How to Control the Weather

Today, July 23, is my birthday!

This has been a great year for me, filled with incredible milestones — some of them are the fruition of hard work; some of them are simply gifts of love. Either way, I feel blessed.

Nothing would please me more today than for you to read my first novel Cloudbusting.

Cover Art - Cloudbusting by Slade Roberson

“CLOUDBUSTING is a deeply sensitive and thought-provoking study of how our emotions affect our lives as well as our environments. The characters are beautifully likable, and the Southern Gothic setting is so tangible it feels as though you’re right there on the porch with your lemonade in the sweltering heat of a Georgian summer, circa 1988. Mix in some unusual skills for controlling the weather, and you have an intriguing tale of two people learning what havoc uncontrolled emotions may cause.” – JMJ

The book is available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.

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(If you’re outside the US, do a quick search on your Amazon marketplace — it’s available in most countries.)

If you’ve already read the book — thank you!
If you feel you can review it favorably on Amazon or GoodReads, please do. I’d love it if you would share this post, a link to the book, or just recommend it to someone you know would enjoy it.

I’m hard at work on my second novel The Angel and the Raven — you can follow my progress with my daily wordcount posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Cloudbusting Cover ImageAre you interested in my fiction?

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