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When you subscribe to Shift Your Spirits, you will receive access to download and listen to -- for free -- the Guided Meditation | Spirit Guide Attunement portion of the course Talking to Your Spirit Guides. The ebook Contacting Your Spirit Guides 101 has been updated (January 2009) to include the mp3 meditation. So, if you haven't downloaded the ebook or read it in awhile, check the links at the end of recent articles in your email or feedreader.

Please check out the page below to sign up for the free mp3:

Automatic Intuitive Response -- version 3.0

I spent the month of January 2009 in the studio, composing, mixing, mastering, and re-recording the psychic development classes in the Automatic Intuition series:

  • Talking to Your Spirit Guides
  • Automatic Writing Lessons

In addition to more professional production and sound quality on the lectures, I'm especially excited about the Guided Meditation | Spirit Guide Attunement portion -- which now has a full-blown original music background track! I've been jokingly referring to the musical score among my close friends as Heaven on Painkillers -- it's super dreamy mystical airy-fairy... I can't wait for you all to hear it! :-)

Special thanks to my brother the sound engineer -- for Christmas this year he hooked me up with a lot of high-end, professional sound recording tools and equipment -- essentially helping me build my own Mac-driven home recording studio (Snowball microphones, LogicPro... the works!)

For those who have already purchased an older version of the classes prior to February 2009 -- Hell Yes you get free upgrades!

I have all your purchase information on file, so just shoot me an email and let me know your name and the email address where you want me to send you the new upgrades. The information content of the classes has not changed -- but the meditation is a Big Production now!

The easiest way to get you the new Spirit Guide Attunement is to give it to everybody.

After you listen to the guided meditation, please send me some feedback and let me know what you think!

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