How to Be Brave

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Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the willful engagement of fear, and the choice you make to proceed even in its presence.

Focus on being Okay — regardless of the lover leaving you, or the bank foreclosing, or the blood test coming back positive…

But remember the thin line between “being okay” and pessimism — expecting the worst, drawing it to you, and creating self-fulfilling negative prophecies.

Whatever you choose to believe, you will eventually be right. Pessimism allows you to be right about everything going wrong.

The only way “out” is to come through.
When you focus on being Okay no matter what happens, you’re affirming that external circumstances do not determine your strength or control your inner peace.

Maybe you think “I’ll just die if the Thing I fear comes to pass…”
You are not defined by the shit you find yourself smack in the middle of — you are always You, self-defined, and assisted in expressing who you are by any challenge that comes your way.

Your life can be made better even by the things that break your heart.
Find the faith to tell yourself: “Even if I don’t know right now how I will ever survive, or why this is happening to me, I will find out by experiencing it and coming out the other side of it.”

Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.
“I will find a way to be Okay with whatever. I will find a way to use it.” You hold your head up and you walk bravely to meet it, with your eyes open for what it will teach you, for the treasures that will be only found inside the experience.

Nothing but a victim.
If you allow yourself to be dragged through, weeping and wailing and resisting, then you will arrive at the other side dead, or at best wounded — again — with nothing to show for it but tears and complaints. No power collected…

Brave people take action.
They don’t annihilate the fear or extinguish it prior to the experience — without it, there is no call to be brave. Brave people — everyday heroes you can name — do their thing — in the presence of fear.

Be afraid if you need to — it’s expected. Just don’t stop moving forward.
Maybe the first thing you need to figure out is exactly what you’re afraid of.

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Let Me Know if I Say Something Psychic

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On a Friday night, my mother dreamt of a man she used to work with, years ago before she retired. Not someone she is still in communication with or has reason to think about that often.

On Saturday, she texted the man’s wife Elana and said “I had a dream about Jack last night.”

Elana didn’t respond. Probably because, we found out later, it was one of dozens of texts she received about Jack that day.

On Sunday, a former coworker and mutual friend called my mother, wondering if she had heard that Jack had passed away on Friday.

“How could that not be psychic?” my mother asked, rhetorically. “How could we not believe in it, when something like this happens?”

There are those big psychic hits that are impossible to miss, but I believe at least some of us are receiving intuitive impulses all the time, more than we realize, more than we can ever know without external feedback.

No matter the “size” of the bombshell, she never would have known she’d had a psychic experience unless someone had told her.

“Let me know if I say something psychic.”

It has become a joke that’s not really a joke with some of the people I’m closest to. I get on a roll when I’m conversing with friends — I like to think I have a quick wit, I’m definitely a manic talker, and in the flow of connection, I slip into channeling information, here and there.

To me, it just feels like plucking a random metaphor out of the ether to illustrate my point on the fly — they often seem a bit whacky, but they’re specific.

Too specific to be random.

But I don’t know that.

The person I’m talking to is the one flipping out over that particular image or that choice of words.

“How did you know…? Why would you have chosen to say that…?”

Because I’m psychic.

We’re all a little bit psychic.

And we miss most of it because it probably just feels like our thoughts.

Think of all the information you receive through verbal communication throughout your day. Very little of it feels earth-shattering, life-changing, shocking, squeal-inducing, amazing, or even juicy.

But a lot of it is relevant, practical, important. While you might think you could do away with a lot of it, you would not choose to dismiss most of the communication you receive.

Psychic information has its own range, from throw-away tidbits to life-altering insights.

Most people believe that in order to develop your intuition you go off in your Tower, and you meditate really hard, and pray real good, and you visualize, and strain to hear your guides, and you practice and practice, and you get really super psychic and THEN you come down and go out into the world, ready to lay your psychic powers on everybody.

The process is pretty much the exact opposite.

The thing you require most is feedback outside your own head. You won’t ever “know for sure.” Most of the time you may not even realize you’re being psychic unless somebody tells you.

I’ve never had one single person who was accepted to work with Automatic Intuition — based on good intentions, not skill, by the way — who received the attunement and did the first round of practice readings, who did not experience psychic hits.

In most cases, there is at least one instance that surprised and impressed them with their own latent ability.

Feedback is one of the most important factors.

To find out the other components of discovering your psychic abilities, check out the free report “The 5 Fundamentals of Intuitive Development”

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This Is What You Said You Want

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…want, lack, need, desire, require…

Last week, I asked you to fill in the blanks:

“If I had __________, I would __________.”

At the time of today’s post, 902 of you have responded.

The first blank, the thing you said you want, lack, need, desire, or require, was overwhelmingly homogenous.

61% of you said money.

You used specific amounts, you switched up the words with terms like “unlimited abundance” or “financial freedom” but, yeah — money.

21% of you said courage.

All of you who identified courage called it “courage.” You didn’t switch up the wording or use alternate terminology. That word was strikingly specific.

The remaining 18% of you gave either extremely varied and unique responses — some quite lovely or heartbreaking — or you talked about your connection to spirit, or you gave Miss America answers about “world peace” and “universal happiness.”

(Nothing wrong with that — the sentiments are dear.)

The second blank, the thing you would do, was as unique and varied as your fingerprint.

There was not much of an emerging pattern here, with one exception: Those of you who invoked a desire for courage, wanted it in order to do something related to your career, job, or life purpose.

I’m still processing … specifically how it impacts what I produce for you, as I continue to attempt to serve your personal development and spiritual growth.

I don’t know what this all means. I’m sharing the patterns that emerged so you can contemplate them with me. You are welcome to write me back or discuss your theories on social media. Tag me so I’ll see them.

Money, abundance, manifesting… I’ve put out a few offerings over the years — this is clearly why The Money Shift is my best-selling tutorial.

I’m asking my guides for meaningful ways to serve this need for abundance more.

Now, here’s what’s interesting about courage:

Courage is free.

(I have to wonder if the courage to move forward with that Thing you want to do might not result in that gazillion dollars the others are after… Just a thought.)

Courage is a program that’s already installed within you — you just have to open it up and run it.

The courage you require to move into your purpose?
You already have it.

So — this is what I’m wondering about most, because it feels like the thing I have a good chance of impacting…

When it comes to your courage to try something you feel so passionately about — what are you waiting for?

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