Truth Can Never Be Introduced

It's not possible to introduce truth because truth is always recognized.

Think about the times you have discovered the truth. You've probably been reading someone else's wisdom or listening to someone speak — those things that give you pause, that resonate with you, are rarely totally new concepts or thoughts you've never had before.

The Truth strikes you because it is familiar.

Truth can be buried, disguised, obscured, forgotten, or ignored — but when truth is discovered it is actually being re-discovered.

Think of the times you've responded to truth with

"Yes! I've had these thoughts before. I just never knew there was a name for them."

The Mind delights in affirmations.

We seek validation because we know what we know — we know more than we give ourselves credit for — and many times the truth is kept in a box alongside other mysteries. It's known by the heart, the gut, the still small voice within. But the mind, pretending to be the Boss of Everything, demands logic, evidence, proof.

We ultimately mirror one another; we are constantly seeking to find evidence of ourselves in each other. When your words match my thoughts, then I am one more tiny step closer to knowing the Unity of All That Is.

When we match, when our thoughts are in harmony, when we recognize a piece of ourselves in one another, then we remember and experience — if only for an instant — the perfect, natural state of God, the Universe: that we are all, indeed, one.