Featuring an Alternative Method for scanning energy and reading auras that absolutely anyone can learn -- even if you don't think you're all that clairvoyant. Scanning the etheric body and reading auras is mostly associated with clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance sounds super-psychic, doesn’t it?

Maybe you think this word describes some kind of vision so powerful that it overwhelms all the other senses.

Maybe you think clairvoyance describes something other people experience, but not you.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

4 Affirmations for Developing Clairvoyance

It’s easy to dismiss the visions you receive when reading a client as being too simple, too common place, too ordinary, or not "significant enough."

Simplicity is actually typical of the kind of information you will receive from Spirit. The information may not be complete Big Pictures -- it may only be tiny clues for your client to follow at this point in her journey.

Let this practice of acting as a messenger be easy –- it doesn’t have to be esoteric, difficult, or unattainable to be profound.

How to Select Ideal "Practice" Clients

  • The best type of clients to work with while you're learning.
  • How reading for the wrong types of clients creates issues of logical override.

Logical override makes it challenging to discern between your intuition and what you simply already know about a person. Not only will this undermine the credibility for your client, it also makes it nearly impossible for you to trust what you’re getting — to differentiate between your Thinking Mind and your Intuitive Mind.

The Log On Process

  • How to log on and connect with a client energetically -- even over great distances.
  • 4 Things you should have on hand when you attempt to log on and read a client.
  • 2 components to add when conducting a professional reading.
  • The simple invocation I use before each and every intuitive reading to ensure the highest intentions, integrity, and outcome for the client.

Scanning a Client's Energy

Scanning your client is really synonymous with reading her.

Physical Scanning

  • How to scan a client when you are in her physical presence.
  • Why being in the same room as your client can actually inhibit your intuition.

Distance Scanning

  • Distance does not prohibit you from obtaining accurate clairvoyant readings.
  • How to use a client's photo to clairvoyantly scan her energy and read her aura.
  • The abstract forms that work best for visualization.

Reading Auras

  • What is an aura, exactly?
  • The 3 layers of the aura

The one part of the energy body that absolutely anyone can sense, regardless of "how clairvoyant" you believe yourself to be -- this is responsible for what we commonly experience as "personal space."

2 Main Methods for Scanning the Aura

  • The "Classic" Method
  • The "Alternative" Method

Release what you “think” you “should” see when scanning the aura. Auras don’t necessarily conform to the shape of a human body or look anything like the imagery you may see associated with auras in New Age illustrations.

I don’t see auras in a “classic” way at all.

For years, I told myself “I don’t see auras -- I must not be very clairvoyant” because I didn’t see them around people in the way I always saw auras depicted or heard them described. But, then, I studied with a clairvoyant teacher who completely and immediately opened up my unrecognized ability to read auras -- with one simple shift in perspective.

If you can picture a scene in your Mind's Eye when you're reading a story, then you can absolutely use the Alternative Method to scan, read, and interpret a client's aura.

Interpreting Meaning

When someone talks about “reading a person’s aura” you probably picture a scenario where you screw up your eyes and squint at a person in just the right way and suddenly you are able to see an egg-shaped bubble of lights and glitter swirling around her.

Like, some science fiction/ fantasy film special effects or something....

Hey, you know what? If you experience your clairvoyance like that — awesome!

You’re a rare, gifted, fortunate individual with a high degree of natural psychic vision. There are no doubt many people out there who do indeed see auras in this way.

That’s not the only way to:

  • “See” auras.
  • Receive intuitive information about spiritual energy in the form of colors.
  • Know what those colors mean.

Learn how the psychological and spiritual interpretations of etheric colors are already encoded in our everyday language.

  • The 4 Main Concepts about how to read auras you will take away from this class.
  • 4 Questions to ask yourself about the aura that will allow you to interpret meaningful messages.

How imagination can be your intuition's ally

  • What if you don't see anything?
  • What if it's just your imagination?

Your imagination is not the opposite of your “real” intuition. Your imagination, your intuition, and your intellect all work together to synthesize meaning for a client.

3 Questions that will move you beyond the "just your imagination" block.

How do you know for sure?

Honestly, there's only One Way an intuitive can ever truly know — 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt — that he’s received accurate information — psychic hits.

Presenting Information to Your Client

5 Important Tips to Remember when communicating your findings to a client.

  • What to focus on if you're worried about the information you're not getting.
  • How to share specifics in a way that's much more important than writing skills or speaking style.
  • How to ensure that your information is "psychic enough."
  • How dualism will not improve the quality of your reading, how to avoid it, and the simple alternative to value judgments.
  • What to do when you don't pick up on answers to your client's questions.

Aura Color Meanings - Reference Chart

Refer to this section in the companion eBook to find meanings for the colors you pick up.

  • 15 Basic Color Families
  • 145+ Keywords & Associated Color Meanings
  • Both Positive & Negative contexts for each color

Logging Off

Logging off — ending an investigation or channeling session; completing a reading report; getting off a call — is every bit as important as logging on.

Getting out of a reading safely and completely is crucial to maintaining your own energetic health.

  • 2 Most Basic Components of a Bare Minimum Log Off process
  • The Extra Component of a Better Log Off ritual
  • 8 Sample Log Off Visualizations

How to safely "Minimize" a connection to a client so that you can leave and come back to the reading, and continue to receive intuitive impulses, without having to keep starting and stopping over and over again.

Cutting Cords

  • What are the cords of attachment that form between you and your client?
  • Why it's so important to remove cords when you log off.
  • How you can clear cords after each reading.

How can you tell if you're not properly logged off?

  • 5 tell-tale, easy-to-recognize signs that you are still connected to a client and leaking energy
  • 7 activities you can employ right away to ground, clear, and reset your energy in extreme cases of energetic drain
  • 3 Components of the Best Log Off Process
  • 6 Additional Actions you can incorporate to ensure you are completely logged off

How to program a fail-safe log off procedure with the help of your spirit guides.

Want to Do Aura Readings Professionally?

Often the transition between using your intuitive abilities “for fun” and discovering that this is a part of your life purpose can be blurred.

You certainly do not need my permission to turn your readings into a career. There are a lot of other teachers out there you can learn from. You can study a variety of sources and cobble together your own unique practice.

As a mentor, I absolutely celebrate eclectic intuitive practice. One of the primary intentions of this course is not to teach you how to be an intuitive just like me, but to help you discover and define your own practice.

My Professional Training courses attract unique, one-of-a-kind individuals who want to do their own thing. I’m very proud that the people I’ve worked with are all different from one another. The Automatic Intuition Professional Training and Mentoring Program presents you with a huge, comprehensive set of potential tools and techniques that you pull from, pick and choose, and adapt to suit you.

Reading Auras is an actual chapter -- one of the techniques -- from the Automatic Intuition Professional Workbook -- packaged for you here as a single professional modality.

So, This is Really a Jaw-Droppingly Super Affordable Professional Level Psychic Training Course.

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Multimedia Format (3 items) — Course Package includes:

  • 2 audio lectures/podcasts in MP3 format
  • 1 eBook in PDF format

The ebook contains:

  • Full written transcript of all audio lecture content
  • Aura Color Meanings List -- with 145+ Color Keywords & Associations
  • Download Link to Additional Bonus PDF -- Quick Reference Charts for Professional Intuitives

The Alternative Method for scanning energy and reading auras that absolutely anyone can learn -- even if you don't think you're "clairvoyant" at all.

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