Higher Ground

Image - Taking the High Road It's way too easy (for many of us) to choose to feel badly as a means of ensuring that we feel Something. Anything at all.

Is it really that much of a wonder why weakness of spirit and lack of self-esteem allow people to choose "drama" in their lives? You don't understand the origin of that motivation? Come on.

We choose drama for fun -- stories, music, gossip, entertainment, sex, voyeurism, creation and death... The mind loves drama. The brain lives to solve problems. As a machine, it's highly specialized. That is exactly what it evolved to do.

And, so, we can't seem to exist without a challenge...

We're afraid that the effort and the commitment that our dreams require might not pay off. What if we work our asses off and only get halfway there?

It's damn easy to be right about getting Nowhere.

How "right" do you need to be? Or how how badly do you need to be right?

A crazy attempt never hurts as much as you fear.

Go ahead. Wear yourself out climbing up onto the high road.

The view is worth it.

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Image credit h.koppdelaney via Creative Commons on Flickr