You've Been Chosen

You have to honor the ideas you're given.

Regardless of how they might be critically received, whether or not they will sell, whether they become a replacement career or remain a hobby, if the Divine is delivering plans and ideas to you, it is your duty to execute them, to bring them through.

You've been chosen.

You've been interrogating your divinity (your creativity) about your purpose:

  • What should you do?
  • What should you make?
  • Who should you make it for?

And if these questions have only left you spinning in hesitation -- paralysis, blocks -- then ask your Work what it needs.

  • How can you best honor the Inspiration itself?
  • What is the Idea asking you to do?
  • What action does your Art require your inner Artist to take?

If you're going to be true to your creative gifts, then that part of your life must be given the authority, instead of being treated like a pretty, vapid mistress that must forever answer to your Ego and Its position in "the Real World."