New Moon in Libra 2014

New Moon

New Moon in Libra — Wednesday, September 24 at 2:14 AM EST.

Moon Phase — NEW MOON

  • beginning
  • initiation
  • fresh start
  • rebirth

Moon in Sign — LIBRA

  • relationships
  • partnerships
  • business partners
  • life partners
  • family and friends
  • harmony
  • justice
  • balance
  • impartiality
  • collaboration
  • art
  • beauty
  • aesthetics
  • environment
  • surroundings

Write Your Intentions
The simplest way to observe your intentions for the New Moon is the write a wish list or a journal entry about your goals for the coming month.

(If you’re super lazy, you could probably get away with talking about it with a friend over coffee or cocktails. Try at least thinking about it in the shower or while driving.)

Orient your intentions to the keywords, themes, concepts, and area of your life associated with the zodiac sign in which the moon phase occurs.

This Month’s Focus — RELATIONSHIPS

  • This is an excellent time to sow the seeds of new romantic or business partnerships.
  • Concentrate on the aspects of your work that involve social connections, partnerships, networking, and collaboration.
  • In your family, marriage, domestic partnerships, strive for mutual understanding and seek fair solutions to lingering issues.
  • Beautify your surroundings — decorating and remodeling.

A note about exact times:
I believe in painting astrology with a broad brush. The influence of the moon’s phases can be felt to some degree within a three-day window centered around the exact time, when the energy is strongest.

You don’t need to get up in the middle of the night to properly observe your New Moon ritual. Write down a list of your intentions within a day-and-a-half before or after the exact time of the New Moon.

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