Cloudbusting – New Novel by Slade Now Available

Cover Art - Cloudbusting by Slade Roberson

Cloudbusting, my first piece of full-length published fiction, is now available!

You can get the book from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.

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(If you’re outside the US, do a quick search on your Amazon marketplace — it’s available in most countries.)

Cloudbusting is intended for mature audiences. It contains adult language, sexuality, depictions of drug use, witchcraft, and actions that some may consider violent.

This fiction is a different world and a different voice from my personal development and spirituality non-fiction. You may not be the intended audience for this novel — and if you’re not, that’s okay!

Bear with me for a moment… it’s a big deal for me!
I realize that not everyone who enjoys my personal development material will necessarily be interested in my fiction. And if you’re new to Shift Your Spirits and haven’t heard that I’m also writing novels, this probably seems even more random.

I’ll be back with the spiritual insights soon. I actually learned a lot through this process — more than I believe I have in the 8 years I’ve been writing this blog.

Lessons about the Reality of Making Your Dreams Come True:

  • Doubting Yourself (Even When You Think You’re Not)
  • The Powerful Therapy of Creative Work
  • The Balance between Perseverance and Stepping Away
  • Creative Advice from the Spirit of My Grandmother
  • The Faceted, Awkwardly Broken and Just Plain Surreal Nature of Milestones
  • What It Feels Like When You Live Your Purpose (and What It Does Not Feel Like)
  • How to Still Become Who You Always Wanted to Be When You Grew Up

So, even as I took a month off to prepare for this milestone that I thought had nothing to do with getting my spirits shifted — and maybe thinking I didn’t have anything new to say about the subject — I just shifted again, in a big way. I raised my vibration a couple of notches, y’all.

It was difficult and glorious, painful and unavoidable, awfully beautiful and ugly as hell… I made it rain; and got my well filled up with new wisdom. I have fresh insights to share — not channeled messages as much as personal truths that I hope you’ll be able to identify with, apply to your own life, and use to feel powerful, too.

Cloudbusting Cover ImageAre you interested in my fiction?

I don’t want to get on anybody’s nerves with book news… so I’m starting an exclusive new list just for my fiction readers.

Want to read an Exclusive Extended Excerpt from Cloudbusting?

You can sign up for my Fiction List by clicking on the cover image or go to the Cloudbusting page.

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PS — If you do get my book, please shoot me a quick email and tell me (reply to this one). It takes days before I can see how many copies have flown off the shelves. : )

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