S#*t Happens (And It Ain’t Destiny)

How do you know which things in life happen because they were predetermined versus things you’re experiencing because of decisions you made that are not in alignment with your soul path and purpose?

And why do things happen to you? Is it karma?


73 - S#*t Happens (And It Ain’t Destiny)


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A little disclaimer:

Automatic Intuition is not a cult where everyone subscribes to my belief system, or assimilates to a shared philosophy.

The exact opposite.

The intention is to support YOU in discovering YOUR practice and bringing through YOUR wisdom. Because if you say to me “I’m bringing through info about Soul Contracts” I can say “Cool! That’s not my wheelhouse, but it could be yours. Let me support you in accessing that wisdom."

Because I know there is audience for whatever you believe, even if it’s not what I believe.

All to say …

I might piss some people off with this segment. And disappoint a bunch of others.

You don’t have to believe what I believe.

I celebrate the Mystery. Not Knowing is normal.

I think anytime anybody tells you they KNOW something is true on the other side, in another dimension, about the Universe that cannot be tested or corroborated ... My alarms go off.

That’s fundamentalism.

If it’s a theory, if it’s a cool myth, if it’s an archetypal fable, or if it’s channeled wisdom … Then it’s all those things.

But it’s not necessarily fact.

It’s the kind of belief that requires faith.

And you’re entitled to your faith.

I’m entitled to my alternatives.

But most of you are here listening because you want to talk about personal development and spirituality without all the blind faith or the “It’s channeled. Therefore it’s fact.” That’s a leap. Even coming me, you should take it with a grain of salt.

I have a magical world view — in some areas, I’m a total space cadet and you might be inclined to think “I’m not buying that.” Where in others, even in more established subjects, I’m like “Nope. That’s a fairy tale. That doesn’t work for me in the real world.”

I know I’m putting out mixed messages. I know I’m full of contradictions. The jury is out on a lot of my beliefs, but … we are deliberating and accepting whatever redacted documents you want to share …

I’m making these disclaimers about myself, Automatic Intuition, and our beliefs because I want you to know that my own students disagree with me and my opinions do not necessarily represent the others.

I admittedly have a little bit of a bully pulpit here.

BUT I am encouraging all my mentoring clients to create their own.

We celebrate diversity of thought, and people having their own clients, their own audience, that resonates with their particular perspective. Just like you resonate with most of mine.


How do you know which things in life happen because they were predetermined/contracted lessons, versus, things you’re experiencing because of decisions you made that are not in alignment with your soul path/purpose?

A lot of people chimed in with thoughts about Soul Contracts.

I actually know a lot of people both inside my mentoring community and in other groups who do work with soul contracts. I know a lot about the resources for that work and I know people I can put you in touch with.

If you want to deep dive on soul contracts, you can.

I talk about Spirit guides. And they can’t be proven. But I can implement the advice I perceive from them and see the results of that information in my actual world.

Here’s the part where I’m gonna piss some people off...

I don’t believe in Fate.

I don’t believe in soul contracts and predestination.

I don’t believe in a supreme being that micromanages our actions.

I don’t believe we choose our hardships from a menu of bad shit while sitting on a cloud in the bardo between lifetimes.

I get the question WHY in readings a lot.

For years I’ve gotten these questions.

I’ve had a lot of time to bring through those messages and practice how best to deal with feelings of “Why did this happen to me?"

I don’t believe asking WHY something happened ever gets you the answers you need.

Better questions to ask are:

  • What can I learn from this?

  • What am I going to do with this?

  • What can I make from it?

Shit happens. Random shit happens to good people.

Now, when you make bad choices and you stray from the path and purpose you know in your heart you should be in, then you increase the chances of bad shit happening.

I don’t think it’s karma sometimes as much as it’s self-sabotage.

But none of this is to say I don’t believe we’re here for a reason

or that we don’t have a purpose

or that this isn’t a profound spiritual experience

Maybe we come in with general themes, not specific jobs to accomplish

Maybe we come in with a weakness in some aspects of our being and attract life lessons that allow us to master those issues

Maybe the issues get assigned through the process of living, being here.

There are a myriad of components:

family members, society, culture, time period

Incidental random circumstances

All combining and crashing and merging with WHO YOU ARE at soul level

Why does it have to be pre-scripted?

Does it make you feel better to think you came here with a list of challenges to deal with—

  • at 42 I’m going to have a bad mammogram

  • at 32 I’m going to test positive for HIV

Please don’t say something like to someone living with cancer or HIV. But do imagine what it sounds like if you do.

I think it’s offensive.

But I’m entirely okay with saying we chose to come participate in this big virtual reality free for all called the earth plane. And I’m okay with thinking or believing or telling stories about spiritual entities coming here to have a human experience.

I think we could just say Yes, knowing it’s going to be dangerous and treacherous and painful, as well as joyful and exciting.

I do believe, just to bottom line it, that we are here to learn how to transcend existential pain and choose love.

And if we didn’t set that up beforehand, it’s still the best way forward.

Because even the most old school Old Testament fundamentalist story telling tells us the thing that separates human kind from all the other entities swirling around our galactic center is our free will.

Having something be contracted before your lifetime — feels like a cop out to me.

It feels like the opposite of will.

It feels like something that is comfortable to the victim.

Listen, we are all victims at some points in our lives, and will continue to be, until we choose to transcend it.

That’s the only thing that separates a victim from a victor.

At some point you’ve got to put down that bag of rocks and learn how to throw them with precision.

Turn your burdens into gifts.

Your pain into tools.

The ingredients of a meaningful life are the same as a pointless one — it all gets shifted with perspective, gratitude, and an exercise of your free will.

I’m much more comfortable accepting some shit is random; and some of the shit we bring on ourselves through the choices we make; or a combination of the above.

In fiction storytelling, drama and empathy are created in the audience by giving our characters a set of Best Bad Choices to make.

At our very, very best, we’re just doing our best, maybe writing that contract on the fly.

Making it up as we go.

Even the best of us.

Now we have good intentions and we have free will.

And we have the choice to make something meaningful out of what is happening to us.

WHY it happened … that’s a shit show.

What you need to survive this world is not knowledge of a soul contract, but sheer courage.