Maybe God is trying to tell you something -- right now.

So, Congratulations -- you must have the ability to receive and respond to divine guidance. Something bigger than you is speaking to you -- the fact that you are here, reading this, tells me that you are following the sound of a Call.

You are acknowledging and answering [again] the Call to return to your true spiritual Path. You are participating in an enormous, growing phenomenon of spiritual beings having human experiences who are Awakening, just like you are. You are one of the Good Guys. And that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be a goody-goody.

You are already everything you've ever wanted to become.

  • You fulfill your Life's Purpose with every breath you take.
  • You're not missing anything.
  • There's nothing external to find or bring in -- except the support of like-minded individuals who are thrilled to know you and bring more love into your world.
  • All that you require to create the life you came here to live can be found with simple shifts in perspective.
  • There are no right or wrong answers -- there are no answers at all -- only Questions to be asked.

You've been invited to manifest Heaven on Earth.

You Know There's Something More What you choose to call that Something is irrelevant. It has no preference, and will respond best to the Name that works best for you. You feel excited, a little fearful... You hear an inner whispering -- your Higher Self, your still small voice, your Guardian Angels, your Spirit Guides, your God -- is telling you:

  • Something is going on, here.
  • Something is about to happen.
  • That you are a part of it somehow.

You may not be sure what that means, what it is you're supposed to do, exactly, or even where to go to find out. But you feel it, more and more... The feeling is not going away -- it's growing.

You may feel incredible discomfort -- like the Universe is tearing apart the details of your life. The signs are big -- road blocks and flashing barricades that have all the ingredients of disaster. Shit you just can't ignore this time or run from any longer.

Your Conscious Awareness is the key to using this period in your life. It may look like God's got a wrecking ball aimed right at you.

The Question is:

  • What is this transformation making room for?
  • What is being built in the place of the Towers coming down?

Learn how to hear the Divine Guidance that is available to you. Learn to speak the language of your Spirit and your Heart. Don't worry -- it's not all fluff and nonsense; there is no judgment.

This is where you can finally hear all that woo-woo stuff in plain, straight-talking language you can use. This is where you can finally leave all the damaging bullshit you were told about yourself at the door, and step into the power that is your birthright.

This is one of the places where you can come to Reconnect to the Spirit that can never be taken from you.

This is where you begin -- where you continue -- to Shift Your Spirits.

Don't Miss a Word.