Why You Should Set New Year's Intentions Early This Year

Image - Mercury Since December 10, 2010, Mercury has appeared to be going backward in the sky; today he is slowing down to return to a direct forward motion. Mercury usually goes retrograde three times per year, but 2010 has seen an unusual four Mercury Retrogrades.

(I'm blaming my disastrous attempt last week to upgrade to iPhone 4 on Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury Direct & New Year's Resolutions

Because Mercury (finally) goes direct very early in the morning Thursday or late in the evening Wednesday, depending on where you live, make New Year's Resolutions -- set your Intentions for 2011 -- a few days early.

When? Today!

Ideally, this evening for those of us living in the United States.

You want to set those intentions just ahead of the direct motion. Use the metaphor of surfing -- get in position in front of the wave that comes to pick you up and carry you forward.

Mercury stations to go direct 2:21 am Thursday December 30 EST/ 11:21 pm Wednesday December 29 PST

New Year Resolutions made this evening are more likely to be put into practice.

When Mercury slows down in the sky and is just about to reverse into forward motion, resolutions, intentions, promises, contracts, and agreements made during this time are more likely to be carried longer -- further -- into the future.

New Year's Resolution Alternatives

I believe there are about 10 exercises on Shift Your Spirits that make great "New Year's Resolutions" -- I'll post links to my favorites over the course of the next few days on Facebook and Twitter.

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image credit Thomas Hawk via Creative Commons on Flickr