Downloading Heaven

Slade at Bell Rock Vortex, SedonaAs we walked up toward Bell Rock vortex in Sedona, I asked my shamanic guide what to expect. "Am I supposed to feel something in particular?" According to Native American legend and popular lore -- my memory of the details is a bit spotty, please feel free to research -- each individual vortex in the area corresponds to either masculine or feminine energies. I believe most people report a fast or rapid vibration -- energy speed -- at Bell Rock, which must mean that I am spiritually hyperactive, because I experienced a Ritalin Effect.

Bell Rock shut me up and slowed me down -- I experienced an incredible hush within that energy. I became very quiet.

The Airport Mesa vortex, which, if I remember correctly, is "supposed" to be more calming made me feel antsy and uncomfortable.

This doesn't really surprise me -- I often experience the opposite of common side effects with medicines... If it makes most people drowsy, I won't sleep. If it jacks you up, it probably sedates me...

My conclusion, of course (indeed, it's probably the most common thesis statement you'll find here running through this variety of topics) is that What You Feel when you experience spiritual energy is incredibly personal -- as unique as your fingerprint whorls and the mosaic flecks in the irises of your eyes.

Since this past August 2008, I've been receiving increasing amounts of email questions, article suggestions, and consultation requests regarding (primarily) clairaudient and/or auditory phenomena:

  • high-pitched ringing in the ears
  • faint modem-like noises
  • ghost music or ambient loops
  • split hearing (when one seems to drop out or become momentarily muffled)
  • soft tapping, popping, or other subtle percussive effects

Do I personally have these types of quasi-physical experiences? The short answer is Yes, to all of the above, at one time or another.

Do I believe they are related to psychic ability or spiritual communication of some kind? Yes, ruling out all other potential physiological causes, I'm pretty comfortable at this point associating these episodes with intuitive theories.

Disclaimer I am quickly developing in the area of medical intuition, but I am certainly not a medical professional, so please understand that I am speaking from an assumption that you have ruled out physical causes. One of the most effective ways that spirit guides and guardian angels will assist you with medical issues is by leading you to professionals -- other people -- with the proper training, experience, wisdom, and technology to treat you. Don't trade a good doctor for the advice of a psychic or vice versa -- a combination, a synergy, of all available sources is always the highest potential path to effective healing.

That disclaimer stated, I've had my physical hearing tested several times in the past, convinced that I must have some medically diagnosable hearing loss. Those tests have shown that my left ear is slightly weaker than my right, but barely discernible, nothing noteworthy, nothing to write a post about... Yet I can not dismiss my personal experience -- my clairaudient intuitive impulses seem to come in on the left side of my head and I can not talk on the phone -- can't hear anything -- without holding the handset or receiver up to my right.

I have been putting this post off for months (years, really). It seems that every time I experience one of these phenomena, I'm left with a sense of What is going on -- that I'm receiving what I call a Download from Heaven, or a soul level software update -- but not necessarily with a clear sense of Meaning, Significance, or What New Features may be included in the latest version.

For years, I listened carefully to the pillow tappings, alert for some pattern to reveal itself to me, as if it might be a kind of angelic Morse code. Many of my clients request explanations or interpretations of similar experiences during readings -- "What is the message? What are they trying to tell me?"

The catch-all answer to these questions is that you are probably receiving a Download from Heaven -- your spiritual software is being updated -- but it's not necessary for you to process a specific message from those individual episodes while they are happening.

Continue Working... Remember the days of dial-up internet and AOL, when you could actually listen to the video game scream of the modem? Those electronic noises simply meant "Your computer is talking to the web."

Similarly, when your computer receives an automatic software update, you're prompted with a request to install or a notification that you may continue working while the updates are being downloaded and installed. At most, you may see a progress bar, a graphic depiction of the process taking place... but you don't have to Do anything. Even if you could watch the download coming in and attempt to read it, you'd see only code scrolling by too fast for your brain to process, in a language that your computer can process and understand perfectly, but your understanding it is not necessary for you to receive and install the goodies. At most, you may be required to reboot for the update to take effect.

This is basically the explanation I receive whenever I ask my spirit guides about this phenomenon -- whether for myself or for you.

The really cool thing about having a relationship with all of you is that I have so much incoming data to work with -- when I receive multiple emails from readers and clients asking the same question in a given time frame -- especially when it corresponds to something similar happening to me -- then I know Something's Going On.

At the end of the Summer, 2008, SO many of us received a spiritual update. It was so Big that it took me months to process on my end... Not to mention, that Download from Heaven seemed to be accompanied by medical problems and challenges down here in Third Dimensional Meat Space. So many of us became physically ill at that time, and even more of us have reported that September 2008 was... um, Challenging, i.e., A Month from Hell, in one way or another. (Which is partly my excuse for not even addressing it -- it was nearly impossible for me to report from the eye of the storm... I was just hanging on with both hands to a metaphorical palm tree blown horizontal and trying to ride it out.) There was also a noteworthy Download around/ up to November 19, 2008, the purpose of which was to urge you to Go Bigger.

So, last night, I'm asking Heaven what to publish today at the beginning of this new year -- I had a few possibilities in mind -- and, what do you know, I lost hearing in my left ear (my spirit ear) for a good fifteen minutes. This was accompanied by a muscle twitch in my left leg.

I am not alone in my theory that we tend to receive intuitive impulses on one side of the body more than the other, with the other side being the stronger in the physical sense. This is certainly true for my eyes as well, with the vision in my right eye consistently testing stronger. Some of you know that I had a minor stroke about six years ago that rendered me partially paralyzed on my left side. Although I have recovered about 90% of the nerve function, I still have this annoying twitch in the left side of my face -- which hurts my vanity more than anything... :-)

That extreme experience was accompanied by a surge in the Voices that I hear. Somebody turned up the volume to a degree that I could no longer deny or repress it. I don't know Why, I don't know How you may experience Downloads from Heaven, I don't know that all of you who receive them are necessarily aware of them when they occur, but if it makes you feel better to know, we are not alone in this. We each get a little piece of the truth -- our personal connection to Source; this is my little puzzle-piece contribution.

Note the signs and the patterns that are unique to you. Some of these may be similar to what others report; some may not.

My guides and guardians assure me that Whatever it is that's being Upgraded, Shifted, Adjusted -- the New Features -- will reveal themselves when the time is right, and that may not be at the exact moment we note the New Code coming in.

I asked early this morning if they could give me a Calendar of Heavenly Downloads for 2009 -- something global that we might all use to anticipate and track what's happening. I'm going to post this for whatever it's worth, as a kind of experiment. It might be interesting to see if any of these dates prove to be relevant throughout this upcoming year. Please note that corresponding physical experiences will most likely occur in the week or so preceding these dates.

January 11th February 15th March 17th April 4th June 11th

If I receive any additional information that corresponds with these dates, I will post it. Please feel free to alert me to anything going on with you so that I can record any patterns among us.

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