The Meaning of 11:11

Do you notice recurrences of numbers or times such as 11:11? Are there certain numerical patterns that seem to follow you or pop up in contexts that feel like meaningful coincidence? How do you interpret the appearance of number sequences? In response to a reader's question, I'd like to share my thoughts on the significance of seeing the number 11:11, 1111, or 11/11.

Steph writes:

"I would love to see more on numerology as it's a favorite subject of mine and I always enjoy reading what others have to say while relating their experiences... I have been seeing 11/11 constantly..."

Thanks to Steph for pushing me forward in fleshing out the Numerology category. If you have a similar question that you think others would be curious about also, please contact me.

How can I offer something new to the collective wisdom regarding these kinds of spiritual signs and symbols? One of my on-going goals with the articles on Shift Your Spirits is to contribute my unique, original spin on spiritual subjects -- to contemplate, to create, to share, to inspire -- not to just study already existing information. I don't want to tell you what to think or believe, I want to motivate you to ask questions and explore your own reality.

Above all else, to start a conversation:

  • I'll tell you how I personally interpret 11:11
  • then I want to hear YOUR interpretation

Wishcraft and Manifesting

When I was a teenager, I had this really cool goth-chick friend named Galen who would suddenly cry out "11:11 -- Make a wish!"


Many years later, in the early days of the web, on old school sites like Crystal Links, I first encountered the notion that 11:11 is connected to human ascension. 11:11 is a "trigger" or wake-up call encoded in human DNA to correspond with the technological advancements of the digital age.

Conversations with my spirit guides and Mother Mary confirm this global connection -- we are fast approaching a technological singularity which is the crucial physical factor in the ascension of the human race. I've written a bit about futurism and a concept I call "Adam Task" -- mankind's assigned role in co-creating our world with Source (God) -- language as the basis for information technology, which, in the near future, progresses beyond the recent invention of virtual reality into meatspace (material reality).

But what does it mean when you see 11:11 in everyday life? I interpret 11:11 as a message that means:

  • a "stargate" -- or portal has opened
  • "We are go for lift off!"
  • "Prepare to ascend"
  • "You're on the right track -- keep going!"
  • "You're getting warmer; you're on to something big..."
  • a doorway or window of opportunity opens before you

Generally, I interpret 11:11 as a confirmation of the choices you are making. Look at the context in which the number 11:11 appears -- pay particular attention to how this is an answer to a prayer or question you've been pondering.

Explore the context, from YOUR perspective:

  • What are you thinking in the moment the number catches your eye?
  • What decisions have you made?
  • What new opportunities present themselves to your consciousness?
  • What big ideas have you just had for which 11:11 is a vote of confidence from your spirit guides, guardian angels, your higher self, or the Creator?

Tell me, what does 11:11 mean to YOU? Please add your wisdom to mine by leaving a comment below.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love