Energy Hygiene with Amanda H. Young


Amanda H. Young is an energy healer who helps us clear up the physical traumas, mental worries, fears, and beliefs holding us back from what we truly desire. She is one of only eight certified trainers of Energy Mastery™ in the world and helps her clients resolve everything from migraines and back pains, to addiction and abandonment.

We're talking about clearing your energy and how that impacts finding clarity in your life, path, and purpose.


70 - Energy Hygiene with Amanda H. Young


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That's a fun story. It starts off with the masseuse that was giving me a massage. I kept telling her how I would have, we were talking about ghosts and spirits and things that she saw and had in her life. In her case, her dad had passed. He comes to her and he helps her healing work. And I was telling her about this spirit that would come to the end of my bed or something.

I didn't know it was a spirit at that time. I really just knew that it was a terrifying shadow of a man standing at the bottom of my bed. I felt like he was attacking me and so I would snap up screaming in the middle of the night. And my husband would reach over and calm me down. And my heart would eventually stop jumping out of my chest.

I mentioned it to her after the massage one time and she says, 'You know there's a spirit in your room, right?'

I'm thinking, WHAT??? Now you're telling me I see ghosts? Really? Because I'm... Gosh, this was years ago. I would say, a good dozen years ago. And I did not expect that to be what was going to happen. Or what she was going to say.

From there, I started, she taught me reiki. That was really what it came down to. I took two of her reiki classes. And then I had another friend that you know, Krish. You've had him on your podcast. He told me, 'Hey, why don't you go and learn theta healing?'

So I went to a theta healing basics class because I was just like, 'Alright, I need to know what's going on.'

And at one point, I met two psychic women in vegas who did some sort of a cleansing. There's this whole wild story that goes, it's just off it's rocker as far as, this was an entity from a former conjoined twin that came in at birth and it was the weirdest hour of my life.

I don't even know how to explain... They just helped me disconnect from that entity. Then they told me all these things about how I'm a channel and how I'm a, just super connected and they're like, 'Yeah, you know that tingle you get down your right leg? That's totally your intuition."

And this was, that was probably two years ago that I saw them and had this thing actually disconnected. I now know it's one of my spirit guide's "add on" and that's just how it is.

But as they were doing that healing on me, I felt like Iron Man. You know where your palms just get super powerful and it's just energy. It was like somebody had plugged me into an electrical socket. And I was rolling my shoulders and this amazing powerful energy thing just kept shooting through my palms every time I would do a rotation with my shoulders. And I'm standing there, I'm balling, I'm yawning, the woman that's doing this healing on me is belching and burping and just like, 'Don't worry! This is normal!'

And I'm sitting there having no idea what's going on.

But that all had me to just keep exploring this more and more, and that same time I got that I got that healing near Las Vegas, I met my current business coach/energy guru, Sheevaun Moran, who's the founder of Energy Mastery. She brought me into a whole new world of awesome, just by saying, 'Hey, all this weird stuff that's been going on with you, all the anxiety attacks and the blackouts and the issues with your health and your body and your diet being gluten-free, all these other things that are going on with you, that's all just energy. And if we just clean up your energy, you're gonna be fine. And we're going to figure this out.'


So was your energy crazy in some way? Were you experiencing... I don't know, what was the problem? Were you experiencing stress or feeling frazzled in your life? What was it that was motivating you to seek these healings?


I was blacking out. It started with this spirit in my room. And then I would get, I would wake up in the middle of the night and just panic and be like, 'Ohmygosh. There's something else going on.'

I felt kind of, it was a, 'Am I crazy?'

And then when the masseuse validated it and was like, 'No, you're not crazy. Your just, your sensitivity is heightening.'

She actually gave me, it's not sage. What's the other version? I think it starts with a P. Whatever you use. That smoke stuff. And she had me smoke my room, my bedroom. But my daughter was in the bed at the time, and so I went around the bed and left kind of an imprint of where my daughter was when I was saging the room, or whatever that stuff is that I used.

That night I went to sleep and all of a sudden, it was kind of like, I imagine out of Aliens, the movie Aliens, when this liquid mass of, it looks like a liquid tube of jelly water stuff come swirling at you. I had one of those happen to me in the middle of the night. I woke up and freaked out.

And that's always been my reaction, right? Wake up, freak out and be like, Ooo that thing's weird!

That was total validation, like, 'Hey, You're not crazy. You're just super sensitive. These are spirits. And then I think a grandmother came, and her torso came sat next to me in bed one night and projected this weird vision of stuff, and it was something you would see out of a science fiction movie that was projected and I didn't understand any of it consciously.

So all of these weird little things happened. I just started to learn how to go with it and... I don't know if that even answers your question, but it's just been this, it's been this progression for me and...

So back to why did I start kind of going down this.

Medically, I had anxiety after I had my son. He's now 8. I went to the hospital with chest pain. They had diagnosed it as costal congitis, which is the inflammation of little muscles or something in your heart. Gave me a couple of aspirin. I'm sure they charged me a ton of money, and I was fine. They did a full on work up of everything.

After that I went to the doctor because I was having, I had a fainting spell. Like I woke up early one morning and put went to something on top of a big shelf. I dropped to the floor and started flopping around like a tuna. It was super scary. My arms were just flopping around like, What on earth is happening?

She's like, 'Well your blood pressure dropped and you just kind of fainted.'

But I was still conscious. And then I started having these blackout spells when I would be driving. I stopped driving for six months because I would be driving along, or I would just be sitting somewhere, and all of a sudden my vision from the outside would go in and turn to black and it'd be gone.

I could still hear and I had every other sense and faculty, but my vision would go. And then I would get even more panicked and I realized, I was in so many jobs that I was stressed out about. They weren't my passion. I couldn't figure out who I was. And it was... I call it the quarter-life-crisis because it was everything from 20 to 30 and even into my 30s.

Every year, I just kept reading these books about what should I do with my life and who do I want to be. What's my Purpose. I was so lost, Slade. I was so lost. And that just led me on this journey of: Who can help me? What can I do?

So it was naturopaths and homeopaths and accupuncturists and chiropractors and you name it. When the doctor was like, 'Here's your prescription for antidepressants. They can help you with your anxiety.'

I was like, 'Yeah... You can just not even bother writing that. That's not my game. That's not my jam.'

So that led me here. And I can honestly say, the blackouts are gone. The panic attacks are gone!

And I always equate it to, in life, you can be a dinghy or you can be a cruise ship. And I'm a cruise ship now because when that big wave comes and tries to rock you, my dinghy would be flipped every five seconds. And then I would just be this crazy ball, messy, emotional drama.

Now I've learned how to let all that stuff go. It's as if all that head trash that's swirling around, that's just the 'I'm not good enough', 'I can't do it', 'No one's ever going to love me', whatever our stories are. 'I need to take care of my parents in their old age'. Whatever those things are, those beliefs that you've had growing up, those were just swirling around and they were a tornado taking me away.

What I realized was by doing this energy work that I've been doing, I'm eliminating that swirling, and I'm eliminating that trash, so that what's left is this beautiful calm. Even when I get nervous about whatever it is that I'm doing in my life in that moment, I have tools and techniques to clean up my own energy, relax into what's next for me. And just have faith that I'm protected and I know what I'm doing, and this is ALL going to turn out like rainbows and butterflies. No matter what. No matter how bad or rocky it gets, my cruise ship is all solid.

Sure, a big wave, a really massive wave is gonna rock me a little bit, but it doesn't flip me over and throw the contents of my dinghy into the world where I have to start from scratch.


So what do you tell someone who is in the dinghy phase? They're overwhelmed and they're spinning out and the waves are coming at them from multiple directions and they're just, you know, feel like they're about to drown.

What's the first thing that you do when you're in that space?


Yeah. Just get them to breathe. Start breathing because you're likely not breathing, and when you're not breathing... Breath is an energy, right? So it's just like, you breathe in, you breathe out. It's the same flow of money when people are holding onto money, they're strangling their money instead of allowing it to breathe. So get your money circulating because it can come back to you in bigger ways.

But it's letting that fear-mindset really run you and just be the... It's kind of like a program on a computer and you've got these viruses. Even though we've always thought of them as programming, because it's like this is what my parents taught me, this is how I'm supposed to go through the world, this is what my teacher taught me. The reality is, a lot of those are, in a way, kind of like a virus running in your system that's causing it to move slower or drag.

And I explained it to a client the other day, she's come to me with the feelings of not being worthy and not being enough in every aspect of her life. And it floods EVERY aspect. So when people say, 'What can you help me with?'


Because when somebody's not feeling like they're enough, their career's gonna go, their health is gonna go, their relationships. I mean, it attaches to EVERYTHING.

And so, in her case, my whole thing was, you know, you can be in the right river as far as, this is your Purpose, this is what you're supposed to be doing, and you can be going the right direction, instead of making it harder and swimming upstream. If you have all these viruses and programs, they're kind of like bowling balls that you have in a big Santa sack over your shoulder, and you're going to try to swim with the current down the lazy river.

It should be like this breezy easy thing, and the reality is, you're not going anywhere because you're an anchor.

That's the beauty of the energy work that I'm doing with Energy Mastery is getting rid of what's physically in your body ailing you, whatever physical energetics that your body has stored, because the traumas that you have, or the beliefs that you have get stored in your cells.

So once you get rid of that from an energetic standpoint that's in your body, and you also remove it from the energy of your brain and what's in your mindset, then you can actually get to the point where those bowling balls can be released and the lazy river becomes an awesome party where you're just like, pull up a maitai or whatever, give me the little drink with the umbrella. Let's have a party!

And you can actually get where you want to be in life in every aspect.


That's a revelation for me actually. It's a little of an epiphany around the idea that you can be in the right river in terms of like, aware of what your Path and Purpose is, but still be in a boat with holes in it. Or, as you said, weighted down with all this stuff.

That was like, 'Ah!'

I'm sure a bunch of other people just thought the same thing because a lot of us KNOW, and we thought we were really sure that we were on the right path, but then it's not working. And so, are we wrong? What's going on? You just nailed that.


Yeah. Everyone wants to give up on it, right?

So when people come to me, when I have a client in front of me who's just a basketcase, they're overwhelmed, they're frustrated, they're angry, they have all this STUFF. I just start having a conversation and unpack it. There's a piece of it that's almost like therapy, even though I'm not a therapist.

I mean, I have an MBA and a marketing degree in non-profit management. My whole thing is business strategy. I'm a brilliant marketing strategist and all of a sudden, it's like, 'Wait, Time out. That's one stream that you're allowed to be in, but really, what your job is here is to create healers. Your job is to help people heal, learn how to heal themselves. And help pass this on to raise the consciousness of the collective.

Once I figured that out, it was like, 'Okay, I'm in the right stream', but now I have clients that are coming to me and they say, they're in front of me, I'm sitting here. In the beginning, I was thinking gasp, 'Ohmygosh, why are you bringing me somebody with issues with alcoholism or narcissism or abandonment issues from their parents leaving them.' I'm like, 'Why on earth is this who's coming to me?'

And I kept remembering my coach saying, 'The people in front of you are the people that you can most help. So have faith in whatever it is they're presenting with you, and just know that you can help them.

I also get people with similar themes. In one week, I literally had three people in three days and they all wanted help getting pregnant. But it was totally different. We're talking about a gay man who wanted a relationship that would allow him to have the stability for children to come in to his life. And an African American woman who has had kids before but can't manage to get pregnant. And another woman who wants to, was just too stressed out. She's had kids before but she's too stressed out.

When you're this distressed, we talk about getting rid of this fear of being alone. The other stuff that was going behind that. And then we talk about the fears of previous pregnancies. It's all that mindset stuff. So my job is to just, with any client, go through and dig around and say, 'Okay, what's going on with you? What's your biggest stressor? Where are you spinning out most in your life?'

You kind of triage. 'Okay, money's your biggest problem? Talk to me about your feelings around money. Talk about what's going on around money. And then you take those beliefs and systematically squash them like a bug. Just kind of pinch them out so that you don't have to have those be that head trash spinning around you causing you to just be in that spinout zone.

So for most people when they get started with me, it's really a matter of just, 'Hey, let's settle into what's going on. Let's take a deep breath. Realize that you're safe and you're fine here.' And figure out what is going to be the biggest thing that we need to clear out of the way so we can start loosening things up?

And what I find is that even after the first session, I'll have clients texting me saying, 'You won't believe what just happened!'

And it's really cool things like, 'I haven't been speaking to my daughter for months and all of a sudden, she started texting me and our relationship is coming back online.'

And that's what jazzes me up about this, right? Because, to take somebody from... I had a client whose little sister got held up at gunpoint. She's in her 20s. Locally here, right in front of her house. She was traumatized by it. PTSD. So I said, 'Bring her over. Let's see.' Within 20 minutes of a session, I looked at her and was like, 'Okay. Now what? What do you want to do next?'

Because she's like, 'Okay...'

Because I just broke it down. Like, what are you worried about? His family coming after me. Him coming after me.

'Nope, you don't have to worry about that. We just energetically ate up every single worry she had around that situation, to drop those boulders and those bowling balls back into the water and release them so that she can grab her umbrella drink and keep going.


So are those things an awareness of the client? I mean, I know that the client's awareness of how that's affecting them and what it actually is and naming it is part of the process for them. Is there an energetic tool or method that you use, you know, to clear that energy out or is it the sort of talk-therapy style conversation?

Just kind of walk me through it a little bit. I come to you and I'm freaking out about whatever it is I'm freaking out about. And you start to investigate and ask me questions to sort of get to the root of it.

Then what happens?


Yeah so we use this tool called the Magic Box, which is just a magical set of words that we are trained to figure out how to use. We put whatever beliefs that you have into this magic box and get rid of it.

So part of it is, I mean, there's a lot of healing that goes on, just from having an awareness. And I will have a conversation with clients. I'm also claircognizant - thanks to you for helping me really own that and say, 'Oh, hey that thing in my head where I just know what's going on, yeah that's claircognizance. So thanks for helping me own that and identify it because, when I'm talking to a client, a lot of times I'll just have, something will just pop in my mind and just be like, abandonment.

I'm like, 'Okay. Well talk to me about abandonment.'

And then they burst into tears and I'm like, 'Oh, okay! Clearly we're on to the right path.'

Then they'll tell me, I go through and figure out what underlying phrases they've got and we use this magic box tool to energetically just eat it up.

So I'm trained in Energy Mastery Core, which is a 4-day program that you go through with Sheevaun. I'm actually one of only 8 certified trainers in the world right now. Because she's been developing this for the last 20 years and just started launching it about a year ago. So there's 8 of us that are certified to train this, train people on this, in the 2-day class, which is the Energy Mastery Foundations.

The Magic Box is the entry-level versino of how to clear out that head trash stuff. She's also developed a more advanced system called Paramitas, which is a series of phrases to, I see it as, if you've got this belief in your life, that it's on, it's kind of a house built on stilts, and we go through and systematically pull out every single stilt that's holding up that house, that belief, so that it's no longer running your life and instead you're running a different program to mix all my metaphors together.

You've now built, you've changed out every single one of those supports so that they're now holding up this massively awesome, well-designed palace thing that's super positive instead of 'I'm not enough'. All your traumas around not being enough are now cleared out so that you can... Or at least this level of them. They might come back at a different level, but it's not the same stuff.

So that's the really big difference that I'm finding. Because like I said, I learned reiki. I learned theta healing. I've done EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). There are so many modalities out there that I've tried in my journey of figuring this out.

Sheevaun's gift is that she's able to see the energetic of things and so as she's developed this, she's studied the different modalities and seen where sometimes they're just taking it and, they might be pulling the head trash out, but they're just leaving it in your strata and your aura and your energy field, your energetic field that you have around, the bubble that you have around your body, right? They're kind of just dumping it in there and then it never gets out of your system.

So she's designed this so it's both the clearing it out of your aura, clearing it out of your head and just getting it gone, totally gone.

I talk about, if you're cooking fish in the kitchen and you just throw it in the garbage can, you're like, 'Why is it funky?' Then you move the garbage can to the living room. You're like, 'Why is it funky?'

It's gotta go to the dump!

So energetically, we're getting whatever that belief or energetic that trauma is all the way to the dumpster and gone. So that a new version, it doesn't mean that you're never going to cook fish again. It just means that you've really gotta get it out.


So when you talk about Energy Hygiene Training, is that energy hygiene, or is energy hygiene then some kind of continuation of exercises or activities. Talk to me a little bit about that relationship.


Yeah, so I'm starting workshops on energy hygiene because I am talking to healthcare practitioners that are dealing with clients, or even healers and other intuitives that are dealing with clients day after day after day. And they're coming to you with their complaints and their problems.

You'll see this a lot. There's been studies done with people that are heart surgeons or brain surgeons and they end up dying of heart disease or contracting conditions and things like that. It's the idea of you are the energy of what you spend the most time around. What you focus on grows. And so when you're talking about energy hygiene, if you're consistently working with people that have all this negative energy and maybe it's people that are going through grief and loss. If you're a social worker, all sorts of stuff can come into your life.

The energetic hygiene piece of this is to understand that, as energetic beings, you kind of pick up their bowling balls and throw them in your own Santa sack without even know it just because you're helping them. A lot of healers and doctors and practitioners, healthcare people, will all burn out. Their burn out rate is really high. They switch jobs a lot trying to find out how to be more happy in their position. And it's really, many times, because they haven't ever been taught what energy hygiene is, or how to stop putting other people's bowling balls in their Santa sack.

What energy hygiene teaches you is how to maintain your own energy. There's five or six things that we do on a consistent basis. One of them is taking a salt bath. I took one this morning because I woke up all buzzy and excited about recording this podcast with you and didn't sleep well last night. I was sitting here like, 'Oh! I just need a salt bath!' And it just is kind of like Ctrl+Alt+Del on your computer. It just resets you.

I even have a client who's an actor. It's so cool to see because she, I taught her how to do this energetic hygiene stuff and it's around cord cutting between clients and between acting things. So she'll go into an acting, she'll go into a role, and then she'll transform into a mother who's lost a child or something super depressing. And then she snaps right out of it by using the energetic tools to just pop out of that, disconnect from that so she doesn't end up like somebody like Heath Ledger, right? Who was the Joker and had to play this character that was pretty insane. And then ends up taking his own life.

Just seeing that is motivation for me to be like, how do I share this with more people? How do I help the healthcare and the healers and people that, you know, the lightworkers that are out there helping others. Just, if they would all know about this energy hygiene piece, it could massively shift how they're able to show up and care for other people in the world. Which you and I have talked about before and in the Automatic Intuition group about being the sun instead of needing to protect yourself from everything else that's out there.

It's really just shining so brightly that it all burns off.

And that's part of this energetic hygiene, because instead of just having your own... Instead of helping people one by one, you start broadcasting so that you become this presence. It just starts attracting people into you and you can make such a bigger impact when you are bright, shiny and clean and ready.


Mmm... So then once you do the energy hygiene training and you've got that under your belt, you have something called Energy Mastery Foundations Training. Is that kind of like the next level of work, would you say?


Yeah. It includes all the hygiene stuff because that's how Sheevaun built it. It's two days, 9 - 6. We get started in the morning and really, the whole model of it is: we teach a concept, you grab a partner, you practice the concept so... The first day, we work on the energetic body, cleaning up the energetic body. Just so that you are understanding how... First off, we want to clean out your body, teach you how to do it yourself, teach you how to work on other people, and teach you how to work on yourself. So that you can do it remotely, you can do it...

It just has everything that you need in it, bundled up into one day. And on the second day of it is where we work on the mindset stuff and you learn the very beginning levels of... You learn the Magic Box and you learn the beginning levels of this Paramitas system, which are to really get you to start working on the mindset pieces of whatever it is you've got going on.

I recently had a client in there who, she loves everyone else more than she loves herself. She's working on weight issues. That's awesome, right? That's something that, I mean, to me that's awesome. To her, obviously she doesn't want that anymore, but if you realize, that in something such as weight loss, if you've been struggling with that your whole life, if you realize that you don't love yourself, then that's something that, once you've got that cleared, those pounds can start falling off and shedding. Because it's energetic weight that you're holding on it. And you're not necessarily taking care of your body because you don't love your body.

That's what gets me excited.

I'm a nerd in that way because somebody will say, whatever their trauma is, they'll just be like, 'Oh yeah, you know, my parents got divorced when I was 5 and that's why I can't keep a relationship.'

I sit here and clap my hands like a giddy little kid in a candy store because I'm like, 'Yes! I've got it. I know how to work with that' when they give me that nugget.

So the 2-day class really just gives you a solid foundation to be certified. To go out and help other people on this. And I will say, most of my clients that have taken the class are doing it just for themselves, or to use it on their family. They're not healthcare practitioners or intuitives or anything like that. Whether or not they actually practice with it is secondary to the fact that they really just want to know that they can clean up their own energy and prevent getting sick.

Because people who do this and consistently use it... I mean, Sheevaun hasn't been to a doctor in, I think she says 20 years. Nick, the president of Energy Mastery, I think is on 8 years. I had a pediatrician call my house the other day saying, 'Hey, we haven't seen your kids in awhile. What's up, are we still your pediatrician?'

I'm like, 'I'm an energy healer. They don't really need a doctor anymore.' And that's magical, right?

Even concussions. We had an exchange student get a concussion and she was nauseous that night. I looked at her and I said, 'I can take you to the ER. They're not going to be able to do anything for you. Or I can wave my hands and you can magically feel better.'

She said, 'Wave your hands! Let's see what happens.'

45 minutes later, she's like, 'You know what? I feel awesome. I'm going to go to bed now.' And she did and she felt amazing the next day.

Those aren't the typical results from other modalities and that's why I'm just so passionate with this and being able to help people with it. And teach them hygiene and teach the 2-day course and say, 'Hey, now you've got this bundle of tools, go help your friends. Go help your family. Go help yourself. Keep yourself clean so you don't get sick and take care of your hygiene so that you're brighter and shinier and can help more people, in whatever you do. Regardless of a healing modality or not.


So tell us. What are some kinds of things that we could be doing right now on a regular basis. Simple things. You mention the salt bath, and one of the things I wanted you to talk about a little bit was, you use regular salt, right? In your salt baths.


Yeah. I'm this weird freak that goes to the local food service and supply store and buy 150 lbs of salt at a time, which is $5 a bag, or $6 a bag. I swear they think that I'm making some weird bowl of chili or something. I've got a massive cauldron of chili.

But really, what it is is, I take 4 cups of iodized table salt, non-iodized, doesn't matter, and I put it in the bathtub with me. I'm in there less than 15 minutes. At 15 minutes, there's a chemical thing that happens where the crap that you leeched out of your body starts coming back in. So that's why you cut it off at that point.

But that alone, can help people so much, SO much.

So if you are spinning out, if you're sensitive, even if you're not sensitive, it's just a moment of, 'Hey I need 15 minutes to myself'.

But a lot of people will ask me, 'What about epsom salts?'

And it's like, it's a different type of salt. Epsom's great as well but it pulls out any muscle tension from your body. It doesn't... It has a different... And Himalayan salt is table salt. It's just a higher quality of it. So if you want to go spend a ton of money buying Himalayan salt.

Float tanks will have different types of salt. You gotta check which one, but float tanks, any of those salts are going to be beneficial. The one for clearing energy is table salt.

There's other things. I mean, breathing is great. Just learning how to disconnect, how to get grounded, it's all these different things. It's really a combination and what I teach in this workshop is how to put these things together so that you've got a consistent practice going on. Even meditation. All these different things can help you, as long as you're really doing them consistently and understanding...

The big thing that shifted it for me was that my understanding of, instead of 'go go go', figure things out, make things happen, I've learned to flip all that over and allow the solutions to come to me and be present and clean up my energy.

That has to happen.

If I'm energetically not cleaned up, and not bright and shiny, no clients can come in to my business. I can't help people. It's just because I become the dinghy. So the more I clean up my energy, the more I practice these hygienic little things, and they might seem super easy and simple because they ARE!

Even if I just go walk in the forest for 5 minutes and take in a couple of fresh deep breaths, I'm getting prana from the trees, it's magical. It gets super magical for me. And it's finding out what are those things that feed you. Gosh, dance parties, exercise, so many different things can shift your energy but they're all things that most of us tend to say, 'Hey, I'm not gonna... I can't do that right now. I'm too busy.'

When the reality is, if you would say, 'I need to do that right now because I'm so busy and this is going to make everything that I have to do easier', that's where the magic happens. But getting ourselves convinced that cleaning up our energy and actually helping that, allowing space for ourselves to recharge is way more powerful and effective than working an 80-hour week. Because you can get 80 hours work done in 40 hours if you have really solid energy and hygiene.



I have to say that, I can't tell you the number of times that, and a lot of people, you know how it is if you work for yourself. It's really easy to work 24/7. You have to create boundaries. And if I work in the evening, I'm working at like, 30% capacity. Just by simply putting it down, turning off the screens, going and vegging out, getting good sleep, getting up in the morning, I can do ALL that stuff so much faster and more efficiently if I do it at the right time.

One of the things I was noticing yesterday about, like say for instance, my fitness classes, you don't do this stuff just because, 'Oh! I'm super inspired to work out today.' That never happens.


Hahaha... no way!


I never feel that way. You know what I do feel? I feel irritable and like I want to jump out of my own skin if I DON'T do it, right?

So the thing is though, is I do think that there is a point at which you have to set these intentions for yourself and then you just have to show up. For me, one of the things I like about teachers and yoga classes and fitness instructors and energy healers and all this stuff is, if you show up, there are plenty of people who will walk you through the hard part of strategizing it, you know what I mean?

There's so many cliches about 'Just showing up is half the whatever', but it's so true! Because yesterday I had to go out of town for the day and I spent a lot of time in the car driving to and back. I got back just barely in time for one of my cross-fit classes and I was like, 'Ugh, I so don't feel like doing it.' But I know that I NEED to do it even more so because I'm exhausted from doing nothing but sitting in a car all day. Which is it's own weird kind of burnt out or whatever.

So I think that where people misunderstand, and this is true for the whole lightworker thing as well, if you're drawn to help people, you are not... You're being drawn into some pretty dark places. And you have to have the expectation that you're going to be exposed to unhappy energy, right? And you have to have these things in place and you have to take them like they're scheduled medicine. You really do.




I think that there is...

You know what? It's crazy too because it works for creativity as well. I don't feel inspired 24 hours a day to write all the time. I have to schedule that. I have to set reminders on my phone. You know? I have to do all these really mundane things to show up and do that. Because the results that you're seeking happened as an accumulation of doing it all the time.




It's not this instantaneously like, 'Oh I feel terrible. I'm going to go meditate. Now everything's great.'


No, it's consistency. A consistent action yields those consistent results. They say that for a reason. I'm sure that's a quote by somebody famous. I don't know who said it but I hear it.

I find that as soon as I'm inconsistent in my energy hygiene... I even had lunch with my dad a couple weeks ago and the kids. He was taking the grandkids for the weekend or whatever and I come home and I was like, 'Man I'm wiped out.' I call my husband. I'm complaining about how I need to take a nap and just reset.

He's like, 'No you need a salt bath, because you've just been in your dad's energy, and your dad, as much of a lovely person as he is, he's also the one who installed all of your buttons.

My friend Leah always says that. She says, 'You know, our parents are the best at pushing our buttons, because they're the ones who installed them.' And it's so true right? But when you get into, sometimes you can get into the energy of, somebody you have a lot of respect for, and they have a lot of power, and they just shift you. And it's being able to now see those signs consistently.

I have a rule that if I interact with more than five people in any given day, I must salt bath before I go to bed (among a dozen other things that I do). It's just putting in those boundaries and making sure that I'm disconnecting with everybody else's energy. Otherwise, their energetic hooks are just bowling balls dragging me down, making your drink get all wet and ruining your little drink umbrella!


So you have this, if people go to your website, you actually have a free guide called 'The Beginner's Guide to Energy Cleansing'. Tell us a little bit about what we'll get from that tool.


Yeah, so that's a list of 10 things that you can do that are super simple and the idea is that you just incorporate them into your daily activities. So that you're creating habits, creating consistency and you're starting to shave away the stress. So it's simple things like breathing or walking in the woods. There's a list of 10 of them. Figure out how to incorporate them into your day and I give some examples in there too.

Just allowing yourself the space to understand how your energy really affects everything that you're doing. Because if you're interviewing for jobs and you're desperate, or if you're looking for a life partner and you have this desperation energy of, 'my eggs/time is running out', 'my eggs are shriveling up and I'm never going to be able to have children unless I get married right now', or 'I've got $5 in my bank account. I need a job tomorrow'.

Because if you have that energetic, then you can't have... Those opportunities aren't going to open up for you because they sense that desperation and their ability to help you out with that is just not possible.

'The Beginner's Guide to Energy Cleansing' is a great way to get started on a free level with 'these are little things that I can do to change and shift how I'm showing up in the world'. And they're going to seem simple and easy. Not necessarily easy but simple and people will kind of discount them. But energetically, it's kind of like, if you took a stone every day and moved it from one side of the garden to the other, then after several days, you would see the transition happening.

So these little itty bitty incremental things... It's like, how do you get up a mountain? One step at a time and focusing on that next step. It's like you start with the Beginner's Guide to Energy Cleansing. Then we can talk more about energy hygiene. Then we can go, from there it's like, do one-on-one sessions, take a class, whatever it is that really helps you. But the more...

I'm seeing people really, really release these boulders that are weighing them down in the most beautiful way, just because they're investing in themselves and saying, 'You know what? I've been running this virus programming for my whole life and it's really time that this stops.

And then they kind of freak out a little bit, to be honest, because they're like, 'Wait a minute, I don't have that story anymore.'

Because once you drop that boulder, all of a sudden, it's like swimmers on swim team where multiple suits kind of weigh themselves down so that they're really slow. And then when they actually go to compete, they're in their lightest swimsuit and all that weight is off them. All of a sudden, they are so fast. They're just like, 'Ohmygosh. Where'd all this speed come from?'

It's like, well you've been training yourself so long. When people lose that energetic weight of that programming that they've had in the background, it really just creates space for them to create whatever that they want. It's a blank slate and that can be kind of intimidating for people but it's also super duper freeing and beautiful.


So tell me. What do you hope to contribute to the greater conversation about personal development, spirituality?


Well, really I feel that my contribution is one of helping people raise awareness of the fact that we're moving into a time... It's like we had the Industrial Age. We had all these different ages. We are moving into the Energy Age, where people are understanding energetics in a totally different way. And we've also got the AI world where everything's just being automated and we've got robots coming in and all these different things are happening.

With social media, we're more social but we're distantly social, so it's figuring out how do we energetically interact as a collective. There's all these awesome things that are shifting and happening. What I'm seeing is that the energy work, and learning how to deal with your head trash and manage your stuff, it's affecting everything that's out there. I mean, it's helping with mental health issues, helping with physical health issues, it's helping people with their money story and their relationships and learning how to be more kind and compassionate, less angry.

There's so much that can be shifted by doing this work. I just feel that legacy that I'm... I'm one of the soldiers in the movement toward raising the consciousness and creating humans that are more able to heal themselves. So they're less dependent on 'I need to go to the doctor', 'I need to take a pill', 'I need to go...' whatever. Less seeking other solutions and what's external to them and like you're doing in your Automatic Intuition course, teaching us how to connect with who we are inside and what we can bring, how we can turn our lights on, so that each of us can be light beings instead of just some of us.

So my job is to help people turn on their lights and create more healers and allow them to create healing for themselves, and just give healing to others around them. Because we're charged and when we're broadcasting that way, you can BE the light that helps others shine more brightly.


Amanda, I do love your energy.


Haha... I hear that a lot!


I bet you do!

I'm really happy to share this conversation with everyone, anybody that hasn't heard of you before, introduce you and let everyone go and connect with what you're offering.

So tell us where we can go to find you online.


Yeah! I just launched a new website: 'H' is really important because apparently there's a ton of Amanda Youngs in the world, so the 'H' distinguishes me from all the others. So I guess that stands for healer. I just got that message now. H-healer-Young. So that's kinda fun.

They can just snoop around. I just launched a podcast too, thanks to you. You've inspired me to launch the 'Finding Clarity' podcast because I'm all about helping people clean up their energy and get clear about where they're going. And that's really been my focus. So there's the 'Finding Clarity' podcast. I've got a few episodes up and I'm adding more every week.

Reach out to me! I've got a link for a free phone call. Download 'The Beginner's Guide to Energy Cleansing'. Go to my website. Snoop around. Listen to my podcast. Get on a call with me! I don't bite and I LOVE talking to people. And see where it goes because if I'm not the right person to help you, I'm happy to pass you to the person who IS.

I really believe, to go with my dinghy and cruise ship metaphor, the rising tide raises all boats and we are all here to help one another. And my job is to be of service.