How to Manifest Using the Sacred Elements

This is not The Secret – it’s not even A “Secret” — it’s a System.

The Sacred Elements can be used to guide you through very practical “real life” decisions and actions.

Manifesting is NOT just:

  • stating intentions with some “secret formula” word choice
  • identifying "energetic signatures" of things
  • invoking emotion as a magical ingredient
  • and taking an obvious course of action

Making things happen in your life is also about enlisting others, building evidence, creating environments, and choosing behaviors (even indirect ones) that are in harmony with the world you want to be a part of, in alignment with the person you intend to be.

Manifesting a Thing is not the same thing as manifesting the money with which to purchase a Thing.

If you could simply have the Thing itself, would you need to go through the additional steps of purchasing it?

What if you need your college education to be paid for — would a full scholarship be as desirable as a check?

Might not some kind of scholarship, grant, or endowment that you don’t have to pay back actually be more desirable in many ways?

What if you require a means to get back and forth to work — would someone giving you a car suffice?

What of the things you wish to manifest in your life that you simply CANNOT buy? A life partner? A best friend? A child?

What about your health and well-being?

What about attention, fans, subscribers, the regard of the public, favorable reviews of your work?

What about an amazing idea?

A gift from your creative muse?




It’s not only the intangible things that cannot be bought --

  • What about a connection, an introduction, an interview that leads to a job?
  • Or a home opening up in the right location at the right time when you need to move?

This Manifesting Technique:

  • Does NOT require you to shift your attitudes regarding abundance
  • Does NOT require you to practice or exercise for any set length of time
  • Does NOT require you to fill out worksheets or prepare any kind of structured paperwork
  • You do NOT need to listen to meditations
  • You do NOT need to write out carefully worded affirmations and repeat them three times
  • You do NOT need to obtain specifically colored candles
  • You do NOT need to wear certain kinds of crystals

None of that.

If you want to throw in some of those elements from other resources or spiritual traditions because they make you happy, or bring you confidence and peace, or make you feel powerful, you are welcome to do so — it won’t “hurt” anything.

But this is not about just dumping more layers of esoterica on top of your life.

I like magical vocabulary. You and me both.

And this is a way for us to use these gorgeous metaphysical concepts to simplify, guide, and practically organize our efforts to manifest more of the kind of world we want to live in.

Simplify, guide, and practically organize your efforts to manifest.

Since 2006, thousands of people have come to me for intuitive readings. And every single person asks at least one question regarding Manifesting or the Law of Attraction — even when those specific terms are not used.

I try to be at least aware of what is out there in the New Age marketplace, what’s being discussed, talked about, published… but, honestly, that’s a lot to keep up with. Much of my attempt “to keep my finger on the pulse” as they say is listening to you. You guys bring me bits and pieces of popular material — both ancient and current philosophies — during your sessions with me.

Most often the format of the coaching turns out to be you presenting me with a simplified view of the techniques that you’re trying to practice or apply in your life — enough so that I can get a read on it — and then you want to know where you’re going wrong, or why it’s not working, or how you can improve the practice in some way…

Then I offer advice about how to modify the system you’re using. In a lot of cases, it seems to be overly complex and even your spirit guides present solutions that are about refining and streamlining what you’re already doing.

So, that’s where this program came from — it emerged, slowly over time, organically, incrementally, as this collection of tweaks and adjustments to the practices of my clients.

It has evolved into a system that I experiment with and use in my own life, that I teach to my clients in bits and pieces…

At this point, it just makes sense to package as much of the Whole Thing as I can and put it out there and let everyone play with it.

What about Money?

What about manifesting plain old cold hard cash and digits in your bank account?

Can you still use these Sacred Elements techniques to manifest money too?

Sure, absolutely.

Manifesting money is definitely one of the examples we’re going to put under the microscope and explore — it’s just not the only one.

Manifest Anything is such a PERFECT addition, or should I say, the perfect complement to your readings. But it's not just that. From all the law of attraction/Manifesting stuff out there, I'd say that after only going through the audio that this is exactly tailored for someone like me. -- Carl S.

How Concepts Become Things

Here’s the average person’s super-simplified, bottom-line short-hand recipe for Manifesting:

It’s a leap from an Idea to actual Stuff.

There are many mental activities that look like — that are — actions. But separate “engaging in mental activity” from “taking action” or “performing an action.”

This is where you get stuck in the planning stages, forever thinking about something without ever doing it.

Procrastination. Research. Brainstorming.

These are stages or states of industriousness that can be incredibly, infinitely, deceptively busy without ever being productive.

You say you’re “working on it” — you’re studying, investigating, researching, fact-finding, planning, learning, preparing…

You can literally engage with thought and the intellectual mind to infinity, having convinced yourself that you are "taking action in the real world."

You’re not.

You’re spinning. You’re drifting.

And it’s not always “uncomfortable” in that Purgatory of Activity-not-Action — it can be really fun. It can be addictive.

Intellectuals are at even greater risk of wafting about in the clouds of ideas and never coming down, never making anything happen.

Many of your goals will require a lot of mental/intellectual activity…

When does an activity only “count” as thought, and when does it “count” as taking action?

Manifest Anything Using the Sacred Elements includes:

  • 20 (Twenty) Questions to ask yourself in order to identify if and when intellectual activity has transitioned into powerful third-dimensional actions.

"Taking Action"

What's the most overlooked form of Taking Action in the context of the Fire Element that has nothing to do with "finding your passion"?

What's the one Rule of Thumb for determining when your attempts to take action have the potential to affect the "real world"?

  • It's One Question you can ask yourself at every decision point.
  • It's One Question you can ask yourself with any action to determine if you're on the right track.

This course on Manifesting is different: It probably doesn't really count as a "course" or a "class" at all -- it's a system for thinking about your life, compartmentalizing your experiences, identifying your goals and how to approach them, and how to simply make things happen.

This course is NOT complicated or difficult:

  • there is NO “homework” or written worksheets to fill out
  • you do NOT have to "practice" -- just dive in and start using the techniques
  • it does NOT take a week or a month to complete the program -- there's no time frame actually, start applying the concepts to your everyday life immediately
  • there are NO daily meditations you have to set aside time to do
  • you do NOT have to write affirmations and post them all over your house
  • you do NOT have to cut up magazines and make vision boards
  • you do NOT even have to keep a journal (unless you typically journal already)

4 Reasons I wanted this course to be totally different from others like it:

  1. You can find classes on Abundance Attitude Reconstruction in tons of other places, including my very own Money Shift.
  2. I attract students who mirror my learning process — I absorb information and whatever resonates for me I simply begin applying to my relationship with the world.
  3. This is not a “Secret” it’s a System. It’s a perspective; a way of compartmentalizing and relating to the components of your world.
  4. It just does NOT have to be that labor-intensive. Trying to explain it or describe it by writing it all down actually may make it look more complicated than it really is… but it is Simple, even when it’s not necessarily Easy.

Once you listen to me break this concept down for you, you'll be like "Oh, okay, I get it!" You'll be eager to dive in and start doing.

In teaching you this manifesting process, I’m not going to tell you what to do — I’m going to explain a method of analyzing your world through the filter of the Sacred Elements and invite you to engage in a strategy of employing those Elements to cover all your bases when taking action.

Manifest Anything is outstanding. I've immersed myself in it for the past three days and I have to say I feel like I've been handed Aladdin's lamp with the words "Don't forget to wish for 3 more wishes" on the side. -- Ananda Bruin

The "Rules"

The Rules (if you want to call them that) behind this Manifesting Technique are very straightforward:

  • Everything you wish to manifest is composed of the Four Sacred Elements.
  • Ensure that all Four Elements are present, that you are engaging all the necessary components.
  • When all Four Elements are present, a synergy occurs at the level of the Fifth Sacred Element.

Stuck Between Thought (Worry) & Productive Action

If you’re like the majority of your fellow human beings, you rarely suffer from an absence of thought (or the Air Element). Thinking, worrying, obsessing, weighing options… you don’t have to be told to think about what you desire to manifest.

Probably the exact opposite — you’re stuck in thinking mode. Analysis paralysis is a common condition. We’re overwhelmed with information.

Same thing tends to be true of the Water Element… it’s nearly impossible not to have an emotional response to something of great significance. The absence of what you value also invokes negative emotions that you have to work hard to overcome.

The Elements of Air and Water become psycho-spiritual climate; the colorful language and the metaphors we commonly use to describe or illustrate this fusion are very telling.

Thinking about something obsessively is NOT taking action; feeling overwhelmed is NOT taking action… no matter how all-consuming and physical and active these states seem to be, they are mental and emotional.

Indirect Actions can often be just as powerful as the "logical" ones.

You probably become the most distracted trying to create direct connections, trying to instigate obvious causal relationships.

For Example:

Money comes from work; therefore if I make more work, I will have to make more money.

This is exactly the kind of linear, logic-based programming you need to try to shake or to put aside. Not because it won't "work" to some degree — of course if you work more, you're likely to make more money... But not necessarily.

Are you really wanting to make more work -- or just make more money?

The two things do not have to be dependent — not from a metaphysical perspective.

Once you identify activities or components that correspond to the Four Elements, then any actions that invoke the same Elements have the power to attract what you wish to manifest — even when they don’t seem directly or “logically” related.

I know this is gonna be one of the most challenging aspects of manifesting for you to learn to trust. You truly must experience this phenomenon in order to believe in it.

There's a simple 2-Step Process for "retro-engineering" your plan of direct and indirect actions.

Creating Evidence

Effective Manifesting Creates Evidence

  • 5 Questions you can ask yourself to determine if your actions are creating evidence

The Elements you choose to include, the actions you take that represent the Elements, need only be small, subtle clues to your intentions in order shift energy in a big way.

Evidence doesn’t overwhelm reality — it is small and carefully placed, yet still defines the intentions that are present.

  • Are your thoughts, choices, attitudes and actions conducive, in a holistic way, to what you are trying to attract or make happen?
  • Have you set the synergy in motion?

If you can define the correct energy or frequency or vibration or Spirit of what you seek to attract, by defining its essence at each of the Elements, reality will conform to your will.

Working Examples

We'll put some of the most popular goals under the microscope, take them apart according to the Sacred Elements, and put them back together with examples of practical steps you can take down here in The Real World to make them happen:

Want to turn your art into a career?

If you are you an artist, writer, musician or creative entrepreneur -- there is one unavoidable step in your manifesting that you simply cannot skip.

Want to manifest more intangible things in your life?

  • inspiration
  • emotional peace
  • more joy
  • momentum
  • relationships

There's a component of every other Manifesting Technique out there that may actually be the one thing that's undermining your efforts.

In Manifest Anything, I suggest that you go radically and completely in the opposite direction of being too specific.

I ask you:

  • How are the super specifics you've tried working out for you?
  • Do they produce 100% accurate results?
  • Do you at best receive something fairly close?
  • How much would you say you’re disappointed in the fulfillment of these specifics?

Would you be willing to consider that there's something you've been told you're "supposed" to do regarding specifics that may be working against you?

What if the specifics you're using are excluding something wonderful because it’s only “close”?

  • What if the Universe had something better in mind and you’ve turned it away by insisting on a minor specific detail?
  • What if your Soul Mate is just one year older than the age you specified?
  • What if your ideal career has a job title you’ve never even heard of?
  • What if that amount of money you asked for was slightly less but close?
  • What if it was a lot more?!

Wouldn’t you still want these things?

If the super specific manifesting techniques are working for you, by all means, continue…

But if you’ve been disappointed with the results of being specific, why not try backing off a bit and let the Universe fill in the gaps?

Time Frames

Are your expectations around time frames creating more limitations than benefits?

Time seems to be the one thing we introduce into our manifesting that causes problems.

Time is an abstract mental construct intended to describe dimensions beyond those we are working with.

I have an extremely simple solution to the issues that arise from working with Time.

Working Examples

11 pages of the eBook are devoted entirely to:

  • "real world" working examples of things you might most wish to manifest
  • how to approach them according to the Sacred Elements
  • what exact types of actions you can take that will be the most effective

2 of the audio podcasts are completely dedicated to working examples.

There are over 10 working examples, with breakdowns that show how you've probably been trying to manifest in the past, and then step-by-step corrections to your approach using the Sacred Elements.

How to Manifest a Job

  • Blow by blow of what you've been trying in the past
  • Step-by-step suggestions for Direct and Indirect Elemental Actions that may be more effective

How to Manifest a Romantic Partnership

  • Recommendations for direct and indirect actions you can take within the context of each of the Sacred Elements.
  • The One Question you can ask yourself that will keep you on track in raising your vibration and attracting the kind of partner you really want.

Two Biggest Misconceptions I talk to hundreds of people all over the world every year in private readings — the types of issues that people seek intuitive readings about are generally very similar to the same types of things they are most eager to learn how to manifest on their own.

Often, the one-on-one phone readings are really Manifesting Mentoring sessions — much of the material in this course seeks to compile the Common Threads of those sessions.

There are two aspects of manifesting that seem to most thwart the efforts of my clients.

Manifesting Money

Learn to catch yourself thinking or saying one of 2 common phrases that indicate that you may be unnecessarily complicating your ability to manifest.

Manifesting the money to purchase a thing is not the same thing as manifesting the thing itself.

Manifesting Money as a “catch-all” is placing the same, very narrowly-defined limits on the conditions of what you’re trying to manifest.

It’s like telling the Universe that everything has to arrive by the same route, can fit into only one size box, can only exist in one form… or you don’t want it.

When you compare it to all the things you want to manifest in your life which cannot be bought, manifesting money is very doable.

It’s easy to just reduce the value of everything down to a common currency — that’s the reason money exists.

But again, I do really challenge you to identify how many things you might manifest directly, as opposed to the extra steps of manifesting the money to then purchase those things.

It might require you to think creatively and conceptually up front, but you may find more success with the process of manifesting the thing itself.

But, I know, let’s assume you’ve been through all that and you’re truly at the place where you’re saying “Just give me the cash.”

I don’t want to regurgitate what someone else can already teach you; the one overarching theme of my entry into the Manifesting arena was going to be how to manifest anything, how to make things happen — not just material things and money.

The one big "secret" to manifesting money, if you want to call it that, and it's not just the "emotion." It's not even one action, it's a whole subset of actions you may never have even imagined can actually "work."

I discovered it by accident working with other techniques, but then I spent all of 2010 experimenting and testing it out... You'll have to try it for yourself and experience it to "get it" to trust it.

Whatever you're trying to manifest -- whether it's money, something else, even something intangible -- there's one simple question that will keep you on track at any decision point in the process.

One single Yes or No Question that simplifies all your choices about which actions to engage.

Bonus Content

  • Using Divination Tools
  • Incorporating Tarot
  • Elemental Astrology
  • The Truth about Manifesting Techniques
  • A Manifesting Mantra

Bonus Exercises | Games

  • Incremental Manifesting Muscle-Building
  • Metaphysical Scavenger Hunting

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  • 11 (eleven) audio podcasts in MP3 format
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Simplify, guide, and practically organize your efforts to manifest.


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