What If You Change What You Want?

Image of Dandelions What if you change what you want?

It’s a question.

I’m asking you...

I don’t know your answer.

What if you move the goal post? …change your desire altogether? What if the actions you’ve been taking aren’t producing the results you want because you’re not aiming at the right target?

What if there's room for compromise? …such a thing as a middle way? What if you’re discounting options?

Have you forgotten what you were fighting for? ...your original intention? Would it be a relief to lay down your sword?

Would changing what you want change who you are? Would that be a bad thing?

Do you believe you are what you want? Have you become your purpose?

Is the thought of changing it relatively easy, exciting? ...or is it horrifying, impossible to imagine?

What does that tell you?

I'm not saying you should necessarily change anything. I'm suggesting you consider what emerges when you ask the question.

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Image credit Darwin Bell via Creative Commons on Flickr