35 Great Things To Do During Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury is in Retrograde from October 4 – 24, 2014, first in the sign of Libra (highlighting relationships and partnerships) and then in the sign of Scorpio (getting in touch with the psychic, the shady, and the shadow).

…3 weeks, 3 times a year (4 times in some years) = 2 to 3 months per year… That’s a huge chunk of your life to spend in fear of taking action.

There are many actions and contexts in which Mercury Retrograde can be a blessing:

  1. Reappear — Items you lost ages ago suddenly show up again.
  2. Reassess — Starting a new project may not be the best idea right now, but it’s a great time to put your current work under the microscope.
  3. Rebuild — This is an excellent time to fix something you know is flawed, making it stronger and better than it was before.
  4. Recheck — The advice during Mercury Retrograde is to check, recheck, and double-check the details…but when is that not a good idea?
  5. Reconnect — Old friends you haven’t talked to in ages show up unexpectedly, and you realize the real friendships can be picked up right where you left off.
  6. Reconsider — If you’ve been contemplating moving forward with a decision you’re not entirely sure about, maybe you should listen to your gut and think again. Maybe it’s okay to change from a Yes back to a No or to an I’m-not-sure.
  7. Redecorate — Changing your environment is one of the most powerful ways to shift the energy in your life.
  8. Rediscover — Remember that thing you used to love to do? Oh yeah… Go do that!
  9. Reestablish — The connections between things can grow frayed, tired, and weak…that doesn’t mean they are entirely broken. Before you give up, see if you can reestablish those connections.
  10. Reevaluate — Now is the perfect time to pause and reevaluate the intentions you set and whether or not you’re heading in the right direction.
  11. Refile — Bureaucracy is full of redundancy, but also the opportunity to make corrections and refile some important piece of paperwork.
  12. Refinish — Redo an old, drab piece of furniture with a light sanding and a new coat of something-something to bring it back to life.
  13. Reflect — Hit the pause button, go for a walking meditation or sit in front of a beautiful view and simply reflect on what has gone before this moment.
  14. Reframe — The simplest way to change your life is to reframe negative self-talk into empowering affirmations.
  15. Refresh — Control + R. See what may have shown up since you last looked.
  16. Refuel — In order to maintain all this powerful action, you have to resupply the energy you’re consuming.
  17. Rejuvenate — Make someone look and feel young again.
  18. Relax — You can improve a rule without having to abolish it simply by making it more flexible.
  19. Release — Set it free. Let it go. Allow it to flow again.
  20. Remodel — Change the structure or form of a physical thing, policy, or procedure. Do it again, differently.
  21. Renew — Repeat your vows. Reestablish your intentions and actions after an interruption.
  22. Renegotiate — You don’t have to live with everything as is. Change the terms.
  23. Renovate — Restore something to its former glory.
  24. Reorganize — A place for everything and everything in its place. You’ll get more accomplished if you stop and put the materials in better order.
  25. Repair — If something is suffering from damage or weakness, stop and fix it.
  26. Replenish — Burnt out? You can’t do anything for anybody if your well has run dry. Take a break to refill whatever resource you’ve burned through. (I totally mixed fire and water in that metaphor, in a big way. Sorry.)
  27. Resolve — Commit to finding a solution that makes everybody feel better.
  28. Return — A lot of courses of action include going back to the beginning.
  29. Reunite — Come together. The total effect of the collective effort is greater than the sum of any individual contributions.
  30. Revamp — Change the essence of something by changing its appearance. Sometimes image is everything.
  31. Review — You have a chance to take a really close look before you send this out the door and make changes if necessary. I know, you’re almost done, for God’s sake, but you’ll be so glad you did.
  32. Revise — New information has come to light; something needs to be changed.
  33. Revisit — Consider the situation or problem from a different perspective.
  34. Revive — Regain energy; restore to life or consciousness.
  35. Rework — Don’t throw it out just yet; maybe all it needs is a little updating.

More about Mercury Retrograde
There is a Positive Side to Mercury Retrograde and there are Constructive Ways to Use Mercury Retrograde.

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