What Do You Need to Let Go?

Image of Releasing Crows If you feel like the Universe has a wrecking ball aimed at your life, it may be the change you've been praying for.

The early stages of renovation -- of tearing down the structures that aren't working for you and replacing them with something new -- can be a noisy, stressful mess.

When things are falling away at a shockingly rapid pace, when you think you're losing everything, when it feels like the Universe is grabbing at your life and snatching away whatever it can, forcing you to give up one thing right after another...

Ask yourself: What do I need to release? What am I clinging to that no longer serves me?

There's something that desperately needs to go.

And, if you let the Universe pick for you, it will strip with a monstrous paw -- blunt, heavy-handed, indiscriminate, random.

Any hope of strategy or precision can only come through your choices, your tough decisions.

All things pass. If you don't want their passing chosen for you, choose.

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Image credit h.koppdelaney via Creative Commons on Flickr