Talking to Your Spirit Guides -- Class

Circle Attunement by Vitor BosshardYou can download the first class -- Talking to Your Spirit GuidesNew Moon Attunement & Lecture on Clairaudient Dialoguing

The seminar was recorded live on August 30, 2008. Seventy-five people attended the lecture and received the attunement to identify and develop their clairaudient intuition.

This class on spirit guides and psychic ability is now available for instant digital download.

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Image created by Vitor Bosshard illustrating our June 2008 Circle Workshop attunement. Used with the artist's permission.

Questions from SYS Readers: "How can I connect more easily with my spirit guides?" "How can I practice and develop my intuitive abilities?" "How can I get past the psychic noise of my Thinking Mind?" "How can I ask my guides questions and get answers I can hear more clearly?" "How can I insure that I'm psychically protected?"

Intentions & Objectives of this class:

  • Receive an attunement designed to raise your spiritual vibration, clear any energetic blocks, and open up your intuitive channel
  • Identify the various ways your psychic abilities already work and develop them further
  • Release your old expectations about how your spirit guides respond to you, and better understand the relationship between your ego-driven Thinking Mind and your Intuition
  • Establish a working practice for communicating with your spirit guides, guardian angels, and your Higher Self
  • Program your own power device for on-going protection and enhanced clarity
  • Learn my absolute number, all-time favorite, most effective clairaudient dialoguing technique for asking your spirit guides questions and receiving instant, practical, common sense responses you can use

Cost: "I really want to communicate with my guides but I can't afford a reading right now."

My private readings and coaching only allow me to work with a very small number of people each month -- especially relative to the growing number of people who are interested in my teaching them. Personalized services are expensive.

Here's an opportunity for me to share with a much larger number of people the Vocalization techniques I personally use to converse with my guides on a daily basis.

Your investment for this class is only $34.

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