Blocked from Hearing Your Spirit Guides

The big block to hearing the voices of Spirit is listening for what you think you're SUPPOSED to hear.

The Fat Lady in the Garden

If the goal is to communicate, to find common ground, to be understood and to find new understanding, then the greater responsibility is born by the greater mind, by the greater sense of heart. The one who is more educated, the one with the broadest most inclusive world view, the one with the command of many languages should step up to cross the chasm between himself and those who cannot.

You Can Be Such A Fool

Open up the Fool archetype within you and run the program of pure Potential. Right now you have a chance to recognize that you are surrounded by limitless possibilities. Right now is the time to take a chance. Keep redefining your life and what it means to be open to experience — come with enthusiasm, wonder, and the stupid smile on your face that celebrates the bliss in your moments of ignorance.