The Spirits Who Walk Among Us

Image - Corporeal Angel Corporeal Angels Spirit entities of all types are most commonly perceived by intuitively sensitive people, who experience them intermittently or regularly through the subtler psychic senses. But there are beings who manifest physical bodies that all of us -- absolutely anyone -- can see and interact with.

It takes enormous power and ability for a spirit to assume a corporeal form, even temporarily -- it is unlikely that ghosts, earthbound spirits, or dis-incarnate human souls acting in the roles of guides can pull this off.

Beyond just being around us everywhere in some "ethereal" way or in some "other dimension," corporeal angels walk around among us. Even though you may see them and speak to them, you usually dismiss them as random strangers.

It may never even occur to you that they are not human.

Roles of Corporeal Angels It was one of these entities called Jesse who told me that angels who take the physical form of human strangers commonly appear to be doctors, nurses, EMTs, police officers, firefighters, and the like, because of the event context.

You may have brief and meaningful interactions with people in these roles who you never see again. Others of their kind can't account for them and will likely not know who you're talking about if you ask about them.

Corporeal angels may also assume the guise of homeless people. Jesse pointed out that many panhandlers are aware of this lore, regardless of their personal beliefs, and may strategically exploit the perception for their own ends. He advised that the best means of discernment is simply your gut -- that you know or at least suspect on an intuitive level : their vibration is usually quite high, and the feeling that you get in their presence should never be threatening, though it could be uncomfortable or intense.

Some Qualities that Might "Give Away" the Incarnated Angel

  • they seem "rooted" to a particular spot -- able to interact with you, although they may remain standing or seated in one place
  • they move around normally, but are limited to a specific physical location or time
  • their clothing may be "anachronistic" -- the style of the clothing is oddly out of fashion, yet appears "too new," without normal wear and tear
  • their clothing may appear unusually put together or hastily chosen
  • there is an anonymous quality to their overall appearance -- they blend easily into crowds
  • they may be unusually tall or extremely diminutive in size
  • they may appear to be of an indeterminate age -- whether they are young or old, it seems almost impossible to guess
  • they are "plainly beautiful" in an unremarkable way that has more to do with "newness" than the handsomeness of features -- "beautiful" in the way that all infant creatures are beautiful; even though their features are not interesting or necessarily sexually attractive, their skin is often colorless or without variation or blemish
  • their smell may be unusually strong or noticeable; pleasant but pervasive
  • they speak without recognizable accent or dialect
  • they are emotionally even-keel or undemonstrative in their expression -- perhaps even "robot-like"
  • even though other people may be able to see them as well as you can, they have no known connection or relationship to anyone else
  • you feel their presence before you notice them; they are always aware of you first; by the time you make eye contact you realize that they have already been staring at you

Significance of Their Names They are not quick to introduce themselves or to volunteer their names; if you ask, they will provide you with a single first name.

The names they claim will often be of recognizable significance to you -- a name that you particularly like; that you have known many people to share; that appears often in your family; one that corresponds with a figure of importance to you.

Even when their names don't seem to be coincidental or meaningful, they nevertheless correspond to some pattern.

(Have you noticed the commonality among the names of the characters I have shared in this series of memoirs, not to mention the names of some of my guides that I've talked about in others? It's the only thing "curious" or noteworthy that stands out, by the way... Although it is a very simple pattern, it is a constant.)

More important than the "type" of entity or the details of their physical appearance are the roles they play or the circumstances in which they may interact with the living in a corporeal form.

Circumstances Where Angels Tend to Intervene

  • Miracles
  • Transitions of Birth/ Death
  • Physical Danger
  • Direction Regarding Life Path and Purpose
  • While Traveling

I specifically recall that "while traveling" was the last thing that Jesse mentioned -- combined with the list of odd physical attributes, it was The Trigger that finally made me say "Okay -- wait a minute..."

This is how and why the series of experiences I've shared with you in the Paranormal Memoirs connects. Before that day, I had never related to another person the mystery of the stranger who had followed me from London to Paris to Amsterdam....

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