Let's Talk about Spirit Guides

Personal News

My mother is recovering nicely from a minor surgery, so I'm staying with her this week to help out. Forgive me, though, needless to say my routine is a little out-of-whack, with my priorities on family, followed by my private correspondence -- writing for you at the one-on-one level -- doing Readings.

But I have a few exciting new activities I want to announce:

Free Spirit Guide Tele-seminar

Andrea Hess of Empowered Soul has invited me to do a free teleclass on Saturday, November 17, 2007. We will be discussing Spirit Guides, including common misconceptions and frequently asked questions, in a live conference call format.

Details about the class are now posted here.

Upcoming Phone Readings

I'm very excited about the opportunity to share my voice with you in this most authentic format -- the teleclass with Andrea will also mark the beginning of my offering private Readings by phone. Anyone who knows me personally (including me) would tell you that I'm Talker more than I'm a writer -- it's a little hard for me to believe that you could connect with and get to know me all these months without literally hearing me!

New Reading Contest

Everyone who schedules a Full Question and Answer Reading during the month of November will be automatically entered into a drawing. The winner (one person) will receive a free follow-up Reading by phone.

They're YOUR Guides!

Andrea and I are conferring about the major talking points we want to include in the upcoming teleconference, so feel free to contact me with any suggestions or topics you'd like to hear discussed.

I want you to understand something about communicating with your guides -- the connection you have with your guides is always going to be superior to any psychic or medium.

When I do Readings, I'm essentially eavesdropping on YOUR conversation with the spirit entities who attend you. One of the things I struggle with regarding whether or not to do private, one-on-one Readings, or whether or not to share the names or other potentially subjective details your guides present, is somehow perpetuating the idea that you need a middle-man in order to receive spiritual guidance.

Your spirit guides and guardians want to talk to YOU.

Even if I "listen in" it's still you they are talking to, and you have access to layers of depth in the messages -- emotional and claircognitive experience that only you can feel, know, process...

I believe you were led to my site because you are awakening to the presence of your guides -- they want you to pay attention to them, and my hope is that once you know to pay attention, and have some sense of whom you're calling on, and realistic expectations of how this communication occurs, your own intuitive abilities will evolve and grow.

When it comes to your life, I don't have better access -- your access, your experience, is on-going and rich. I can access your energy at a specific day and time, but you are engaged in this communication all the time. My Readings are an event -- your divinity is inevitable, imminent, constant.

What I can do is glean details, provide translation, but more than anything your expectations with any psychic assistance should be to acquire affirmation and confirmation. You shouldn't be dependent on any psychic to develop the relationships with your higher self, your guides, your perception of the Divine...

Remember, the connection to -- the relationship with -- your guides is yours.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love