Shift your relationship with Money into a new awareness of Abundance in one month. If you follow through with this practice -- just five minutes a day for one month -- you will begin to shift your beliefs, your thought patterns, and your behavior in a way you never have before – and it will create the momentum you desire to keep moving forward, month after month, year after year.

  • Identify harmful beliefs about money that you have been unconsciously absorbing since you were a child
  • Release vows of poverty you may have taken in previous lifetimes
  • Delete the negative energy files that accumulate and keep you stuck, blocked, struggling
  • Learn how to consciously catch, transform, and reprogram your thoughts regarding money and abundance

If you've read some of my earlier posts on Shift Your Spirits about how I've radically transformed my financial situation through my relationship with Money as an entity, then you've heard me refer many times to a special private diary I've kept for the past four years called Hornets & Honey Bees: How I Married New Money. (Sometimes, I forget that no one has access to that personal history...)

Rather than publish more of MY personal story and ramble on congratulating myself for changing my life for the better, I've decided instead to give YOU the exact "recipe" I used and let you rewrite your own financial experience.

The 10 pages in this digital workbook are NOT filled with other people's success stories, pep talks that try to convince you to jump on some Law of Attraction wagon, or a bunch of sermonizing and theorizing.

Here's my sob story right now, so we can get that out of the way -- partially paralyzed, afflicted by mysterious stress-related health problems, having been laid off from two jobs in a row (I never thought I would be fired or laid off), struggling to make ends meet as a self-employed web designer, and ultimately losing my home and having to abandon my former life with only what I could carry away in one trip in my car...

I was flailing around, unconsciously and unsuccessfully trying to address the physical symptoms, details, and ramifications of a deeply spiritual, energy issue. With a Saturn in Taurus, my karmic lessons in this lifetime are about learning to transcend the material challenges.

Enough was enough. I made a commitment to repair my broken, abusive relationship with Money and allow the blessings of Abundance to transform my situation, once and for all. I engaged in a lot of spiritual exercises, some that didn't work so well, and a few that produced magnificent results.

Brag: within a year, I reconnected to my path and purpose, began publishing all the content you see on this web site, and grew a full time income doing work that I love to do.

In this program, I share with you the Most Simple and Practical Versions of the Exercises that finally worked for me: How to:

  • Write out -- in one sitting -- your long term intentions and goals in the exact format required in order for the Law of Attraction to work. You can complete this in one afternoon!
  • Recognize the difference between the impostor Money whom you've allowed to dominate your life and the true Overseer of Abundance you have always had access to. Get rid of One and begin consciously working with the Other.
  • Identify the hundreds of negative beliefs you have about Money and Abundance, where they come from, and how to replace them with new, customized affirmations. Including a free resource you can work with to quickly discover the thirty to one-hundred most damaging beliefs you're carrying around right now regarding money.
  • Reframe your thoughts and reprogram your patterns of behavior to allow blessings and financial security to flow effortlessly to you. You can do this in 5 minutes a day.
  • Select and charm a magical money talisman so that "I don't have any money" can NEVER again be a true or accurate statement for you.
  • Create an updated, 21st Century Alternative to the Vision Board. This one is optional, but if you're a digerati and not into getting crafty with a glue gun, this is way cooler.
  • Schedule your program with the moon phases for added juice.
  • Send an invoice to the Universe with a vow that replaces panicky, un-powerful prayers.

Do you have an afternoon to get the ball rolling and just 5 minutes a day to invest in a simple exercise that will shift your money situation in one month?

In addition to the "recipe" in the instruction booklet, I've created an original twenty minute guided meditation to walk you through the process of:

  • clearing through blocks and barriers
  • releasing negative energies that are weighing you down
  • canceling vows of poverty across all lifetimes
  • isolating and working with the specific chakras -- or energy centers -- that most affect your financial security
  • calling in the 3 specific higher dimensional entities (angels) who specialize in money matters at the spiritual level
  • visualizing and deleting the thousands of junk files that are clogging your spiritual computer

The Meditation mp3 was recorded in my home studio with LogicPro, enhanced with music, loops, samples, and sound effect tracks. If you like my Spirit Guide Attunement, then you will definitely dig the Money Clearing Meditation (I think it's even cooler; my favorite recording to date.)

You can burn it on a CD, sync it with your phone, or listen on your computer (it's super-delicious to watch with the visualizer on your media player).

  • 22 minute Guided Meditation | Attunement -- MP3
  • 40 page ebook with 3 simple, life-changing exercises
  • ebook comes in Kindle, epub, or PDF for all computers

I've spent hundreds of dollars (that I didn't really "have") on readings, programs, audios, books, workshops... Not to mention months and months trying out various methods and implementing every tool I could find.

If you're struggling with financial issues, it's a catch-22 -- you probably don't feel that you can invest much money and you probably don't want to spend time on trial and error -- I get that! So, I wanted to put together a solution for you with a very affordable price tag.

Can you invest five minutes a day and one month?

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