You Don’t Even Know

Bald Buddhist Chick

Not knowing is a blessing.

Wondering is a state of great potential — it’s the stage where everything begins. Nothing new escapes the initial form of a question.

Launching the right question is more important to our philosophical experience than staking down the right answer.

My daddy used to always tell me “A lot of people are going to be disappointed when they die…” Without ever alluding to which people would be “right.”

The contemplation of that used to make me anxious — to believe or not to believe? Which way will I end up getting screwed?

It’s not like you can conceivably take both journeys; it’s sort of a one-or-the-other prospect, with no hope of knowing if you got it right until it’s “too late.”

It’s not that I’m afraid of “going to hell” if I’m wrong — fortunately, even the Believer within me doesn’t buy that concept any more than the Scientist.

Take another look at that word know — it’s not synonymous with faith or belief, although a lot of people like to confuse the concepts and speak about them as if they are the same thing.

They are not.

Hear this — You don’t know the Spiritual. You don’t know the Mysteries as if they are facts. You can’t.

Anyone — I don’t care how psychic they are, how awakened, how enlightened, how conscious — if they tell you they know, they’re deceiving others, themselves, or both.

So, I try to be content with feeling instead of knowing. Feelings are always valid, no matter how subjective or different from another’s they may be.

I continue to aspire to use the expression “I feel” as a substitute for “I know” wherever possible. Sure, sometimes I do wish there was at least the promise of a potential to know…

But I don’t know. I have to find a way to be content with possibly never knowing.

In the meantime, I go on romancing the Mystery and living to wonder.

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image credit Eddi van W. via Creative Commons on Flickr

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Little Secrets about Making Big Changes

Image - Making Changes

One “big secret” about creating an effective energetic shift in your life is that completion is not required.

The other “big secret” about successful change — maybe instead of a secret, call it an overlooked aspect — is that the requirements are actually small.

Completion naturally occurs after a series of small, similar actions.

As you power your initial commitment, keep in mind that:

  • Just starting the path is being on the path.
  • Just taking the first action creates the energy that propels all the other “steps”

Small, sustainable, serial actions
Almost all long-term goals and intentional changes can be broken down into a series of smaller, repetitive actions.

  • small choices in thought and behavior
  • simple behaviors, repeated concurrently
  • a bread-crumb trail of multiple smaller milestones

A lot of smaller successes reinforces self-esteem, which energizes all positive changes and life-style choices.

The momentum of that Big Beginning levels off quickly onto a plateau of daily practice.

Let’s say you want to lose thirty pounds — you shift into the energetic frequency of that long-term success the very first time you take actions on your new intention.

If you’ve determined the required repetitive action is something like exercising thirty minutes a day — the vibration you need to tune into is reached the first day you show up for that exercise.

You experience the same energy losing thirty pounds as you do when you lose one pound.

Let’s say you want to write a 250 page book — you accumulate those pages by showing up and filling them one at a time. You also begin collecting and using your power from the very first paragraph you put into form.

If you’ve determined the required repetitive action is writing a page a day — you know what it feels like to write pages from the first day to the last.

It’s the same tool — you just apply it X-number of times.

Completion is not required to shift the vibration — a single, willful, intentional act will invoke the necessary mindset.

One small success in a day carries the same energy as thirty in a month, or three hundred sixty-five in a year.

Why wait until you’re “perfect” and “totally done” before you acknowledge your power and the energy you’ve shifted?

You called it in — it’s as here — as in effect — as it will ever be.

Use that initial achievement to propel you forward.

You do it once?

You’ve done it.

Do it again.

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Image credit Cory Howell via Creative Commons on Flickr

All courses now come with an alternate mobile-friendly link where you can download or stream from your device.

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How to Be Brave

image - Brave

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the willful engagement of fear, and the choice you make to proceed even in its presence.

Focus on being Okay — regardless of the lover leaving you, or the bank foreclosing, or the blood test coming back positive…

But remember the thin line between “being okay” and pessimism — expecting the worst, drawing it to you, and creating self-fulfilling negative prophecies.

Whatever you choose to believe, you will eventually be right. Pessimism allows you to be right about everything going wrong.

The only way “out” is to come through.
When you focus on being Okay no matter what happens, you’re affirming that external circumstances do not determine your strength or control your inner peace.

Maybe you think “I’ll just die if the Thing I fear comes to pass…”
You are not defined by the shit you find yourself smack in the middle of — you are always You, self-defined, and assisted in expressing who you are by any challenge that comes your way.

Your life can be made better even by the things that break your heart.
Find the faith to tell yourself: “Even if I don’t know right now how I will ever survive, or why this is happening to me, I will find out by experiencing it and coming out the other side of it.”

Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.
“I will find a way to be Okay with whatever. I will find a way to use it.” You hold your head up and you walk bravely to meet it, with your eyes open for what it will teach you, for the treasures that will be only found inside the experience.

Nothing but a victim.
If you allow yourself to be dragged through, weeping and wailing and resisting, then you will arrive at the other side dead, or at best wounded — again — with nothing to show for it but tears and complaints. No power collected…

Brave people take action.
They don’t annihilate the fear or extinguish it prior to the experience — without it, there is no call to be brave. Brave people — everyday heroes you can name — do their thing — in the presence of fear.

Be afraid if you need to — it’s expected. Just don’t stop moving forward.
Maybe the first thing you need to figure out is exactly what you’re afraid of.

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Image credit h.koppdelaney via Creative Commons on Flickr