Classes in Automatic Intuitive Response™ — the divine dialoguing, vocalization and automatic writing techniques found in these courses — are the foundation for all the work I produce as a writer and as a professional intuitive counselor.

These are the Psychic Development Techniques I can teach anyone. Yeah, there’s an art to it — this isn’t “rocket science,” it’s intuition! Like creativity, imagination, faith, and spirituality, you already have intuitive abilities within you which can be exercised and developed. How far you take these techniques is entirely a matter of practice!

2 — Automatic Writing Lessons

Course #2 in the series of classes on Divine Dialoguing & Communicating with Spirits, Automatic Writing Lessons continues the dialoguing techniques from Talking to Your Spirit Guides and takes them into the realm of open-ended channeling through timed spirit-guided writing.

  • 35:14 minute Lecture on Automatic Writing — mp3
  • 27 page digital Workbook with all the notes on lessons & exercises — pdf
  • Bonus — Advanced Topics — incorporating Divination Tools into your Automatic Writing Sessions

Table of Contents

  • Time Constraints — using a timing device to capture intuitive information
  • Typing and/or Handwriting — activating the hands as extensions of the heart chakra
  • Automatic Writing Scenarios — communicating with your spirit guides and guardian angels; channeling the voice of your Higher Self; making decisions in alignment with your path & purpose; setting intentions and/or uncovering a clarity of intention; producing written material — blogging and/or creative writing — free from procrastination and writer’s block
  • The “Rules” of Execution — customizing an adaptable channeling practice that works for you
  • Creative Writer’s Intuitive Response — the non-mystical, practical origins of these techniques
  • Psychic Hits — connecting the dots and the details of intuitive information; synthesizing the literal and metaphorical Stories of Spirit into actionable intelligence
  • Practice Exercises — asking and answering Big Cosmic Questions to free you from attachments to specific outcomes
  • Personal Questions & Intentions — framing your personal issues into a series of better questions and statements of intention
  • The Second Pass — taking the initial, intuitive responses from Spirit and using your Thinking Mind and intellectual frames of reference to create volumes of practical detail
  • Working with a Friend or Group — proving your natural intuitive abilities by working with other people
  • Divination Tools — incorporating keywords and messages from Tarot cards, any oracle deck, and other divination tools into your timed, spirit-guided writing or channeling sessions

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1 — Talking to Your Spirit Guides

Class #1 teaches you how to identify your existing clairaudient intuition, develop your psychic abilities through practical, simple dialoguing techniques, and access divine guidance on a daily basis.

Available as a digital download, featuring 3 professionally mastered audio tracks:

  • Instructions for preparing and charging power objects and divination tools — pdf
  • 20:40 minute lecture to establish the 4 Intentions for psychic development — mp3
  • 40:20 minute lecture on how to receive clairaudient information — mp3
  • 17 minute guided meditation — mp3

Learn how to Ask Spirit and be your own channel for answers

Intentions | Objectives: Dialoguing with your spirit guides — Vocalization Techniques

  • Receive an attunement designed to raise your spiritual vibration, clear any energetic blocks, and open up your intuitive channel
  • Identify the various ways your psychic abilities already work and develop them further
  • Release your old expectations about how your spirit guides respond to you, and better understand the relationship between your ego-driven Thinking Mind and your Intuition
  • Establish a working practice for communicating with your spirit guides and guardian angels
  • Program your own power device for on-going protection and enhanced clarity
  • Learn my #1 absolute, all-time favorite, most effective clairaudient dialoguing technique for asking your spirit guides questions and receiving instant, practical, common sense responses you can use

I want you to learn how to communicate with your guides and do readings for yourself. There is no “better,” more accurate, or more empowering intuitive connection in your life than your own!

Talking to Your Spirit Guides  $35

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Automatic Writing Lessons — $30

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