Truth Can Never Be Introduced

It's not possible to introduce Truth because Truth is always recognized. What is the truth?

Think about the times you have discovered the Truth -- you've probably been reading someone else's wisdom or listening to someone speak: those things that give you pause -- that resonate with you -- are rarely totally new concepts or thoughts you've never had before.

The Truth strikes you because it is familiar. Truth can be buried, disguised, obscured, forgotten, or ignored -- but when Truth is discovered it is actually being re-discovered.

Little Epiphanies When you say "I get it!" what you really mean is:

"I've got it. I know this. I've found a local copy of this file inside myself. I ran across this once or twice, rummaging around in my box of pearls, as I do... It didn't have a label attached, so I wasn't sure what to do with it. But it felt important. Now, I have a name for it. I finally know what it's for -- I can use it! Now, if only I can remember where I put it... It's around here somewhere..."

Think of the times you've responded to Truth with "Yes! I've had these thoughts before--I just never knew there was a name for them."

The Mind delights in affirmations. We seek validation because we know what we know -- we know more than we give ourselves credit for -- but many times the Truth is kept in a box alongside other Mysteries -- it's known by the Heart, the Gut, the Still Small Voice; and the Mind, pretending to be the Boss of Us, demands logic, evidence, proof.

We ultimately mirror one another; we are constantly seeking to find evidence of ourselves in each other. When your words match my thoughts, then I am one more tiny step closer to knowing the Unity of All That Is.

When we match, when our thoughts are in harmony, when we recognize a piece of ourselves in one another, then we remember and experience -- if only for an instant -- the perfect, natural state of God: that we are all, indeed, One.