What Do Your Spirit Guides Say about War?

When I asked my spirit guides about war, the answer I received was:

"Secure joy in the consciousness you maintain."

Spiritual Fatigue Do you ever feel spiritually fatigued?

For me, this is a very particular emotion --

  • it's not depression
  • it's not hormonal
  • it's not the normal low flow of energy you experience in your normal ups and downs
  • it's not grief...

Spiritual fatigue feels incredibly UN-personal -- it's not attached to your personal experience, necessarily; I don't believe it can be traced to body chemistry, either. I consider myself an empath, to a fault -- I absorb the emotions of the people I come into contact with.

Spiritual fatigue is like the negative result of empathy on a global scale -- it's about everybody else -- and I mean EVERYBODY. It's a human species-spanning ennui -- an overwhelming dissatisfaction, boredom, and annoyance with the collective consciousness.

What Would Anne Say? You hear people say they've lost faith in humanity; but then you go to Amsterdam and the last thing you read as you LEAVE the Anne Frank House and the Holocaust Museum there (which features contemporary, modern war-time atrocities, genocide, ethnic cleansing -- not just historical examples) is a sign above the door bearing Anne's conclusion that people are basically good at heart.

And this is NOT a bummer, by any means -- it doesn't undo the horror you've visited by walking through that history, wading through those psychic echoes -- it captures all that negativity, delivers it directly to the Heart Chakra, and that wisdom moves up and out through the mind -- the Third Eye -- the Divine Crown -- where it alters your perception and the behavior you choose... That angst becomes at least the power of a potential Cure...

Whether or not hate ends there is your decision. Is that enough? Does it DO enough if it only changes your world? Is changing your own mind -- your own "little, personal, selfish" reality -- ENOUGH?

Spiritual fatigue occurs when you stop and feel how many millions of people are behaving as if they've never heard the whispers of ascended souls such as Anne. (I believe Anne Frank Ascended. You won't find her name on any "official" list of Ascended Masters or Saints. I think we need a newer, bigger, more inclusive list. I wonder, does anyone else consciously pray to Anne Frank? If you ever have the chance to go to the Anne Frank House, you will likely hear her praying to YOU...)

Time for Another News BlackOut? After 9-11, I severed all forms of news consumption. I did not watch television for four years. I eventually reached the point where I retreated even from reading fiction novels. I communicated only with machines and spirit entities.

In the convergence of computers, code, and divination -- behind the screens -- is where I began to translate the real news of the Ascension, where science and religion come full-circle.

It's amazing how little you escape from anything with the strategy of willful ignorance. Not listening, not paying attention, not caring are just not options. To name something as Evil is a cop-out that empowers it and defers responsibility, but does nothing to eradicate it.

What do we DO about bullies? How do we fight war without making more of it? How do we condemn and punish without judging others? How can we just throw up our hands and quit?

We can't. I can't.

And I do NOT have the answers -- I'm left asking questions. I forget sometimes that I don't have to understand and explain and translate FOR you. I need only lead you to ask with me.

What do your spirit guides tell you about war? Again, mine say "Secure joy in the consciousness you maintain."

Do you know what that means? I'm asking. See, I get These Kinds of Messages all the time -- they are like greeting cards from Heaven -- or fortune cookies. The content of these messages are incredibly specific in their wording -- what you usually read here on Shift Your Spirits are my attempts to unravel -- decode -- the meanings of these messages.

I do not usually share these messages before living with them for months. The bulk of the meaningful communication I receive from spirit guides, angels, and Ascended Masters goes

  1. into the books I am writing -- homes for very specific conversations
  2. into Readings -- when the questions are asked by a Sitter, when I am acting as a relay medium

Really, I do not feel comfortable publishing as if I am some kind of Oracle. Normally, the last home for the Messages I receive is here. But, that's no fun for you, now is it?

I need to let you in on this process -- invite you to participate in discerning what these spiritual transmissions mean. I started publishing this site because a year ago the Ascended Masters asked me, via deep trance medium Dr. Meg Blackburn-Losey: "How long do you intend to remain in your ivory tower Getting Really Good at something that so many could benefit from? How can you get to the place of understanding what works and keep it to yourself?"

Because spiritual fatigue makes it feel like a hopeless mission sometimes. But no matter how weary and dissatisfied I become, the Messages don't stop coming.

And messages from the Ascended Masters certainly aren't all for me.

So, from now on, before I proceed with digesting the Messages from our spirit guides -- and by doing so effectively delay their delivery and deny your participation -- I'm going to show them to you and invite your wisdom and interpretation.

I have received pages of information in answer to my question about war; I'll share more of what my guides say, and certainly more of what I think the answers mean, in other articles. For now, I'll leave you with the core of their response:

Secure joy in the consciousness you maintain.

You tell ME what you think this means...

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love