Intuition's Wake

Image - Intuition RipplesAutomatic Intuitive Response is the basic set of tools and techniques I use to identify, exercise, develop, and express clairaudient information. The magic, for me, is not about mystically deep meditation so much as it's about tricking the enemies of Intuition -- Time and the Intellectual Mind -- into supporting your psychic abilities instead of overriding them. Why Time Constraints Work More than anything, it's a timing factor that trains your brain to jump in and capture that brief, lightning-fast, automatic, immediate moment of intuitive clarity. Once you capture that moment, jump on the right train, take the first step down the right path, you can bring in your Thinking Mind to elaborate and explore further.

You're near a lake when the water's calm, and suddenly you hear a splash -- a fish has briefly jumped or surfaced -- you may even catch a flash of motion out of the corner of your eye, and your head immediately jerks around to center on the spot… You see the ripples of the disturbance spreading out. The wake of that moment continues to move across the surface, very slowly compared to the initial splash. You can watch the ripples spreading for quite sometime; but you may have missed the source action of the initial disturbance -- because it happened so quickly. You didn't catch it. You didn't see what kind of fish may have jumped. Maybe the splash was made by someone throwing a rock, or by an object falling from the sky.

Your intuitive impulse is the split-second event that occurred in the still surface of the water. Your thinking process is the contemplation of the ripples that continue to spread from that point, very slowly by comparison. You only have a moment to witness the automatic knee-jerk response to the intuitive impulse; but you have plenty of time to mull it over and think about it, wonder what it could have been, wonder what it means...

If you are unsure about the explicit source or nature of that event, your intellectual analysis works against you -- unraveling that brief moment of intuitive clarity, spinning in circles of Maybe Logic and ego-driven Could-be's, or embellishing inaccurate potentialities. When you freeze-frame that same initial impulse, the Thinking Mind, the Intellect, and the frames of reference and experience stored by the Mind can be brought in as servants of Intuition and psychic ability.

Your Higher Self, your connection to Source, or your spirit guides are much more likely to deliver brief, powerfully short, simple, no-nonsense information. The brevity and lack of embellishment are the clues by which I identify communication from Spirit.

Your Thinking Mind, your Ego, your Fear, your Anxiety use a blow-hard Voice -- a Voice that drones on and on, filibustering 24-7, without a break, with near-infinite capacity for repetition and tricksy, slight alteration of detail. That Voice depends on a lot of Magnification as well -- just as the ripples or the wake on the water may grow and slow at the same time, becoming less sharply defined, even as they become relatively larger and move across a greater distance.

Counter-acting and re-ordering this series of spiritual and mental processes is not as esoteric as you may think. My goal is to share with you just how simple and practical all this woo-woo can be.

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