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Image - True Ghost Stories Around this time each year, I receive requests from other bloggers who are editing collections of stories about ghosts, hauntings, and paranormal activity. Readers also ask me to point them to the ghost stories in my archives. New readers may not have stumbled across them yet -- and I humbly think they represent some of my best blogging...

Ghost Stories on Shift Your Spirits

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Haunting

"I began hearing voices and sleepwalking in 1978, when, at the age of nine, my family moved into the haunted Green House..."

This suspenseful three-part memoir is one of my personal favorites -- it begins with "To Sleepwalk in the Past Tense"

Ghost in the Flame

“I can see you in the candle flame,” the spirit claimed.

This two-part memoir is really about something a little more than the "average ghost" -- an ancestor spirit.

Waking Ghosts

"I like houses with ghosts. I prefer them."

This four-part piece features a simple ritual called a "Penny Charm" which you can use to contact any earthbound spirits that may be in your home.

Jack Daniels Makes You Telepathic

"In keeping with the tradition of most Gothic tales, someone must wander off on his own and become sufficiently isolated…"

This is a quirky, cheeky one-part story about a ghost I encountered one summer.

More Paranormal Stories

For more Shift Your Spirits in this vein, check out the Hauntings category and the ongoing Paranormal Memoirs.

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