I Spy on Angels

Image - Angel Spy I spy on angels.

I have since I was a kid. I first saw one at age six. At seven, I checked out a book about Joan of Arc. When I read that the voices she heard turned out to be messengers from God, I figured I probably wasn't going to Hell either. And it was even less likely that anyone was going to arrest me and burn me at the stake. I felt relieved.

I was so relieved that I kept checking the book out, over and over again. Maybe the school librarian knew why -- she showed me illuminated books by William Blake and told me that when he was a boy he saw angels standing in the trees.

I thought YES! I see them there too…

But the angels I've seen don't look a damn thing like Barbie with wings.

Maybe a bit like Secret Service Ken. You know, men in black, crew cuts and shades, suits of armor and muscle, muttering into their cuffs...

Guardians can be intimidating as hell. Good thing they're on our side.

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Image credit Andrew Jackson via Creative Commons on Flickr