Why Not You?

You are humanity evolved -- why wouldn't Spirit communicate with you?

Do you believe in the existence of a higher power, a divine originator, a universal intelligent designer, a creator, a God?

Do you believe in the presence of spirits -- ghosts, guides, guardian angels? Do you believe there are unseen and benevolent forces at work in your life? Do you feel them?

If you believe these entities indeed exist and have the power to communicate with people living on this earthly plane -- if you believe there are people who can perceive, receive, and express this information -- why wouldn't you be one of them?

Do you believe in the miracles recorded throughout human history? Do you believe there were mystics and prophets in the past who have channeled and revealed divine wisdom, and that some of these messages made it into what we now call sacred texts?

Do you believe such divine communication happened hundreds or even thousands of years ago but -- what? -- it's never going to happen again?

Do you think ancient peoples had access to something you're missing? Do you think people who struggled for mostly just basic survival every day were more "special"somehow? Did they have more time, energy, or resources to expand beyond the human experience than you do? Were they simply more blessed than you, somehow?

No individual is more special than the whole; no single experience more important than another. So why not the other way around?

You have more:

  • power
  • education
  • abundance
  • awareness
  • experience
  • connectivity
  • interaction

You have more abilities to communicate on physical levels than has ever been known before. You are not missing anything -- you have everything, plus amazing advances in resources.

You are humanity evolved. Why wouldn't Spirit speak to you?

Don't limit your spirit with self-esteem -- the Universe doesn't have a self-esteem problem. You are the way by which God -- Divine Consciousness -- Creation expresses itself. The Universal Intelligence is a symphony of awareness held by all of us -- speaking with each voice, looking out through each set of eyes. Your eyes.

If you want to see the face of God, look in the mirror. If you want to hear the voice of Spirit... listen with the heart.

You are already (at least a little bit) psychic.