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The Sign of the Hawk -- my last post about animal sightings, omens, messages -- sparked a lot of comments and emails about spirit animal stories. I'm inspired to write a longer memoir piece about how I discovered my Owl totem when I was a kid... But this is such a rich topic (so much bigger than my own personal experiences) with as many potential authors and stories as there are readers here. And, like dreams, animal sightings are an ongoing source of myth and meaning in our everyday lives. It's rewarding to contemplate, explore, and interpret on your own.

I hope this post provides you with some jump-off points.

Image - Sign of the RavenAnimal Speak by Ted Andrews has long been regarded as the go-to reference book for animal symbolism and animal meanings in the Native American totem context.

Animal Speak on Google Books Animal Speak on Amazon

*Although Animal Speak is available in ebook formats now, its "dictionary" format really lends itself best to a hard-copy print resource.

LINKS Avia Venefica's Living Arts Originals Animal Power Meanings

Your Pets as Members of Your Spirit Guide Team Familiars -- Angels with Fur

What's your totem animal?

Have any animal totem wisdom to share? Tips for discovering and working with animal guides? A story about an encounter with a spirit animal or animal messenger? Have any favorite sites or books about animal meanings you can add to my list?

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