Indigos Aren't Children Anymore

How did this major passage in the lives of Indigos creep up so suddenly without my anticipating it? Not only have Indigos reached adulthood and started families of their own, they are now reaching the point of their Saturn Returns, with all the hardcore life lessons that Saturn marked at the time of their births.

Are you an Indigo adult?

We can't really refer to the Indigos as children anymore, can we? Although it is my understanding that Indigo souls have been coming in -- incarnating -- trickling in for perhaps a century in smaller numbers -- the greatest wave of Indigos born in massive numbers was concentrated primarily in the late 1970s and 1980s -- and even these souls have been adults for more than a decade now.

A large number of people for whom I perform spirit guide readings easily qualify as either Lightworkers or Indigos. A smaller number have distinct spiritual Callings, channel, identify, or work with specific archetypes, or express other easily identifiable life themes… These types of spiritually-based identifiers comprise a large chunk of the information I retrieve during the simplest, most basic of introductory readings. (At some point, I should probably change the name of this reading to reflect the larger issues it reveals.)

Perhaps even more important than isolating your primary spirit guide's name, and the dominant life themes or karmic lessons they assist you with, are the keywords they quickly communicate such as "Indigo." If you are an Indigo, this is one of the first things your guides will tell me about you.

Your spirit guides will tag you as Indigo in a heartbeat -- the challenging thing for me at this point in my research... admitting to and acting on the fact that I need to study this phenomenon. So many other authors, psychologists, and spiritual teachers have chosen this as their area of expertise, but due to the increasing numbers of people whose guides point to their Indigo status I realize I must commit myself to researching and learning more.

A few general things I can tell you about your Indigo status:

  • The greatest number of you seem to have been born in the late 1970s through the 1980s.
  • You were often (in my opinion) misdiagnosed with learning disabilities, hyperactivity, or attention deficit disorders. This misunderstanding came from the clash with long-established social institutions, particularly traditional education and intelligence evaluation. The established social systems sought to label the behavioral phenomena accordingly -- to absorb these radically different children -- without changing the System. Easier to say there is something "wrong" with these children, rather than address the need to renovate the institutionalized understanding of child development and education. It makes me absolutely shudder to think of how medicating these children was so quickly adopted as the number one prescription or first means of addressing the issues raised by these spiritually evolved kids.

Since I was a teenager, I've received loud, bellowing, clanging, intuitive alarms -- these kids aren't intellectually challenged, they're spiritually evolved! Perhaps some day very soon science will be able to look back at the genetic markers representing the next step of homo sapiens sapiens

(Please, again, I am nowhere near being the most reliable source -- help me research this topic and don't hesitate to contact me with what you find. I'd love to recommend the best books, the best web sites, etc. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, who I've had the pleasure of meeting and witnessing her trance channeled sessions with the Ascended Master -- someone whose insights I would trust -- has written a book called The Children of Now that extends this area of research and focuses on the next generations, the Crystal and Star Children. Doreen Virtue is a mainstream author and intuitive who has also published on this topic…)

Even if you weren't born an Indigo...

An even bigger context to keep in mind is that even if you are NOT an Indigo, the world is full of them -- it is highly likely that you will have many significant partnerships with Indigos -- for years now they've been your children, your siblings, your students, your employees… Because they are reaching an age of greater authority, they are more and more likely to be your boss!

The odds of your marrying an Indigo -- especially if you are within a certain age group -- are huge.

The evolution toward a more universal, humanist, globally-connected collective consciousness -- the human Oversoul -- is one of the most significant driving factors of our entire society. Indigos affect all of us -- I've recently read that people of all ages acquire -- or learn -- Indigo traits and are literally "switching" to a mode of consciousness more in line with what the Indigos represent -- more psychic, more compassionate, more empathic, more collectively organized, and no longer tolerant of the Old World Order. In many ways, this echoes the changes you experience individually during Saturn Returns. I'm feeling that as Indigos start passing through their Saturn Return in enormous numbers, we will see a similar shift on a global scale. I believe this must resemble what chaos theorists describe as strange attractors -- nodes of dense gravity -- who have the power to introduce radiating changes -- picture a domino effect that moves like the circular ripples from a stone dropped in a pond, each Indigo as a center point. Factor in the overlapping waves, and this occurring at multiple dimensions… I can't even wrap my brain around it.

But even if I don't have all the vocabulary at my fingertips to translate it into words, I am observing it with wonder and barely contained excitement.

At the very least, I advise you to research the meaning of Indigo yourself. I'm also requesting that you share with me the best of what you find online so that I can offer better recommendations to my clients.

It's tricky, because I must be careful not to let someone else's research influence, overly inform, or otherwise color my readings, yet I want to maintain a balance with the wisdom that's already out there.

In the last three months, I've observed an overwhelming percentage of reading requests from Indigos who are confounded by a major astrological transit known as the Saturn Return. As the amount of observable data I accumulate from my readings grows, I am always on the lookout for any patterns -- especially those that correspond nicely with traditional astrological vocabulary.

"Wait a minute," I thought. "Indigo children are having Saturn Returns?!"

It hadn't occurred to me that they were old enough, but because the Saturn Return happens at the same age for everyone, I'm now seeing the "Big Surge" in the Indigo population awakened by the overwhelming impulse to seek divine guidance regarding the significant life changes brought by Saturn. The good news for Indigos is that Saturn seems to be causing less disruption -- this major transit is not wreaking havoc in their lives to the degree that it has with older generations. I would attribute this smoother Saturn life transition to the very qualities that Indigos are known for:

  • Indigos seek out and embrace change.
  • Their collective mission is to break down socially established behavior patterns; it's the way they roll.
  • The things that caused their teachers and parents to label them as "difficult" when they were children seem to serve them well during times of spiritual flux and change.
  • Indigos don't lose their minds when confronted with chaos; indeed they seem to thrive on energetic fluctuations that strike panic into the hearts of their parents and grandparents.

The Indigos I'm meeting are not struggling with their Saturn lessons nearly as much as I would expect -- but they are feeling their Saturn Returns just as much as anyone. While the older generations have a tough time letting go of the patterns and relationships that aren't working for them -- typically digging in, clinging, insisting that they be dragged kicking and screaming -- the Indigos are very sensitive that something major is happening to them -- they are confused and feeling a bit lost -- but the Indigos seem to be better equipped at surfing this particular evolutionary chaos. The news of what is happening to them resonates with them immediately; they seem less inclined to fight and struggle, and therefore require very little direction and encouragement to adapt to these changes.

It's wild to observe the requests for charts and readings over the past couple of years literally roll through the zodiac -- and it's the current Saturn aspect the requests mirror. Indigo after Indigo passing through their Saturn Returns, right after the other, day after day -- my schedule was lining them up almost perfectly according to birthday -- this is what first caught my attention.

So, what's the connection between Indigos, Saturn Returns, and Spirit Guides? My theory is that the Saturn Return is so significant and so impossible to ignore that it's acting as a prompt to connect with your guides regarding your life lessons (karma) and a powerful urge to reorient your path according to a higher sense of life purpose.

I'd estimate that there could be about 500 people reading this right now for whom these theories certainly apply. If you're approaching | right at | just past 29 - 31 years old, you're feeling like the Universe has a wrecking ball aimed right at your life, and you were "diagnosed" as a child with any of the attributes associated with Indigo children -- there's a very good chance that you are an Indigo whose greatest karmic lessons are being delivered by strict Saturn -- and your spirit guides are sounding the alarms to wake you up...

One thing that your Spirit Guides and your Chart will reveal to me during an introductory Name Reading is whether or not this is happening to you and in what areas, circumstances, or life themes the lessons are most likely to occur.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love