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Image - demonThis summer, I've been posting on social media about the progress on my new novel The Angel and the Raven. Last week, I shared on Facebook that the story is about:

"...a psychic who is hired by an eccentric, superstitious drug trafficker who believes he is an emissary of the Archangel Michael, and about his friendship with another man who suffers from a demonic attachment, a great dark wing, a black bird-like thing that follows him into rooms, huddles in the corners of walls, and then crawls across the ceiling upside down, reminiscent of bats and broken umbrellas."

A student of my Professional Intuitive Training Program saw the post and sent me a private email, asking if this fictional demonic entity was based on something I had seen, or if I see "creatures like that" often.

The inspiration for the demonic attachment in the novel is based on a past experience with someone I knew years ago. But, it is by no means something I have ever experienced with any frequency. In recent years, basically never.

Soon after accepting the presence of angelic beings and beginning to work with my spirit guides, I requested that they maintain a tight security perimeter around me, similar to that which the Secret Service provides the President of the United States.

I've done readings for a lot of people who have been frightened by their own spirit guides and angels. These entities can be very imposing. Even another human being living in the same house with you can scare the crap out of you just by popping up unexpectedly.

Over the past several years, I have adapted the protocol with my guardians to include benevolent members of my own team -- such as new spirit guides coming in, entities approaching me purposefully with messages that I want to hear, or the spirit guides of clients and students.

The rules my guides observe include:

  • showing up when I'm awake and conscious, if at all possible
  • approaching me from the front
  • approaching me from at least six feet away
  • signaling to me visually to get my attention first (a winking light, or a flash)
  • appearing to me at eye level or slightly above

(Things that scuttle across the floor...usually not so lovely to behold.)

I ask that they also enforce this on my behalf and educate any new entities that might want to approach me. This has the added benefit that, even when it is something unknown to me (not one of "mine"), I still know that the spirit has been at least pre-screened by the guides that I trust.

Angels (particular the Carrion phylum) are the ones with power to apprehend negative entities. You always want to call on them for assistance.

Why even get involved if you don't have to?

I just request that, whenever possible, they take care of negative entities for me, without my knowledge, without my even having to know about it. I don't want to see them, hear about them, or even think about them.

Engaging them and giving them attention only encourages them.

It's the reason why I do not write about demons on this blog or seek to attract and work with clients who suffer from demonic attachment and psychic attack. I've observed that 99% of the time, when people request readings because they think this is happening to them... it never is. It's always something else -- usually they are misinformed, sometimes they are mentally ill, and most often they are looking for attention. Or generating the phenomenon themselves through a mixture of these conditions.

I certainly don't want to attract those scenarios -- energetically, or through a freaking keyword search.

I recognize that there are legitimate, talented, professional energy workers who clear and heal their clients, and their clients' living spaces, from these types of circumstances. It's fantastic that there are individuals who are called to perform this kind of service.

If you think you might need someone with that kind of training and ability, here's my best advice:

Go to the closest local metaphysical shop (the kind of place where you can buy crystals or a deck of Tarot cards) or to an alternative spirituality center (the kind of place where you might take a class or attend a meditation) and ask the people who work there to recommend someone to you.

The average sales clerk in a New Age bookstore will know of the people in your area who perform these kinds of services. Depending on your religious affiliation, you may wish to approach your priest.

Blessing your house, or clearing your family of a dark presence, is something that absolutely needs to be conducted in person.

Searching for people on the internet to perform a blessing, clearing, or exorcism should be a secondary resource. It would be best to find someone through a personal word-of-mouth recommendation -- someone who is, if not local, at least able to drive to your home.

Since directing my guardians to provide this type of protection for me, I haven't seen so much as a sad ghost, let alone a demonic entity.

I have a friend I've know for about five years who is quite haunted, though unfazed by it. I would even say she enjoys it. When the activity in her house becomes particularly pronounced she'll say "You've got to come over!"

And every time, she tells me that, about twenty-four hours before I arrive, it's like something comes early and clears the house. It gets really quiet, it's peaceful while I'm there… and, after I'm gone, it stays that way -- often for weeks.

And, while I am in her house, she says that the entities that present to her are of an entirely different ilk (angels rather than ghosts).

I believe this is absolutely the result of my angelic security perimeter.

And I believe you can also request that your guides and angels protect you from demons and malevolent spirits in a similar manner. Be specific about what you need, what you'd prefer, and ask them to provide this type of protection for you.

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