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Want to try a special meditation designed to help you contact, connect with, and communicate with your spirit guides and guardian angels? The first step in establishing any relationship is a proper introduction. Audio Tape - Guided Meditation

"Meet a Guide" -- Free Audio Download Jeff Lilly, author of, has released a guided audio meditation you can download for free. The "Meet a Guide" mp3, the first in a new series of guided meditations, was designed to assist you in contacting your guides.

*2017 Unfortunately, Jeff no longer offers these meditations on his site. Please see my own meditation "Messages from Your Spirit Guides."

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I was only half-joking when I wrote about how much I suck at meditating. I was talking about the whole "empty your mind" concept -- my mind is never empty; it's a busy, noisy place -- not only do I accept that, I've come to like it that way.

Filling my mind or tuning my mind or being guided through a rich, internal landscape populated with spirit entities is a completely different story. There are actually a handful of meditations that I've picked up over the years, practiced regularly, customized to suit my particular use, and continue to employ:

  • Grounding and Centering
  • Calling the Corners
  • Astral Projection
  • Invoking the Goddess
  • My nightly visits to the attic laboratory in my Tower -- a Clinic on the Other Side where I am treated for physical illness while I sleep

Now, I have a new meditation tool in my psychic utility belt, and it's not only one I can recommend you seek out and learn -- you can start using it today. Druid Journal Guided Meditation Series Jeff Lilly often writes lush, descriptive narratives of his meditation experiences -- "cinematic" might be the most appropriate word -- and I'm happy to report that his skill as a narrator does not disappoint. Jeff's voice is wonderfully suited to the audio format -- warm, calming, authoritative, benevolent…

My Personal Experience Using the Meditation Jeff sent me a copy of the "Meet a Guide" mp3 a few months ago for my feedback. My initial motivation in listening to it was to play the "editor" and offer detailed, constructive criticism.

I'm already "practiced" at communicating with members of my god posse -- and for about a year I've been offering my clairaudient intuition as a relay medium, connecting with your spirit guides and asking questions on your behalf. I'm always looking to strengthen my skills.

What were my expectations?

  • I thought this meditation might induce a clairvoyant experience -- I hear my guides; I rarely see them or talk to them face-to-face; I thought I might get a rare visual glimpse of them
  • I hoped the meditation might help me identify a lesser-known entity -- there are always transit guides coming in and out of my life for specific periods -- sometimes it takes a while to get to know the new ones
  • I generally anticipated retrieving some type of additional information or details about my god posse that I didn't already possess
  • In the back of my mind is always the wish that I will find short-cuts for the connection process -- especially with regards to acting as a medium for other people
  • Sometimes, I sense a guide and receive information without being able to pin down a specific name -- knowing their names greatly empowers on-going communication

The first listen: I was looking for the perfect evening to devote my attention to the meditation, but I was also expecting an important long-distance phone call from a friend. I opted to put my cell phone on vibrate and hold the phone during the meditation, in case the call came through -- not the most ideal scenario, but I planned to listen multiple times anyway -- at least once for experimental purposes, and again from a technical, editorial perspective.

I don't want to color your own experience with too many details of my story, but a few amazing, unexpected things happened as a result of using this meditation:

  • the guide I met during the meditation was not one of my own -- it was a spirit guide who belongs to the person whose call I was waiting for. I had never attempted a reading for this individual prior to the meditation.
  • on subsequent listens, I discovered an incredibly powerful short-cut to connecting with the guides of other people
  • once I knew the astral location or place where these interactions occur for me, I found that I could quickly "go there" again and again, without necessarily having to listen to the meditation each time
  • now, when I incorporate this meditation into my normal reading routine, I am able to retrieve distinct, clear names nearly 100% of the time

I NEVER expected that Jeff's meditation would show me a whole new way of connecting and communicating with spirit entities. But then, of course, it totally makes sense that someone I know so well and admire so much would prove to be the source for something I work so hard to manifest.

One of the things I continually pray for is greater ability to use my clairaudience for other people -- the number one request of those I do readings for is to find out the names of their spirit guides -- my own psychic abilities have been greatly empowered by employing this simple new tool.

I can only anticipate that, wherever you are in your practice of communicating with members of your god posse, whatever level of success you've had so far -- the "Meet a Guide" meditation will fast-forward your progress.

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