The Meaning of 222

Image - 222I receive a lot of numerology questions regarding the meaning of divine signs in the form of numbers, especially the triple number sequences. In the past few months, you’ve been asking me about the symbolic meaning of 222 more than any other.

“I keep seeing 222 everywhere; I know it’s a message, but what does 222 mean?”
“Are my spirit guides trying to communicate something to me with 222?”
“What is the symbolic meaning of 222?”

The Meaning of 222

The simplest interpretation of 222 is that it’s a sign of confirmation and a call to further action along this new/current path, often requiring you to consider other people:

  • You are onto something.
  • You are on the right track.
  • You are doing the right thing.
  • You should continue along this train of thought.
  • You are already going in the right direction; now take it further.
  • Your new/current intention is in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

2 is a step beyond, or a transition away from, the ego of 1 into the realm of relationships — your cooperation with others in all varieties of partnership — romantic, business, family, co-workers, friends, public relations. The issue/question/intention/problem requires you to compromise, to show compassion, to be diplomatic. Contemplate duality and balance. Create a plan going forward that involves others.

These are just some suggestions. Remember that the exact opposite may also be true — yin/yang, especially within the duality expressed by the number 2. The following translations are examples of how I personally synthesize my own spirit guides’ dialogue from 222 sightings and/or from readings I’ve taken for clients.

  • Ask for help.
  • Adapt to include others.
  • Share your idea with someone you trust.
  • Get other people involved.
  • Get a second opinion.
  • See the issue from someone else’s perspective.
  • Seek professional advice or wise counsel.
  • Compromise.
  • Your issue is lop-sided or top-heavy; balance it with an opposite.
  • You’re trying too hard to impose order or symmetry.
  • Make a decision; stop sitting on the fence.
  • Stop debating.
  • Choose your battles wisely.
  • Who (do you think) you’re fighting?
  • Don’t try to do this alone.
  • Communicate.
  • Are you being secretive or withholding information from someone?
  • Get out of your head and into your heart/spirit.
  • Be flexible.
  • Take a diplomatic approach.
  • It’s not all about you.
  • Indecision and inaction create anxiety.
  • No man is an island.
  • Your thinking is too black-and-white.
  • You may need more balance in your life.
  • Establish boundaries.
  • Delegate.
  • Bring in someone more knowledgeable than you.
  • Pay attention to new people who come into your life at this time.
  • Time to begin/end a significant relationship.
  • Take your relationship to the next level.
  • You could use a partner.
  • Focus on your relationships.
  • Discuss it with your partner.

Have you had any experiences lately with 222 that speak to you? Do any of these suggested interpretations of 222 resonate with you as meaningful?

Keep sending me your questions regarding these types number sequences. I will address the numbers that come up for you most at a given time, as we tend to share these symbolic experiences.

Over time I plan to build up a consolidated reference page, in numerical order. Check out the Numerology Quick Reference page for tips on interpreting divine numbers.

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  1. S. Rao says

    I see the numbers 112 or 211 constantly and sometimes see “11” following another single digit number. It’s usually when I look up at a clock that I see these numbers but in other instances as well. For example, I’ll pay for something at the store and the total will come to “$2.11.”

    Anyone else? I’m not really sure it means anything or if I’m reading too much into it.

  2. Deb says

    I love this because as I sit here and ponder something that is puzzling me I received Slades email regarding “222”-which for me over the last 10 years has meant”until further notice” or “the answer will come” . Now when I wake at 2am and see this number on my clock I am not as happy to see it, but in my waking thoughts it has always equals “relief” and answers are “on the way”. Blessings to everyone. Deb

  3. says

    I can’t speak much for tripple number sightings, but I tell you what, I have certainly had my share in the last year or so of quadruple numbers.

    Specifically 1111. I haven’t a clue what it means, but I see it all over the place. I’m not just talking about the time (although, I frequently find the clock resting there). I’m talking about everything. I mean, just the other day I got some test results back after a promotional exam, and I scored worse than 11.11% of the testers… *insert strange wOoOoOo sound here* ALL THE TIME.

    I start to wonder if my brain is just conditioned, at this point, to subconsciously hunt down this combination of numbers…

    Thanks for another great article, Slade!

  4. Emily says

    I love how everyone has their own interpretation to number spotting (and other intuitive cues). One size doesn’t fit all.

    When I first started chatting with my guides I asked if I should be on the lookout for numbers and I got a decisive “No”. It wasn’t that they were against the idea in general, but that for me it would be a source of stress and confusion and that other avenues of intuitive guidance would be more helpful. The fact that I was relieved with that answer only proved their point!

    Different strokes…

  5. says

    I am definitely not a numbers girl … they go right by me, so hopefully my Guides know better than to send me a message by putting triple or quadruple numbers in my path. Words, now, are another matter. I’ll get words that come up again and again within different contexts, like little “themes” of the day.

    Like Emily said, different strokes …


  6. says

    Thanks for sharing about number interpretation given in this manner. I have not been alert to spotting numbers and may just have to monitor if my guides have been sending any via this manner!

  7. Wendy Bassett says

    Hi Slade, get so much fun & enjoyment out of reading your newsletters. Numbers, I love them & all things to do with Numerology – have taken several courses and even combined numerology with colours wow! the results are so accurate and revealing!
    Throughout my life the number that has been continually unavoidable has been 26 (my mother was a 26/8 the same as myself) she passed away on the 26th, my father was accidentally killed on the 26th.
    My eldest son’s first home was No. 26
    Of course 2+6 = 8 (My life path number & mum’s) When I start on number 8 – I could almost write a book about this one….. not enough room here that is!!!

  8. says

    222 is number combination that appears for me quite frequently. 2:22 is my birth time, and every time I see the number, I feel a little tingle. Like a nudge to remember that I’m Divine and celebrate why I’m here. It always feels like a lovely little cosmic hug, reminding me that I’m not alone and I have friends cheering me on and arranging these little reminder signals.

    I’m always fascinated when particular series of numbers appear, and I appreciate your sharing your thoughts on this – thank you!

  9. says

    Hi Slade,

    Interesting! I’m not a numbers girl, but I do notice that I see 1112 quite a lot over the past few years. The funny thing is, I’m REALLY not a numbers girl, but I will always take notice whenever I see 1112 – it could be the time stamp on my laptop “11:12″ or cars driving by with 1112 on the licence plates, and I’ll go, “Huh? It’s that set of numbers again!”. Interestingly, my time of birth is also 11:12AM. So I guess I’m with S. Rao here on this weird phenomenon. What’s this about?

  10. says

    S. Rao,

    If you check out the Numerology page that I created, you’ll find some tips about how to tell the difference between “just a number” and a divine sign post.

    You generally will just know when a synchronicity is occurring that you feel the need to pay attention to.

    As for interpreting number sequences like the 11 with a 2, or 2 with an 11, etc, I would break the numbers down individually and combine the individual messages or synthesis the two symbolic meanings together. In numerology, numbers are typically broken down into single digits, with the exception of 11 and 22. (So, I would personally not break 11 into a single 1…)

    11 is a gateway, a portal, a doorway opening between worlds, or a bridge between the spiritual and the physical. 11 speaks to me of finding yourself smack in the midst of a fantastic transformational opportunity. I typically interpret my elevens as “We are ready for launch!” or “You are about to ascend.”

    You might consider that cosmic doorway as opening into or toward the symbolic meaning of 2. Same would be true for 11 combined with any other individual meaning.

    22 is the sign of Manifestation at the Master level, and is typically not broken down further.


    Thank you for adding your personal meaning to the list of possible interpretations. Everyone should always defer to their personal meaning as the most authoritative.


    Check out my Meaning of 1111 — as well as other online resources — as I feel you’ll find some useful clues to the 1111. You are certainly not alone in your experience at ALL.


    I absolutely agree with you that one size does NOT fit all (which, in truth, is part of the reason why I included so many possible examples, even with this one number).

    Exploring the creativity of how your channel works — how your guides work with you, how your divinity expresses through you as an individual — is something I whole-heartedly, fundamentally, absolutely encourage everyone to do. If you find resonance and similarities with others’ — awesome confirmation, but you are definitely your own most powerful source.


    Another great example of divine personalization. I love your “word themes” — I get those in great abundance, names in a big way too. I love “titles.” Oh, and Letters or Monograms are a big thing with me. S is definitely a signature that plays into many themes… I almost think of the numbers as a kind of “punctuation” among those language impulses, does that make sense? Like the way we use emoticons


    Don’t worry about “missing” them, because you would definitely know something was going on with the numbers. Many of the people who are identifying with what I’m talking about are experiencing the numbers, sometimes for YEARS, before they go Googling and investigating.

    However, as Andrea has articulated in some of her articles, “frame of reference” is very powerful. We may have just added something to your “database” that may indeed become a new sign. You’ll know it if/when it happens…. If so, please come back and tell us, ok?


    Yayyy, thank you for commenting! This one was definitely for you Numbers People. It sounds like you may be light-years ahead of me in terms of your education about this subject, so please chime in! You have a standing invitation to share your Numero-wisdom with us here.


    You’re welcome! How cool that you have a Personal Number in this way… I want one! I like your description of a little tingly hug from the Universe.
    :-) I too find all the numbers (as well as any kind of divine sign) to be a reminder that I’m not alone. I call those godwinks!


    Are you sure you’re not a numbers girl?

    1112 is HUGE. I personally consider 11 progressing to 12 as one of the best number signs I can receive. A sign of cycle completions. Not only of doorways opening, but that I have successfully moved through them into new spaces, new levels, new cycles. 1112 is delicious.

    If someone came to me with a life-long theme of 1112, I would even go so far as to suggest “last life-time” or on the cusp of ascension.

    Maybe you are a numbers girl… And if so, 1112 is a truly graduate-level life purpose. Have you ever felt that this might be your last life-time, or that you’ve even completed the Wheel and chosen to incarnate one more time, because of what’s happening in the world now?

  11. says

    OMG Slade … you’ve just made my day! LOL! I’m still pretty sure I’m not a numbers girl – hmmm, I think. :p It’s just this 1112 that keeps popping up all my life (even my time of birth!) and everyone’s been talking about 1111s and 2222s and all, just never 1112. Gosh this IS news for celebration, yay!

  12. says

    Hi Slade,

    This is fascinating! I personally only get numbers as they apply to specific situations and almost never repeated sequences (sometimes they’ll keep flashing a number during a reading if I’m not paying enough attention :) ), however my step-dad has been getting 711 for months and has been driven crazy with it.

    My take on this sequence is the path of spiritual development and the gateway for moving very deeply into that is approaching for him and they want him to be present and aware to how this is unfolding.

    Very cool!

    Love and Light,


  13. Barbara says

    Hi Slade,

    I think Paula hit upon one of the biggest keys/purposes for seeing number sequences, or for that matter any type of symbology – ‘wanting him to be present and aware’. Getting just enough of our attention to be where we are at our best, truest and most powerful place.

    It seems no matter the question, we often get this same answer and fundamental truth.

    Thanks to you both for this moment of focused attention.

  14. ginger says

    Hi Slade,
    This is a great topic! I could write a book about this! For a very long while my numbers have been 11:11, 4:44 an 13.
    I knew what the 11:11 was all about from the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ of Aug 17, 1987, having participated in the ceremonies of the day.
    4:44 was the time my daughter was born in 1974, so I always felt that I was in some Cosmic Birthing Canal of sorts.
    13… this has been with me from spring of 92′, on street signs, phone numbers, house numbers, highways, My German Shepard was born on the 13th, my X’s birth time was 8:13, you name it! I thought I was a ‘Lucky 13’!
    So… before posting here, I did a little search on the Harmonic Convergence, which took me straight away to the ‘Mayan Calender’. In 89′ and 90′ I went to the Mayan Yukatan. I knew nothing about the transitional date of Dec, 21st 2011. I just knew that I had always wanted to go to this Amazingly Mystical Place! It was all and more than I ever expected. My travel companion was a Spanish major and knew much of the folklore. We did the Independant Tour, so we took our time and met some great local people in towns and at the ruin sites, as well as the few times we were broken down in the jungle in our VW Bug! lol.
    So… I honestly believe that all these appearances of numbers that everyone is experiencing is directly related to what the Mayan Calender symbolizes and which is also reflected in other ancient religions as the ‘Shift into the 5th Dimention” or ‘Ascention’. The 13 is the “13 Moon Calender”/ “Harmonic Module/Universal Time Frequency 13:20″ and has many, many parallels within the framework of this Time. Time is a Frequency – The Frequency of Synchronicity.

  15. Wendy Bassett says

    Wow Slade! You’ve very much “hit” a chord of symbolism and interpretation with the Numbers Game. I watch the postings with curious fascination. The Lucky 13 (my birth date too!) The Ancients & Chinese revered this number as being very lucky. The Chinese view the number 4 as a death number, my dear old dog Jess was born on the 4th and died on the 4th! My darling old soul dog Jock who is very much still with me after 14 1/2 years came from house no. 26, well I have already talked about this number and its prominence in my life. Something I have found very revealing is using the Bottle numbers and colours of Aura Soma oils combined with Numerology – now this could get people’s imaginations really fired up!!! Lucky number 7, my daughter who is an Arian Life Path number 1 – is quite a soccer champ – she won’t play unless she wears number 7 on her shirt! Leading goal scorer for past 5 years, best & fairest – you name it, and her personality definitely a 1/Arian/Rooster… lets all get together and create a book, what a fascinating read it would be. I am curious with “711” could this be a time/date/house number/flight number??? I too follow the Mayan Calendar, the ancient wisdom and “time speeding up” isn’t it all so exciting Slade, keep it coming folks I love it.

  16. says


    I agree with your interpretation of 711 — a confirmation of life purpose, a doorway opening onto/into that which your father incarnated to work on.

    I also view divine numbers as being something like traffic signals — punctuated, attention-getting affirmations along my path.


    I feel you’re absolutely right — all signs, synchronicities, serendipities, red flags, warnings, messages, godwinks… They are ALL a little refreshing splash of water in the face.


    Did you notice the repetition of 4? Even in 13, and if we “break the rules” and reduce 1111… Angel sign all over the place!

    What an auspicious birth time for your daughter. Is she one of the Children of Now, do you think? A Crystal child? Is she particularly drawn to fairies and angels?


    I’m glad this subject interests you too. I feel one of the reasons the number sightings are powerful is because they so obviously appear to be “external” in a way that other signs/messages are not. While it’s easy to dismiss the still small voices and the various channels running in our interior lives, divination has a physical, third-dimensional component that is less likely to be dismissed.

    The multi-cultural aspects, along with our globalizing world view, offers another rich level of meaning. When the truths correspond across culture/language — groovy — when they do not, I use the meaning that works for me, depending on the situation.

    I do feel one should be mindful of particular cultures, languages, time periods, locations that you respond to — you will tend to gravitate toward certain aesthetics more than others. Who knows or sure if this is past life memory, perhaps? But once you identify a language or system that speaks to you, explore that system, or “mine” for additional vocabulary.

    Thanks everyone for sharing your vocabularies and enriching this post — much appreciated!

  17. says

    I personally set up the number 222 randomly in my head as a way of confirming that I am on the right path, and 333 for being on the wrong path.

    But it has become terribly confusing as of late (not really, its been that way for a year)…often I feel terrible, a sense of hate for why I can’t accomplish anything, that my willpower is too low for anything to happen, EVERYTHING is confusing and I have doubts about everything including my doubts. Why is it that when I feel tormented I get a “good” sign from my guides?

    Honestly, I don’t care so much about the spirit guides these days. I am obsessed with enlightenment now. But its a fine balance of playing, being artificial but not. You have to be curious, just be aware of your surroundings (always about awareness), but don’t FORCE YOURSELF, so the masters say. So I have to be aware of my body and think of nothing, just be there for I don’t know how long, or for what purpose. But it is so tiring, I don’t know how long I am supposed to do it, whether I am doing it right. These numbers are useless..I see them when absolutely nothing is going on. THEY NEVER MAKE SENSE. I always end up creating a meaning, for them. I told them this. I still see them…when I say I don’t want the numbers anymore they say “222”..when I exit a temple for Zen Buddhism, I see “333”. Then later I see “222”, and I don’t know why.

    And when I get angry, I read the masters say “it is good that you are angry, you are making progress” or someone tells me “temper tantrums get you nowhere” then out of sheer frustration I stop trying, feel happy to be in the space of nothingness, go to sleep, and the cycle continues because in the morning I have lost that peace.

    I know being angry solves nothing, but my logic has solved nothing, extreme solutions have solved nothing, and I can’t do nothing long enough because my willpower doesn’t allow me, or my mind is SO INSANE and talks SO MUCH about random scenarios that my ability to be present is destroyed. And when I force my way through those thoughts..Guess what? I am now forcing the state of presence. I lose…wait till tomorrow

    How am I supposed to do anything

    In fact, never mind all that writing, here is a question:

    If I stop sleeping, will I find anything? If I head north and don’t stop, will I find anything? Can I really sit under a tree until the truth hits me like a sack of bricks?

    Don’t mind my ego, I know I am the ego right now :). Calling this a temper tantrum is absolutely true, but I don’t know what else to do. crap

  18. ginger says

    Hi Slade,
    Yes, the repitition would be hard to miss! lol.
    at 34, she has an Organic Coffee cafe’. Yes, she loved fairies, dragonflies, hummingbirds and angels as a child.
    I liked your interpretation of the 4’s…
    she has 5 4’s this birth year… 07/01/1974 4:44 p 34 yrs.
    by the way… i’m a lucky 7.

  19. says


    If it works, let me know (whatever it is) :)

    I can relate to you on many levels. I know what you mean about the brain’s constant chatter. I have trouble being lucid most of the time as well. Heck, sometimes (ok, almost all of the time), when I am doing something repetative — even walking, for example — I find my brain has picked a random sentence out of my last thought (or scenario, as you put it), and is repeating it very loudly, over and over again. Sometimes for so long before I realize it, that the sentance no longer makes sense, as I have forgotten the thought it originated from… When I finally realize that I am not in the moment, I grab the thought, examine it, call myself an idiot for being asleep in the middle of the day, and dismiss it. It’s not long, of course, before I fall back into the doldrums of unconsciousness… Fells like a curse sometimes, because your right, making a constant conscious effort to clear the mind is almost counterproductive. You are no longer thinking random thoughts, but you are still just as preoccupied in remaining silent. *Sigh* No solutions for you here, just a like mind.

    As far as numbers go, I seem to only see my comfirmation numbers in regards to my worldly life. My career progress and such. It’s strange that there have been no road signs on my spiritual path, as I concern myself more with it. I don’t know what my indicators are of heading the wrong way, so I have to rely on “going with the flow” until I catch a glimpse of something telling me to stay the path. It frustrates me to no end, as I am floundering spiritually right now.

    About a year and a half ago I discovered the art of Lucid Dreaming, and it became a series of peak experiences for me, opening my mind wide. Worldly things started to flow in my direction around the same time, and life was very good. I was making leaps and bounds in my spiritual development. I felt secure, and extremely happy all of the time.

    Then the dreams dwindled off. There was nearly a year between my last Lucid Dream and the one prior. I have tried to understand why they no longer come, and I think that perhaps I have gained what I needed to from them already. It is true when I think about it: It was the first time that I physically experienced being somewhere other than here. It was a giant comfirmation of what was before only hope, and speculation. Afterwards, although I wasnt aware that I had prior, I no longer feared things like death or adversity. Its amazing what the removal of doubt can lead to.

    But I’m off track now. For the last year or so, my spiritual progression has been almost non-existant. For a long while, I tried many things in hopes of a breakthrough, but it almost seemed like trying was counterproductive… I then took an approach borrowed from Taoism, and did nothing. Not litterally nothing, but more or less surrendered myself so that I would hopefully flow back into the right stream. I’ve been doing (or not doing) that for a few months now, but I have to tell you that it has not produced any results for me either…

    I guess all I am trying to say is: The paths to enlightenment are fickle things. They, aparently, don’t hold up to convention. Do not be discouraged if “the art of surrender” produces no better results for you.

    Just remember how it feels each time you are graced with an eureka moment. It washes away all of the strife and frustration before it.

    Best of luck to you. Right now, I intend that you will see progress. I have strong intentions.


  20. Sheldon says

    Today, I woke up and unwittingly visited Congressman Dr. Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty Website. The counter on the website displayed 2 days, 22 hours, xx minutes, and xx seconds until the end of September. We are trying to recruit 100,000 members before the timer expires. After watching his analysis on the proposed bailout plan, I returned to the website to find 2:22:22:02.

    This is only one example of many, many, many, many, many strange experiences I am having with numbers. For example, Slade’s email about 222 was sent to me at 11:01 AM.

    I have been following these hints for quite some time now. Another example: I have been considering making Computer Science my major; when I went to discuss this with the head of the department, he said we could meet at either 9 or 11 ( 9/11 is the date in which there are 111 days left in the year). Now that I am in the first class, I am absolutely loving it.

    Yesterday, the professor whose lab I work in suggested that I get started on a new research project. I was working on my computer when the thought crossed my mind, “Damn, that project sounds like a really good idea!” I looked up at the clock, and sure enough, 2:22 pm.

    The only thing I find frightening about all this is that 9/11 was the day that the attacks on America were staged – perhaps seeing these numbers is a sign of wrongdoing? More likely, I’ve decided, these numbers are a sign that I NEED TO PAY ATTENTION, SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING.

    I could list examples of this kind of thing all day, but the last one I will mention is the date 08/08/08. That day marked the launch of the attack of Russia by NATO sponsored troops on Russia. Meanwhile, the world was perfectly distracted because it was the first day of the Olympics.

    On a less related note, I have also noticed that my friends and I seem to be remembering our dreams much more recently, which I suspect is yet another clear communication from my guides.


  21. says


    Your first comment was painful to witness — all the negative self-talk exposed — but it is incredibly honest and vulnerable. You may not realize how many people read this blog who identify with you. So, I thank you for giving voice to everyone who can relate.

    Your process was an explosion, a release, you quickly came back with your own discovery. I’ve said it many times, but of all the posts that I have written, all the advice I have channeled, The Art of Surrender is one that I return to, over and over again, more than any other.

    I’m glad you found that. I hope that listening to my class on Talking to Your Spirit Guides has given you a fresh approach and some new ideas for retrieving more effective, less confusing information. Definitely keep me posted about your progress.

    I had a feeling someone other than me would be able to answer your comment with thoughtfulness and compassion.


    Thank you for responding to Piotr.

    I do also need to mention, for others who may identify with the thought-loops and repetition you describe, depending on a lot of factors — severity, discomfort, feeling unable to constructively use of interior voices… Much of what you describe can be attributed to potential obsessive-compulsive disorder — a therapeutic issue — not necessarily a spiritual issue or a coaching issue, but one that requires a clinical psycho-therapeutic approach.

    I’m not saying that either you or Piotr are suffering from this, but there are warning signs to be mindful of. Believe me, I’m the last person to jump to clinical diagnoses for spiritual experiences, but I arrive at that confidence after having explored all possibilities.

    I have virtually zero conscious experience with dreams at all, so I’m no authority or source for Lucid Dreaming advice, but you might check out Erin Pavlina for that subject.


    911 and any significance associated with that number of course predates the Fall of the Towers. 911 in itself is also a very positive number, one of great transformation. Of course, the relationship between destruction/creation can not be ignored. An enormous part of transformation, or evolution, is not only growth but renovation, which has a destructive component.

    I would not jump to either end of duality and remain fixed.

    Thank you for sharing these examples of how you’ve interpreted (222) in your everyday experience. The process and the timing you describe certainly resonates with me.

  22. Raymond says

    Why do we, as humans, have to attribute something to every number we see? Why do we knit pick at every number and say, “Oh the 11 must represent this and the 12 must represent that?” Why can’t we just see it as a sign and let it goat that? It does not have to have a special meaning for everyone. We are all equal in Gods eyes and we are just receiving a sign. Nothing more, nothing less.

    A few years back my wife and I would go to the grocery store and when we got to the checkout stand the grocery total would, many times, be something like $12.21 or $22.22 or just $20.00. This went on for quite a while, long enough that I began to pay attention to the numbers.

    I do a lot of daily traveling and I always use my GPS to find my destination. I began to notice that the time of arrival would be 11:11 or 10:11 or some number like that. I also noticed that when I would glance at the distance to destination it would show 8.8 or 2.2 or another double number. To this day I can glance at the distance and it will show a double number most of the time.

    And there is the catch. I said most of the time. There would be days when I would not see any combination at all. On those days I also noticed that I was not in a good humor. Things were not going my way and I would get grumpy. Too many negative vibes.

    After I realized that, I began a regimine of making myself smile and started thinking as positive as I could. When I did that the numbers came back. All along it was just the universe patting me on the back saying I was going with the flow. I was following my path. They wanted me to know that I was not alone as long as I kept Mr. Grump away. It is as simple as that!

  23. David Gavin says

    I been seeing 222 for about a year now, from 1 to 5 times a day. I think it has something to do with 21st december 2012.

  24. David Gavin says

    When I finally decided that it wasn’t a coincidence and I wasn’t going mental I decided to look into 222. I found that alot of people were having the same problem as me and It also led me to this date. I dont believe in coincidense and after looking into this date it was like my life changed overnight, I do think we get nudged in certain directions and in my experience its best to go with it. I started looking into the mayan end date 21/12/12 and it also led me to the zeitgeist movie. I went from seeing 222 five times a day to maybe once a week so I think im going in the right direction.

  25. Lucy says

    This is new for me. In October I kept seeing 222. I work in accounting, for about 12 years now.
    Someone told me to play the numbers. It hit 2x that month & I won $500.00 the 2nd time.
    I will wake up and it will be 2:22 in the morning, 12:22 in the afternoon, etc.
    Its driving me nuts.
    444 has been happening alot too.
    Any suggestions on a good book to read to learn more about this???

  26. says

    Hi, I’ve been seeing 222 since 1999 at first I thought it was a coencidence but I seen it pretty frquently for about 3 yrs. I try to avoid seeing it when I know it’s coming( ex road sings, clocks) I’ve told close freinds about it and now if they happen to see they call or text but after a while they forget and quit calling. I don’t know what it means but I’m sure it means something it’s been ten yrs now. Anyway I feel a little better putting this out their.

  27. Ken says

    Hi there,
    Didn’t quite know where to post this but I have been seeing a distinct set of three numbers over the past couple of weeks: 606.
    I notice it on my cell phone time clock, on house LCD clocks, on city bus time clocks it seems to be coming in bigger frequencies and almost demands to be noticed. I thought I should buy a Pick 3 lottery ticket today and when I mentioned to the cashier that I have been seeing those numbers, she said in all honesty..”My license plate number ends in 606. I touched her for luck… Ok, I didn’t win, but just about an hour ago I was reading this graphic novel and the apartment number 606 was featured, three times.
    I haven’t figured out the meaning behind it, but will try to think about what my thoughts were just before and after the sightings and ask my spirit guide for a kind push in the right direction.


  28. Raymond says

    Hi friends,

    Like everyone else, for quite a while I tried to figure out all sorts of reasons for the numbers I would see. When I would go shopping my receipt total would come out $34.43 or $22.22 and many times I would see a whole number and no cents such as $25.00 or $18.00. This happened quite often.

    I would also see the 11:11 or 10:10 on my clock so I was perplexed as to what all the numbers meant. I tried numerology and, truthfully, that made even less sense.

    Well, after I could make no sense out of the numbers they began to dwindle. I would hardly ever see them for quite a while. Then one day I made a discovery. I use a GPS to find addresses quite a lot during the day and I noticed when I would glance up at my GPS to see my distance to travel it would be a triple or double digit number such as 11.1 or 9.9.

    I was very intrigued by that as I knew my guides could not change the distance to my next turn so they must be alerting me to turn my head and glance at the GPS at an exact moment. But why?

    After a while I began to see a pattern. On days that I was having a bad day or I was in a bad mood I would not see the numbers. But when I would look at my GPS and think of how hard my guides are trying to help me, my mood would change and suddenly the numbers came back again.

    Well, the answer was very simple. My guides are just trying to tell me when I am on my path and in the Flow. Numerology and all the number combinations had absolutely nothing to do with it!

    So, these days I adhere to the old axiom KISS. Keep it simple stupid! My life is much easier these days, I just hope my GPS never breaks!

  29. says


    I like your approach — very cool! I can’t think of a better way to “translate” or synthesize meaning than this kind of self-discovery, which I feel generally (usually) trumps all external interpretations. It is because you believe it to be so, therefore becoming your truth, essentially the truth within your reality/ frame of reference.

  30. mary says

    i awake 1-2 times a week and look at the clock, it is always at 2:22, even in different rooms and not the same clock.

  31. says

    Hello, I am not able to leave a Full detail on My Encounters with 222, would take too long. I have been having 222 Visuals since the time My Husband Died (car accident in 1992, He was 26 & I was 24, Our 3 Daughters were 7,6 & 4). I see 222 So much, that People around Me are now adapted to seeing it as well (not as often or as in depth)… Im a Widow with 3 Grown Daughters (now 24,23 & 21) with 3 Grandkids (4,3 & 2). I moved to Reno,Nevada from Ma.

    I see 222 on Car License Plates, Phone Numbers on Vehichles, The time! Oh My God ALWAYS 2:22 & 12:22 am & pm… Im in Reno washing My Friends Dishes & as Im rinsing, theres 222 on the back of the dishes! in BIG obvious Numbers. At the Airline in AZ & NV I seen 222 walking through the port awaiting My Flight! Movies? out of no where 222! I KNOW its for a reason, I ask Spirit Guides, God, My Deceased Husband *to Help Me with it… I was getting the feeling, that whenever I seen it, to TRY to remember WHAT I WAS DOING/THINKING at that Moment, Maybe this means that whatever it was/is I am doing/did at the time I seen it, was a Message that I was Thinking or acting on the right path (seems how NOONE could tell Me or explain, I had TRIED to Justify it means Myself) was I/Am I close? I am 42. I missed alot of My callings due to Major Traumas, Im TRYING to do th right thing… Any Suggestions?

    Tina (aka: Seazun)…

  32. Kevn says

    Hey Number Friends,

    Wow! So many of us, but we all have the same story, same questions, same thirst for truth…And that should tell us something.

    I’ve been seeing the 1’s and 2′ and 3’s and all kinds of numbers in sets of three or four. But since this is the 222 section I’ll relay one of my favorite sitings.

    After seeing these numbers for a couple of years…one day I received a call at 2:22pm, just like many other days and times. That night I went on ebay to look at auctioning on a car. While I was searching the auctions, I clicked on one where the bid at the moment was 22,222.22!! Wow…couldn’t believe that one…only to be followed later that night when I plugged my cell phone in to charge. You guessed it…2:22am. lol

    Another recent favorite is receiving a phone call and a text message at the same time, 11:11am…but the kicker was the text message time stamp was 11:11:11…don’t get too many where it’s hours, minutes and seconds complete!

    Anyway, my opinion on the meaning…or should I say the lack thereof??

    At the moment, I believe that the common thread with everyone is that it lets us know there is something HIGHER than ourselves. It transcends religion, race, language, age and sex…so a clue as that even if aren’t a christian it still happens to people so maybe there are other explanations about “God/higher power” to be considered.

    I for one have developed this really crazy appetite for knowledge and truth and just plain out ‘information’…searching for answers…And much of the information I’m finding is enlightening on many different levels. Not only about the spiritual world around us but the natural world as well, and the reality that reality isn’t what we have always been taught that it is.

    I believe, for the moment, that the reason there aren’t any clear cut answers could easily be on purpose….to keep us searching, learning and growing as we take time to feed this appetite for knowledge. We would learn and experience alot less if we instantly knew.

    So, our lives are being enriched daily but the experience of either being tapped on the shoulder, slapped in the face, or whispered in the ear by these little number friends…Sometimes it’s subtle and you wonder if it was just ‘you’ looking for it. (whisper) Other times it’s a smack in the face…like an ebay auction selling at 22,222.22.

    The curiosity is killing me. :)

  33. Bonnie says

    Hello everyone!

    I was just wondering why I have been seeing the number(s) 606. Now the funny thing about this is that, just before I realized that I was seeing this set of numbers(s) all the time, I use to live in an apartment unit 606…
    I was driving behind a bus and the last 3 digits where 606, I see it on the clock, I see it on house numbers, in books and on TV, I was at bingo one night and the caller called G60 and then the next number was? B6. What is it with this Number(s) 606. I guess I never realized that I had been seeing it longer than I was, every day coming home and looking at my apartment number(s) 606. I have also been seeing 1111 and someone told me that 606 means 1111, but I don’t know about that. It is some kind of an opening to another world that is supposed to be better than the one we are living in right now?

  34. Kristi says

    I love my 2’s – they have been with me since day 1 (12/22)! I’ve had phone numbers and addresses with 222 in them, as far as I can tell I’ve got a built in alarm clock that makes me notice :22 all the time (which it turns out that is contagious like previous posters have mentioned). The 2’s show up everywhere!

    It’s only been relatively recently that I have been paying attention to the moments just before. It’s always my sign that “we’re here with you and you’re on the right path, all is as it should be”. My guides and angels are incredibly adept at surrounding me with license plates with 22’s and 222’s. It is not unusual for me to see 3 to 5 different examples each day. I can even ask to see it and in some cases within seconds, there it is.

    I’ve searched before on the significance but this is the first time I’ve found an answer that resonates. Thank you so much for that!

    P.s. It was 2:22 as I finished reading this article. How’s that for a big thumbs up!

    • says

      I’m glad the interpretation you found here really resonated with you. Thanks for leaving a bit of your story. Very cool about the time – love it when that happens.

  35. Honey Durbidge says

    I am another one that sees 222 all the time. I wake up at night at 2:22. The weirdest one now is my phone rings every Monday afternoon at 2:22 and no one is on the other end. It is always a private number as well.