Why Do We Have Angels and Spirit Guides?

If you accept the idea that each and every one of us does indeed have an attending support team of invisible, spiritual helpers, the big question becomes WHY?

Why are they here? Why would these entities - spirit guides and guardian angels - want to hang around us? What could possibly be their motivation?

My mother was actually the first person to ask me Why would angels care about what we're up to?

I had already been convinced for close to a year that these spiritual entities were present - I was actively communicating with them, consciously engaging them, and intentionally nurturing a relationship with them - and seeing incredibly positive, life-changing results - before I begin to wonder:

Why would angels want to communicate with me? Why would entities in spirit form - free of the earthly condition and the confines of the physical body - choose to pay so much attention to what human beings are up to?

Other questions immediately followed -- Is it just me? Do only a few people have spirit guides and guardian angels, or does everyone have them?

At first, I was focused on communicating with my own guides - my awareness of them came at a point of intense personal crisis. And it took some time to create and reliably practice speaking the language that I use with my guides; this language is still in a constant state of evolution and development. Six months after what I would consider the major breakthrough, or conscious turning point of my clairaudience, the messages I received from my guardian angels began to extend to other people - friends who were sometimes close to me, sometimes not.

I realized almost immediately that my awareness did indeed extend to other people. I kept silent about it, out of fear of how others would judge my sanity...

But I have never met another human being who does not have at least two (usually many more) benevolent entities present.

  • I sense personal angels, with little detail.
  • Some of the archangels I have come to recognize and can identify by name.
  • The entities I know to be spirit guides are usually the easiest for me to engage - other people's spirit guides reveal themselves to me readily -- if the person requests that I contact them.

I require your express permission to connect with your guides, at which point, they will tell me their names and speak to me (almost) as clearly as my own. But, even without your permission or direct request, my own spirit guides will relay information - or pass on messages - obtained from your guides.

Especially when the message is urgent. Part of my personal journey has revolved around developing policies for when it's appropriate to divulge the information. Generally, I've found that encouraging you to believe in, connect with, and communicate with your guides yourself is the most effective way to ensure that you can take advantage of your spiritual support system.

We All Have Spirit Guides We vary in our ability to willfully engage them - I believe this is more an issue of practice and exercise of this inherent ability - and our experience of communicating with them is different, according to our personal belief systems... but I believe they are here, we all receive their guidance and protection, one way or another…

Don't worry that you're missing their messages, or that you aren't hearing them - you are. You just may not recognize the information; you may require that their guidance be packaged in such a way that you can process it. In order to accept spiritual, intuitive guidance, you may need it to resemble the thoughtforms you are most comfortable with.

Still, the Questions Remain

  • Why are these angels and spiritual attendants present at all?
  • Why are they here?
  • What do they want with us?
  • What is it that these beings are trying to accomplish?

When I first asked these questions, I experienced the answers in a form known as clairsentience - I simply KNEW.

With the exception of a short answer I give, here and there, when someone asks, I have never really unraveled, explained, and translated this information as I am now. The overarching mission of the articles on this site is to translate the wisdom I've personally received into this human language, so that others may take it up and explore it in their own lives.

You also have the ability to connect -- and to communicate -- with your spirit guides. Please, do not ever think that I am special in some way that you are not - that is so NOT the message I'm trying to put out there. As a matter of fact, it's the exact opposite - my main motivation for ceasing promoting or inviting personal, one-on-one Readings is that acting as a relay medium or translator between you and your guides perpetuates the notion that I have a gift that you don't, that I can do something you can't.

I have applied myself to learning this language - I practice it daily, I work at it, I fail miserably, at times - I doubt, I question, I explore, I beat myself up, I wonder why I can't do it better and more - I am constantly asking "Who do I think I am?"

About a year ago, my friend John introduced me to a deep trance medium, Dr. Meg Blackburn-Losey, who channels the Masters - a group of entities that many psychics connect with by a variety of names. John and I attended a group session in Atlanta last February, and it was on that occasion that I received a very important directive in the form of a question:

How long do you intend to keep what works to yourself, when it could be so useful to so many people?

It may surprise you to know that Shift Your Spirits was the most terrifying project I've ever undertaken. The fear and inhibition surrounding sharing this information with you was enormous. I'm still not entirely out of the woods yet -- or out of the broom closet -- but I'm getting there… I'm still trying to find the way to fulfill this ever-unfurling mission -- to present spiritual communication in a way that transcends the hokey and becomes practical information that you can actually apply to your own experience -- that you can really use, with beneficial results.

The Short Answer: They are the Cheerleaders The short answer to why we have spirit guides and guardian angels -- the universal role that they play in our lives -- what they are doing here with us -- is that they are cheerleaders.

That's right -- OUR cheerleaders -- they serve our human mission.

I think most people erroneously believe that angels are somehow higher than humanity -- better than, more important, closer to Source, closer to God.

First of all, we are all expressions of God -- and the idea that there is a hierarchy is where we go wrong. Angels and human beings and bacteria are not ordered according to importance -- they are all simply Other. There is a diversity of divine expression, and it's not a contest.

In terms of complexity of this divine expression, living human beings actually represent a greater invention -- or maybe a better word is deeper.

Angels are a much simpler expression of God; angels do not access the degree of difficulty or the range of experience that human beings do. We are God's masterpiece; we are co-creators in the Universe; we are the means by which God experiences and knows itself.

While we may look up to angels as miraculous or magical beings -- higher than we are -- they know that our mission is the most important.

Angels are our older siblings, but we are the prodigal children. You must remember that God chose to incarnate as human.

Angels are a limited, earlier prototype of spiritual being. They do not experience anywhere near the complexity of the wisdom gained from living, human incarnation.

Angels have:

  • No physical senses
  • No free will
  • No gender or sexuality

They do not experience the joys or the difficulties of life - they don't eat, or have sex, or feel emotions. They only have one state or mode of experience - and while it may be bliss, it's incredibly limited. They do not suffer, but they love, untested.

Angels do not extend the creation of the Universe. They may have it easy, but their task doesn't approach the significance of man's role as co-creator of reality.

Life is incredibly complicated and difficult. The masterpiece of humanity - the ascension of the human race - is the masterpiece and triumph of Heaven itself.

God can only win God's Game if we win. Ascension is an All-or-Nothing Prospect; we either all make it, or none of us do...

Ours is the greater mission, and they -- the hosts of Heaven -- the angels, the spirits who have incarnated before us, and God -- all have a vested interest in seeing that our mission is accomplished.

They respect and adore us -- we are like movie stars and athletic heroes to them.

We are the Champions.

Seek Wisdom - Practice Love