Why This Weekend is Important

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It has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been fighting a head cold for the past week and haven’t had it in me to post a new article… But this weekend is significant to me — I didn’t want to let it pass without acknowledging it. So, please indulge me in a personal post.

Ten years ago today I gave up. Pretty much everything.

I left my former life and moved back to Chattanooga, Tennessee to start over from zero.

I was still clinging to hopes for my fledgling online publishing business, and I had an idea for a project.

It was a little out there — a bit of a risk, really — a personal passion project. I never expected it to do anything or go anywhere.

It was going to be a blog, called Shift Your Spirits.

It was just supposed to give me a positive, creative anchor while I figured out how to move forward.

Almost overnight, Shift Your Spirits became the most successful project I’d ever worked on — it has attracted tens of thousands of subscribers, launched a dozen digital assets, courses, and ebooks, supported an intuitive consulting business, and a professional intuitive training program.

Needless to say, all that has been life-changing for me.

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how proud I am of what I’ve created for you, and how grateful I am to you for receiving it.

Thank you for supporting my work.

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  • Where were you ten years ago?
  • If you took a wild risk today, where might you be ten years from now?

The Money Shift for Couples

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Dieting, working out, quitting smoking…reprogramming your beliefs about money. These shifts are challenging enough on your own.

Having a partner who continues the old patterns, or refuses to participate and evolve with you… That can tear a relationship apart. Or at least really, really suck.

Isn’t arguing about money a major source of hell for a lot of couples…?

When you make a shift — even a phenomenal improvement — you change your vibration. As with a musical frequency, other people have to shift themselves to stay in harmony with you.

If you want to include your partner in The Money Shift, scroll down to the end of the article for a simple tweak for couples that will make the program more effective.

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The idea behind the daily exercises in The Money Shift is to re-frame and re-program the tone and word choice of your interior monologue surrounding money.

Everyone has self-speak or internal dialogues. It’s like having a TV channel or a radio station quietly running in the background during all your normal everyday experiences. You’re so used to its presence that much of it runs subconsciously or unconsciously.

Many of the “voices” that creep onto this channel and whisper in your ear can be pessimistic, negative, based in the ego. The ego is rarely the originator of fearful or self-sabotaging messages — it has received them from other people throughout the course of your lifetime, especially during your childhood/ formative years.

Beliefs around money, in particular, are entirely taught — or absorbed — from others, starting with your parents.

When you take a moment to put some of your beliefs about money under the microscope — looking at the way those sentences are structured, the kinds of words you choose to use — and when you ask yourself “Where did that belief come from? Who told me that?” — you begin to see how many of these thoughts running in the background are negative in nature and originated outside yourself, that you “picked them up” along the way.

You allow them free air-time without challenging them or questioning them.

The 5 Minute Daily exercises in THE MONEY SHIFT are meant to be a simple way to crack into complex, insidious psychological programming.

Negative, pessimist thoughts are a bad habit — these exercises are something like a pessimist money-thought diet.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so when we go to remove negative behaviors, it’s most effective to have a constructive, positive behavior to fill that space we’re creating.

Regarding the daily exercise — a really simple tweak that could act as a powerful couple’s therapy. And not just talking, but actually doing something. Collaborating on a project together.

Instead of privately writing your observations down in a journal, maybe you guys could use the negative money issues that come up each day as a jump-off point for a conversation.

“What came up for today, honey? What form did it take when you shifted it?”

Examine the patterns together, share your epiphanies, and, most of all, share the joy of how you’re transforming all this crap. (Psst: It works in other areas of your life and your relationship, too.)

This isn’t meant to be a “magic spell” that makes your financial situation change overnight without you taking thoughtful “real world” actions … but when part of the problem is the stress and anxiety, the emotional and psychological drain, hopefully this will help reinforce your optimism and sense of being in control.

Is this what Power Couples do?
I’m willing to bet it is.

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