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Creativity and spirituality are intrinsically linked in your overall quality of life. You cannot allow your big ideas to languish on the back burner and feel satisfied with your life.

As a creative soul, you must have a channel for expressing your creativity, however you define it. (And definitions of creativity are diverse.)

The information technology revolution, global connectivity, and social media have given rise to a “maker culture.”

We don’t just consume things we love anymore—we make them too.
Now, because of the tools available to us:

  • if you love learning, you develop and teach your own courses
  • if you love music, you record and produce your own compositions
  • if you love reading, you write and publish your own books
  • if you love crafts, you make and distribute your own one-of-a-kind creations
  • if you love photography…

You can engage your creativity at any level — hobby, side hustle, full time career.

“Consumer culture” was getting a bad rap for a while, but a global phenomena of creative light has emerged from those shadows.

You’re either consuming or contributing—hopefully, you’re doing a little of both.

Maybe it’s years of back-to-school conditioning, or a shift in the weather, but I always experience a surge of creativity in September, October, November…

“Fall Term” is like New Year’s for creatives. This is when I set my best intentions — and succeed at some of my biggest goals.

I’m 96% of the way through the edit of my fiction project, a historical fantasy series called Havenwood. It goes out to my beta readers for developmental edits this fall, then onto my editor and cover designer.

Havenwood is a doorstop, so I’m considering releasing it as a trilogy, with Books I & II coming out simultaneously in early 2016. (Spring?) We shall see.

I have two more short novels in the urban fantasy world of Cloudbusting I hope to pen during this year’s NaNoWriMo. By this time next year, I would like to have 6 novels out.

If you’re interested in my progress, follow me on social media or join my FICTION mailing list.

What about you?

I’m asking!

Sharing your intentions with everyone can be a powerful manifesting tool… Post a comment to this thread on Facebook or tweet me #iammaking.

Automatic Author - Cover ImageAUTOMATIC AUTHOR
If you’ve got any kind of non-fiction writing project on your agenda, if you’ve thinking about it and want to just finally sit down and DO IT — this is The Process I wish I could go back in time and teach my teenage self. My personal wealth + my creativity. Here. This.

Automatic Author is the one practical tool I have to offer, and it’s 75% off, right now.

If you want to discuss your creativity and discover the perfect outlet for you, please book a reading with me.

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About Those Repeating Numbers You Keep Seeing

1111 number sequence

You know those repeating number sequences you keep seeing?

Of course they mean something.

Someone or some thing is communicating with you, reminding you that you are plugged in, connected, and now, conscious of it.

And that really is the message.

Don’t get too caught up in numerology dictionary meanings111 means this, and 222 means that

It won’t hurt anything if you want to look them up — but those little fortune cookies can be a wealth of Too Specific / Too Vague at the same time.

All repeating number sequences are essentially someone or something jumping up and down and waving a flag to get your attention.

It could be the universe, your angels, your subconscious, or a mathematical wonder of dimensional reality… I don’t think your perception of the source matters that much.

It’s either a warning or a vote of confidence.

Repeating words, names, symbols, images… They’re easier. They are the thing itself.

You know what the message is.

  • What do you think it might be?
  • What do you want it to be?

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Dark Auras

Dark energy scan

I’m interested in your training course on How to Read Auras.

I’m hoping your can clarify a few things mentioned in the course description:

  • unplugging from clients when you finish reading
  • reading the wrong kind of clients

Is this program for anyone, or do I have to be a professional intuitive?

I guess I am most concerned that I might try to read the wrong kind of person, and encounter dark energy, dark entities, or dark auras.

Could you explain a little more about this or offer me some reassurance?


How to Read Auras is an excerpt from my Automatic Intuition Professional training program, but it’s an alternative technique for scanning energy that anyone can use.

When I was starting out, I knew my clairaudience was strong, but I honestly felt my clairvoyance was weak. I didn’t think I had the ability to pick up any kind of visual psychic information, certainly not enough to scan energy or read auras.

This is an alternative method that allowed me to finally access my clairvoyance.

I use the term “client” because the course material was originally written for professionals. “Client” really means anyone for whom you’re doing an aura reading.

I understand why you might be fearful of encountering “dark auras” but I doubt there are troubled souls at that level among your family and friends. And certainly not without your knowing it — or at least suspecting — long before you would ever agree to do a reading for them.

As a curious seeker, learning to read auras as an experiment or as a way to develop your psychic abilities, you would not be using this technique to engage with strangers or random people. You would be reading the auras of your family and friends, with their permission, because they want you to.

There is virtually no chance anyone among your friends would present the kind of “darkness” you fear. Certainly not as a “surprise” you wouldn’t see coming. Maybe someone you know who’s troubled by alcoholism or addiction or mental illness could attract dark entities… but trust me, it would have to be really, really extreme.

You would already suspect something was wrong and probably not want to engage them anyway.

Negative attachments and dark spirits are NOT commonly found in the general population. Out of about 1000 professional readings, for strangers, I have only encountered one “negative attachment.”

I think this fear is exaggerated by some energy workers.

But, even with loving relationships and healthy people, there can still be co-dependence.

Protecting your energy is always worth learning.

Logging off a reading — disconnecting from someone — is necessary to protect you from energetic fatigue.

Most people are overly focused on tuning in to retrieve psychic information; it is just as important to log off. I always include information in my intuitive development courses about how to properly protect your own energy and disengage from the energy of others.

If the usual methods for reading auras have not produced results for you, you might want to check out this alternative.


Read Auras - Cover ImageClick here for details.

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Image credit Simon Pais-Thomas via Creative Commons on Flickr