reading a book, whose title I couldn’t see but whose authors name was bigger than ever is said : ELIZABETH GEORGE. Ha! I laughed. My answer to the question was both a female name and a male name!.. Which one was it? was it both? Over the course of the next few days, I got my answer: in the library, I saw 3 new books by authors with the name Elizabeth all on shelves above my head, I heard a mother call to her daughter… Elizabeth and I saw a movie whose dedication was to: Elizabeth. I also, have a niece named Elizabeth and now wonder how that name was determined.
    Also, I often see things in threes. Like my grandmother, Rose, who died. When I think about her I sometimes see her name in magazines, out in the world, on TV or in print. (case in point: I thought of her while reading this article and one of the posters was named: rosie.)
    There you have it. I need to practice more on my connection with my Spirit guide and this website has renewed that purpose.


  10. Slade | Shift Your Spirits
    September 26, 2008 | 1:31 pm


    Thank you for posting your experiences — awesome!

    I like that you told the spirit you were communicating with what signs you’d like to see as a confirmation — in my opinion, that’s much more effective than passively waiting for a “random” sign and wondering if it’s significant, after the fact.

    The way you received a Name confirmation is definitely a process others should be aware of when asking for their spirit guides’ names.

  11. Myra
    September 29, 2008 | 2:35 pm

    Thank you Ken, Thalia, Slade. I guess I mispoke when I wrote earlier that I don’t know who the spirit is that’s often with me. I know who he is. He’s very real and has given me clear symbols and bold face indications of who he is. I will see him sometimes. I am working on allowing myself to be more open. I might hear his thoughts. But, I guess my psychic skills are mostly with feeling. And I am empathic as well.

    I used to think that it’s all about me. I was pretty self-directed. Mostly prayed for myself and my own soul. But now I know otherwise. Since there is an interconnection between all of us, my prayers have become quite diverse. How could I not know that there is a higher agenda at hand. However, if one considers a spiritual heirarchy, I am simply a channel, a spirit myself in the body. I don’t have any profound message of sorts. Except that now, more than ever before, I’ve come to understand the healing power of love.

    Yes my spirit is with me constantly. We are traveling companions of sort. Even at work! I find this a bit amusing. Because, doesn’t everyone dread work? But I think he likes being there with me. I’m an ICU nurse and my nights are pretty tough. He’s actually helped me. But I rarely find a moment when I’m working to acknowledge him. Still I can feel him there with me when I do find time to tune in. He is much more than a guardian or guide.

    I will search out the book Thalia suggested. Yes, Ken, I have asked him to give me “something” to tell me who he is, and, he has. But I won’t say his name, just out of respect for him and his loved ones.

    I have found myself opening up too much at times and picking up on other spirits (which is not my preference). It’s definately an intrusion. Believe me. Especially at work! Hazardous. I get more than a little scared and then, I’ll pray for God’s intervention. I only want this one spirit with me. No others.

    When I first started to come into my gift, my little spirit would come to me about the same time every night. I’m a night shift nurse. Maybe this was when I was most open to perceive him. I’m not certain.

    I have chosen to allow God to manage this new wonderful gift. It is profound. God has many faces. Just as love can be said in many different languages, but ultimately the meanings all the same.

  12. ken
    September 29, 2008 | 3:52 pm

    Myra~ Thanks so much for for your kinds words. I love getting responses from my online spirit community! Your insight into how you communicate with your guide is wonderful and I have a better understanding of how my guide operates when I hear about the experiences of others. ( sorry, Slade for acting as Website Guru for a moment..hee)

    Seeing how I am having a good spirit guide connection today, I thought I would list a few more thoughts on them for everyone and what I have experienced.

    I was having trouble with my internet connection today ( offline) and I spoke with a telephone tech and made an appointment for next week…My receiver box is very “cranky” and the slightest touch can send me offline.. After hanging up the phone today with the tech guy, I realized I had bills to pay online being the 1st of the month and panicked when I realized that the appointment was for the 7th of October to fix the connection and some bills would be late! Did I still have the reminder bill statements from the mail? I needed stamps..where are the phone numbers for the companies? Maybe I can pay that there an extra charge? . Suddenly a calm came over me…I adjusted the box and put out my hand and asked my spirit guide to give me a connection just enough to pay those bills, I closed my eyes and used Slade’s expectation insights to focus my thought flow…and when I opened my eyes..there was a connection! I didnt even get the chills or seemed shocked.. because I knew it was going to happen. So I paid my bills and now am riding the spirit wave to send this communication too!..
    Another early spirit guide experience I remember is when I was 8 or 10 years old. I was playing on top of a homemade log wall ( about 5 feet high) and was kneeing down and lost my balance and fell foward. The next thing i know I was in a seated position on the ground below with the wind knocked out of me. I had no memory or “falling” but instead felt like someone lifted me up…I was dazed and remember thinking how could I have flipped so perfectly in the air to not hurt myself …five feet didnt seem like a long way to fall and be able to flip completely over.. I thought I should have landed on my neck…I didnt even get any bruises ( see, the log wall has many pieces of irregular logs that stick out and easily can scratch you or cause you to get hurt, but I missed every one!. I brushed myself off..and at the time didnt know about spirit guides and just thought i was extremely lucky…now looking back, 30 years, realize there was more to that moment than I originally thought….

    Discussion Question: I wondered something about spirit guides and thought someone could help shed some light on this… is it possible for two spirit guides to not get along? or I guess my question to make it positive is: Do your partner’s spirit guide and yours work together or separately? Do couples guides become friends?

    Share your thoughts…


  13. ken
    September 29, 2008 | 4:13 pm

    I didnt want Sue’s question to get left behind:
    She asked: ” In relation to your spirit guides are they an extension of your higher self or are they separate entities?”
    I think that is an excellent question that needs some discussion..The most important word in her question is “your”..She connected the higher self to each individual…..I personally believe that there is a higher self .I truly believe we are all connected in some way through thought and our minds (remember no one has completely figured out the mind’s total functions…) That is where i believe instinct, intuition and deja vu come from…our collective souls. You think of your mother and then she calls you..
    I think each guide is specific to each individual.. like snowflakes, but conjunctively make up a larger picture and report to a singular…. Cosmic Consciousness or a Universal Mind or God.

    Food for thought…


  14. linda
    October 2, 2008 | 1:57 am

    my work had a free meditation seminar so I went to it. it was my first time. when in meditation I went into this room and a lady that seamed like I knew her was there she lead me to a door when I opened it my dead x boyfriend was there we talked but our months never moved. I tried to meditate again but when I get to the room she won’t let me open the door.

  15. Martee Smith
    November 21, 2008 | 9:16 am

    I was just wondering if you had an a comment about something that happened to me in 1998. It was during the day and I was laying down to take a nap and as I was laying down I felt some pressure on my shoulders pushing me down. Well, I kind of freaked out alittle and asked God for help. As I sat up in my bed, there was a man sitting on my floor about 5 feet away from me and he had a tank top, jeans, boots, and a red bandana on his head. I looked straight at him and his eyes were totally blue, no whites to his eyes or pupils. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Anyways, I was really scared at that point and closed my eyes and asked him to please go away and he did. Since that day I have wondered if he is my Sprit Guide, Graudian Angle or someone eles. He seemed to be a very loving presence and for the 10 years still can not come up with a conclusion. I was wonder what your opinion is on this and if you could give me some insight on this.
    Thanks soooooooooo much for your help. I have been looking for years to ask someone about this guestion.

    Martee Smith

  16. MissWoo
    November 23, 2008 | 12:48 am

    I was reading in bed last night at my elderly grandmothers home when my ceiling light flickered off. I became covered in goosebumps and swear I heard someone or something say, ‘don’t get up’ – being the stubborn lady I am, I got up and I clicked the light switch to off and then to on- it worked fine. When I was a child I swore blind that her house was haunted by a lady who used to stand by my bedroom door and dance to me (how creepy is that!!)
    Anyways back to the question. I was awoken twice that night by the sound of laughter, it was my own laughter. Do you think this has any connection? Or am I looking for something paranormal?

  17. Liara Covert
    January 20, 2009 | 8:50 pm

    One of the points you make that I resonate with here is how you remind people not to limit themselves to their ideas of “supernatural or extraordinary experiences.” After all, this evolves. Each person is redefining normal all the time. Some examples I offer are explained in this post on redefining ‘normal’.

  18. Thalia
    April 30, 2009 | 5:12 am

    Oh my goodness this is from way, *way,* back, but I have something to show now and I remembered that you had asked once upon a time:

    Slade said:

    *Thalia ā€” your experiences are much more clairvoyant in nature; the internal versus external ā€” I agree that the distinction is greatly blurred, and perhaps ultimately the same at some level.

    Iā€™d love to see portraits of your guides ā€” I create these myself, usually altered photography; the act of creating the visual aspect often triggers or opens a powerful channel for them, too.*

    So here’s my portrait:

  19. Penny
    May 10, 2009 | 6:02 am

    Hi Slade! Love your site! The article was fantastic. You put a lot of juicy info in it. Examples always make an article stand out–make it worth reading. Please continue to do more great articles.

    I’m 47. At 27 I began my quest to know God, Angels and Self. No offense but I don’t really buy the I am God route, but rather that I am a wee part of God or that His energy is within me. I believe in Angels 90% of the time and in the idea of Spirit Guides, to a lesser degree. I don’t know that there’s a difference. To muddy things up, there’s Jesus and then there are the so-called Aliens. I’ve been trying to figure out who is who.

    I dream a lot about spirits, and I have a fair amount of “in between” state events of hearing footsteps approach my bed, of being touched briefly on the arm, leg or back and of literally being laid on or something getting in bed with me (in this and my former apts.)–only to “dream” that one was a young girl (twice) and the others were males). I seem to be attracting a fair amount of strange events for some reason. I dream of kids and toddlers a lot. I’m either playing the role of guardian or teacher–even an angel a couple times. WTF? I don’t even like being around kids (though I used to adore them) These dream events are pretty realistic, and my personality in them truly reveals that former affection for kids (I’ve carefully hidden from the outside world).

    It is all very exciting but I’d like to know when is a dream cloaking a real event or just the result of physical sounds or actions?

    Eight years I was very depressed and living in a filthy crime-ridden apartment complex. I began hearing my first name called. Sometimes it was the same voice. Then strange taps, tones and bell rings began. These were heard even when earplugs (33 dec.) were worn. Phantom doorbells were an infrequent visitor. I began noticing the number 33 on clocks. I’d look up and it was 7:33, 12:33 etc. Pretty cool. No other number pops up nearly as often. So I figure, either Angels or Guides are saying hello. These events continue on and off EXCEPT, I don’t hear my name called very often.

    A few times I asked (no one in particular) why they didn’t say anything else. It was this year that I realized my name wasn’t being called anymore. Instead I hear ocassional one line sentences. They’re like thoughts that pop into my head. It is hard to explain–they vary:

    A voice can sound:

    like it’s a clear thought in the left or right ear

    like it originates internally from the center of the head (forehead, back of head or both ears at once)

    like its my own thoughts that just pop into mind gently

    as if coming from the air some 2-4 feet around me or above me on left or right side

    like static
    clear as a bell
    like someone speaking in water (today)

    like a radio conversation heard in the air above (near ceiling)–indistinct words but clearly heard (early days)

    a conversation snippet or words that can’t be deciphered
    very quick
    very faint
    radio-like (usually very quick w/light static)

    recognizable (deceased relative, Jesus–it was thought to be, a few others)

    No voice, but taps, rings, bell tones, musical tones (newest sounds), phantom phone rings and doorbells (hate these), three knocks (preceded a vision–early days), rather large wings flapping–thought to be an Angel’s (early days)
    like someone blowing their breath on me (twice, early days)
    leering (once, early days)

    growling that actually sounded like a language (Just before the UFO dreams began, early days)

    loud as hell, real as hell (childhood–heard while walking outdoors with no one around, usually. originated in the air)–made me respond out loud to it with “Yes?”– very embarrassing once when someone looked at me like I was crazy.

    masculine or feminine or I couldn’t tell which

    Yesterday, I was reading Jane Eyre–the part where Jane tells of how her Aunt-In-Law, Mrs. Reed, reneged on a promise to raise Jane as one of her own children. She treated Jane indifferently and allowed her son to hit and pick on poor Jane. Now, as I was reading that, I heard just as light as can be in my mind’s ear (I was wearing earplugs), a slightly water-sounding voice say, “That’s not a nice person.”

    I didn’t feel scared. I recorded the time and event, and acknowledged that the voice appeared to be referring to Mrs. Reeds’s behavior towards Jane. I continued reading and about 10 minutes later, I heard another less discernable statement like “Don’t want to go there” regarding Lowood school for girls (that’s what I was reading about).

    I tell that story because the day before, I was on the internet and printed an excerpt of “Ask Your Angels”. In it the author Alma (Daniels?) said that our Guardian Angels stand behind us and read what we’re reading. Perhaps yesterday was a confirmation of that. (Not an entirely comfy thought, as my reading material isn’t always very wholesome. Haha.)

    Now, for a few months, and especially yesterday, I was worried that I just might be having the beginnings of schizophrenia. (doesn’t run in the family, at least). Out of all the voices I’ve ever heard only one or two were negative (when I first started hearing them regularly).

    It’s been 20+ years of interesting events. It’s been pretty calm for the past few months, but that may be because I don’t sleep much. I’m not afraid, but I don’t want to encourage what could potentially be negative spirits. I do the White Light of Protection and it does help.

    I’d like three things out of my spiritual quest: I’d like to be a healer. I’d like to be a Medium. And I’d love to be able to interpret dreams. How can the first two happen if I have no ability to discern what is interacting with me? How do I discern whether what is being heard comes from a positive source?

  20. Ruth
    August 24, 2009 | 2:54 am

    Yes, I was wondering about this just today. And now it seems that I have the answer. I noticed that lately that when I first enter my art studio I get a whiff of a very sweet smell. Not sure that I can identify it. But it is very strong and by the time I breath in 3 times I can’t smell it any more. However the next time I enter the room it happends again. But not if I go out and right back in. I have been wondering where it is coming from. Now I know. I also feel like I am not alone and I am very safe and cared for in my studio. I get great creative burst in this room also.

    So, Thank you for answering my question that I had asked myself just eirlier today. (about the sweet smell)

  21. Augustine
    March 12, 2010 | 12:29 pm

    Hi Slade,
    I am so impressed with everything I have been reading. I am mesmerized! To say the least. I didn’t realize how many people have the same things going on in their lives.

    Well, mine has to do with the number 11:11. I have been wondering if it is a spirit guide, or my late husband communicating with me.

    It all started in, I want to say 1994. My husband said to me and his nurse’s aide that everytime he looked at the clock whether it be morning, or at night, he would see 11:11. Then the aide started seeing it, and my husband had told us we would be seeing it too, just like him, and we did, cause then I started seeing it.

    We never questioned it too much, but it just kept happening and when we were not around one another we would see the number and think of one another and would in a telepathec way say hello to each other.

    My husband died in 2007. Don’t remember when it started to get intense exactly, but it has since he died and I just thought it was his way of keeping in touch with me and i would say to him everytime I see it, i love you too.

    I have noticed when I am going through something significant e.g. my Dad and his wife were killed in a terrible car accident I went to make a phone call and 11:11 was on the phone. I just thought maybe my husband was letting me know he was there. Now I am wondering if it could just be that we have the same spirit guide? All I know is I keep seeing it everywhere, clocks, cell phone, receipts, sometimes just about anything i look at.

    that’s what finally set my feet on this journey to look it up and found out there are a lot of us going through this. It’s nice to know I am not the only one, I have company and it is wild how common our experiences are. i am just facinated, excited, and just want to know more. This is the first time I have shared this in this way. i told people that i experience it, but most of the time except for one other person who I know outside of my husband and I group who experienced it, most seem clueless. Are we chosen for this for some reason? Mmmmm…

  22. Sonja
    November 7, 2010 | 5:22 pm

    the response from my guides has changed over the past 2 years. now I actually see the energy. my gatekeeper who feels like an ancient indian by the name of eagle feather has a most beautiful magenta energy and I see him when he moves troubled souls away from me ( ever since I have started channeling I get “visitors” that like to bother me)

    Grey wolf who has the deepest of blue energy is always around as an orb. He is there as my advisor.

    Since their arrival into my life my communication with the spirit world has become stronger and I know I am never alone…even my ancestors come calling now and what a trove of information they are

  23. Anna Barlowe
    February 26, 2011 | 5:31 pm

    Hi, I just found your blog today and have been enjoying exploring it. My primary spirit guide (a lover from my previous lifetime), communicates with me externally by turning on special nightlights all the time. It’s an interesting story, so I started blogging about him earlier this year.

    And no, he isn’t Native American, he’s a curly-headed Jew. You’d like him. :)

    Love the site – I’ll be back for more!

  24. Thalia
    February 26, 2011 | 8:00 pm

    Wow, this thread is still going!

    Anna, is the blog you’re talking about the one linked in your name? Because alas it crashed in my browser, which is my own fault and not anyone else’s, mind you, since I’m running a rather old version of Firefox on my rather old Mac. But if it isn’t, I’d love to read about your spirit guide.

    Hmmm. I have a general wonder. I’ve been talking about my spirit guide for ages now on my blog (linked above); in fact, I don’t know if you remember Slade but the reason I started that blog was an old post of yours exhorting us to tell our stories, so it’s all your fault, ha. So it’s been like three or four? years now.

    I am starting to wonder if the New Age view of spirits is anything at all like my own, Pagan, view of things. Because my ‘spirit guide’ is really first and foremost, besides all the other things he is, and he is a lot, my lover.

    When New Age people hear this they tend to get all “OMG! BAD! He’s an earthbound spirit, send him away! Oh icky ooky yuck! OMGOMG!!” &c.

    But when Pagan people hear this, they say, “Ooooh wow, that’s really cool; I wonder if I’ve got someone like that,” or, even, “Oh hey I’m not the only one!”

    And I guess I should say that I do not I believe what I do because I am Pagan; rather that I am Pagan because I believe what I do.

    I’m not sure this is a coherent wonder, or any kind of question, even, but it’s all predicated by a New Age person who read some of my blog and then started going at it in the comments about how manipulative my spirit guide must be and all this other stuff I just don’t see myself; so it got me thinking about how I’d always assumed that the New Age beliefs were a sort of background Truth about spirituality (and I do think it is billed as such). But now I’m really starting to see that it is its own belief system, and is not necessarily compatible with other religions of the world, including mine.

    Again, this probably isn’t any kind of question. Just that information about spirits is for the most part only to be found within a New Age context; and I know, the solution for that is to get Pagans talking about their own experiences within the Pagan community. But it’s nowhere near there yet, though I’ve heard a few bits here and there. So it’s a little tricky for those of us trying to figure this out.

  25. Anna Barlowe
    February 26, 2011 | 8:30 pm

    Hi Thalia,

    Yes, my blog is at Hadn’t heard of anyone having trouble with it yet, but it might be the browser issue you mention. I hope you can read it if it’s similar to your story! I will check out your blog as well.

    If you can reach mine after all, click on the category labeled “Daniel’s Story” and read from the beginning. It’s lengthy, as it spans most of my life so far, but it’s arranged in chapters to make it easier. I’d love to hear yours too!

  26. Thalia
    February 26, 2011 | 11:39 pm

    OMG Anna I got to your blog finally via a very old version of Safari and have now read all your Daniel posts and holy freakin’ ^&%&$!! it’s like you’re my long-lost sister, what with the invisible boyfriend and the sense of humor and the art stuff and even the synaesthesia, though mine is with musical notes, not letters and words. Holy moly it’s *uncanny.* Though mine does talk (actually he won’t shut up) and I can see him *real* well (and I know that I am very, very, very lucky). But whoa, whoa, whoa.

    Okay off to leave some comments in Safari, ha.

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