You Will Be King

Image - King Do you consider duty a limitation on your freedom? Your obligations are evidence of your path to wisdom.

Does acknowledging the laws of our collective humanity make you want to rebel? Your responsibilities remind you of the grace of your power.

Do you resent the taxes you pay? What you owe is a manifestation of your honor.

The King Archetype

Regardless of gender, we all come into the world with the King archetype installed within our minds and souls. (The Queen is a different, unique set of forces that both women and men may access.)

Archetypes are a collection of programs you have the opportunity to run during your mission in this dimension.

The King is an application of authority, fairness, justice, and male sexuality (however you define that energy).

The King doesn't just "control" and "order" -- he keeps and leads.

If you're a parent, your kids provide you with chances to model your ideals of justice and to ensure that your sense of right has a stronghold in the world.

When the King archetype asserts himself into your awareness... he advises you to resolve lingering petty arguments, and to make amends to those you have wronged. He recommends that you make a list of what you have left undone and take steps toward completion. He reminds you to analyze with intelligence before acting with strategy.

One of the simplest ways to embody the King archetype in your everyday life is to celebrate the bills you have to pay as affirmations of your honor... your dignity, your worth, your ability... and the responsibilities you are proud to claim as your own.

Decisive actions restore power.

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Image credit John Keogh via Creative Commons on Flickr