I hear Voices.
In the context of psychic ability, the technical term is clairaudient intuition.

On a daily basis, I receive messages, warnings, directives — and generally carry on conversations with — an attending pit crew of entities which are best described as my Spirit Guides and Guardians Angels. I call them my Chorus or my God Posse.

I’ve had these experiences my entire life, but until very recently I remained in The Psychic Closet, telling virtually no one about what I see and hear. In 2001, my physical life began to unravel on many levels — increasing poverty, stress, anxiety, isolation, and deteriorating health. In 2002, at the age of 33, I suffered a minor stroke and woke up partially paralyzed. In desperation, I asked the spirit entities who surround me to heal me. I was presented with a clear, obvious, direct, and simple directive — to answer my spiritual calling, to become the uniquely powerful person I have always been, to embrace the labels my ego had most feared, and to publicly share the me that I had always kept hidden behind the curtain.

In 2006 I launched Shift Your Spirits — to not only write about my personal intuitive experiences, but to teach other people how to communicate with their own guides and to develop their psychic abilities.

I believe each and every one of us has a team of benevolent spirits assisting us, and that we can benefit from engaging and communicating with them.


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