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Hey, want to watch a movie and have a discussion with me?Last week, my friend David sent me a link to a documentary film called Esoteric Agenda. Within 24 hours, several other Shift Your Spirits readers sent me the same link, all asking "Have you seen this?" A few of you requested a reaction from me...

So that you aren't overwhelmed by despair, I'll give you a few choice transcriptions from the end up front, because the last five minutes bear the reward:

This is the difference between the power of our Creator and anything else -- particularly evil: That you can go into a pitch black room, full of evil, full of darkness, and light a little candle, and instantly that darkness flees. But you can't do the opposite. You can't go into a well-lit room full of truth and wisdom and righteousness and joy and health and harmony with the Universal power -- You can't take any amount of Darkness and go into that well-lit room and have any effect whatsoever.

That is the metaphor which I frequently think of when I think that I'm not empowered. It is the greatest lesson for me, and I think for everybody else, to know that we are on the winning side and that we win in the end.

I don't know the identity of this speaker (perhaps you can tell me).

The closing narration reads like an introduction:

As you are watching this, understand that it is not a fight to be fought, it is not a war to be waged, no gun rights have to exercised, not a finger has to be lifted. Most people wonder how one person can make a difference. They ask that if all this is so simple, and all this information is available, why hasn't someone else conquered their fears and changed the world for everyone else?

This is the most difficult and beautiful conundrum to our lives. Your reality affects you and only you, your curiosity has led you to this genre of information to serve a very specific purpose in your life.

To understand visually how the Universe is truly a hologram, a math professor at Yale University developed a formula that is plugged into a computer program... [it] shows a seemingly disorganized pattern; but no matter how far you zoom into the design, you will always find the same pattern within the whole pattern. Each fractal, broken down infinitely, will always reflect the whole. When one fractal changes its pattern, the sum total of the whole pattern changes along with it.

This exemplifies that the whole world does not need to be awoken, there's no race to inform the 6 billion people on this planet of this message, it is only important that you personally learn to conquer your innermost fears and learn to love.

Links: This final section can be found as Part 13 out of 13 on YouTube The entire film can be found on Google Videos

I certainly can't tell you what to think about this movie, and before I tell you what I think about this movie, I want to hear what you think... Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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