How to use this site as a divination tool

-----I've had to temporarily suspend the Random Proverbs and Pearls of Wisdom due to technical difficulties. I miss them terribly, and hope to have them back online soon. The Teller This site feature has been developed as online oracle, as well as a book of answers, both due for launch May, 2007-----

Have you noticed? You can use the front page of as a divination tool - to receive a randomly chosen Pearl of Wisdom from a growing list of Quotes, Proverbs, Mantras, and Deep Thoughts.

Pearls of Wisdom

How to divine your Pearls Click the Shift Your Spirits title link to return to the front page of this site. Each time you hit the header link, and/or refresh the page in your browser, a random Pearl - from a growing personal list of hundreds - will be displayed.

I built this custom plug-in to use as a personal divination tool - similar to pulling from a deck of oracle cards.

You may not have realized that everytime you visit the ShiftYourSpirits home page, your web browser builds a unique page, just for you, just at that moment. Every person -- myself included -- receives his or her own unique synthesis of Divine Messages - built from a combination of the most recent article and a proverb.

Technology + Creativity = The Super Common Divine The magic of web technologies [a dash of php + html, in this case] empowers your visit with a random creative force - on the fly, ripe with serendipities and synchronicities galore - and hopefully, once in a while, a little epiphany.

There are no coincidences. The ways that your Spirit Guides and Joy Guides and Personal Guardian Angels communicate with you are strikingly similar to the forms anyone uses to communicate with you.

Signs. Serendipities. Synchronicities - Information that seems to present itself to you with a timeliness that stops you dead in your tracks - that is just Too Perfect not to be meaningful.

When God Winks

One of the most common ways that the Divine communicates with you is via the same Message or suggestion repeated in quick succession from multiple sources.

Example: The title of a book or a web site catches your attention, and you're drawn to it. You make a mental note to investigate it further. The same day, or maybe a couple of days later, you overhear a co-worker talking about it. A couple of days later, you're watching a talkshow on television, and the guest is the Author.

The timeframes can vary - but usually the information or idea is repeated in a succession of events close enough to seem orchestrated, spooky, or manifested specifically for you to witness.

When you're living in the Flow of creative reality, actively communicating with your Guides, praying, asking for direction, etc - and if you are open to the myriad small, everyday, common forms divine messages can take - you will see them even more frequently.

The popular, mainstream wisdom says that a piece of information repeated Three Times, from different sources, one right after the other, should be considered a Divine Message.

The word angel means messenger - your angels are messengers from Source.

Do Angels and Spirit Guides use computers?

My short answer is Yes - absolutely - definitely!

Do you have a special Mantra, Quote, Proverb, or Wisdom that you think I might want to add?

This is my own special set of affirmations. I can't guarantee that I'll add every one that you suggest, but I'm always on the lookout for new ones.

Two ways to contribute your favorite quotes and mantras:

1. To suggest a quote you think I should add to the Shift Your Spirits Pearls - the proverbs that appear in silver at the beginning of the page - use the Contact Form. 2. To share a favorite quote on this very page, just use the Comments/Reply form. You can bet that I'll be quick to add many of them to the Random Pearls Plug-in.