Professional Intuitive Training

I'm very excited to announce my new Professional Intuitive Training, Certification and Mentoring program! I'm relaunching the Automatic Intuition site with:

  • My existing Personal Courses in Automatic Intuitive Response™
  • A Professional Training and Mentoring Program
  • A new Automatic Intuition blog

Over the past year, the group of Shift Your Spirits readers, intuitive counseling clients, and marketing/business clients who are also professional intuitives and healing arts practitioners has grown very fast. I wanted to create a separate website specifically dedicated to this topic.

In addition to training and providing marketing consultation for fellow intuitives, I'm also going to be posting free articles and resources focused on developing intuitive abilities and the business of being psychic.

I hope you'll check out the training programs, download the application to work with me, and subscribe to the new blog at Automatic Intuition

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