How to Interpret Spirit Guide Messages in Songs

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You know how songs get stuck in your head and you feel like they must be trying to tell you something?

Music and song lyrics are a commonly occurring form of clairaudient intuition.

Sometimes the potential message is obvious:

  • your associations with that particular song
  • a person it reminds you of
  • a place you traveled to
  • a time in your life

The title or the lyrics read like a tarot card answer to the question on your mind.

But often snatches of songs come out of nowhere:

  • you have not heard them recently
  • they seem plucked from the darkest corner of memory
  • it’s a song you didn’t realize you even knew the words to
  • it’s a song you despise

What the hell are those kinds of clairaudient telegrams trying to say?

If the answer is not obvious at first, but the fragment of lyrics persists, look at the lyrics out of context.

  • not what the whole song means
  • not the memories or associations you have with the song
  • not the time period of when it was popular
  • or whether or not you like the song

It could be those things; but — if that were the case, you would have figured it out right away.

  • First, start with the starkest interpretation.
  • The actual loop you find yourself singing, verbatim, wherever it falls in the song…
  • Write it down (don’t Google the lyrics yet — you may have that wrong, but there is meaning in what your mind has chosen to deliver up)
  • Read it in a normal speaking voice; don’t sing it

Think of this process as the audio equivalent of those ransom notes that are made from clipping letters out of the newspaper and pasting them together to form sentences.

Your guides can use fragments of music and song lyrics stored in your mind like a sampling library.

Personal Example, True Story

In the aftermath of my less than stellar recent life events, I kept hearing a snatch of Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in Pocket.”

I do not care for that song.

It totally annoyed me, back when it enjoyed heavy rotation on the radio. There are a few Alanis songs I do love, and I even went and tracked them down on YouTube. I listened to “Thank You” and that was nice.

But then I realized I wasn’t hearing the whole “Hand in Pocket” song. Or even a significant portion of it. It was just one line.

All I kept hearing, like a CD skipping, was:

Everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine…

Seeing it typed out like that…

That was a message I definitely needed to hear.

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