Soul Mates & Other Kinds of Passion: a Theory

After seven years of giving professional readings, I've observed that there are exactly three kinds of clients who ask questions regarding soul mates or romantic partnerships:

  1. Those who are single and dissatisfied and want to know how and when to acquire a romantic partnership.
  2. Those who are already partnered/ married, deeply dissatisfied or distressed.
  3. Those who are partnered to one person and pining away for another (an actual person or an ideal).

Then there are the clients who book readings to ask about other concerns:

  • Those who are partnered, happy, and working on another area of their lives.
  • Those who are single, happy, and working on another area of their lives.

So, a Theory:

If unhappy single people need guidance meeting someone, and if unhappy coupled people need guidance breaking up, then I must deduce the following:

  • The "happiness factor" in our lives is entirely based on internal perspective.
  • The "happiness factor" in our lives is independent of romantic status.

Did you get that?

A boyfriend will not "complete" you; and "getting a girlfriend" is the worst kind of substitute for "getting a life."

The Other Kind of Passion

The elusive missing component to your sense of fulfillment, sense of joy, and sense of purpose in life is found in an entirely different area. It has little (potentially nothing) to do with whether or not anyone wants to date you.

The simple joys are found in numerous, humble external circumstances (easily accessible by most people, excluding obvious extreme hardship and tragedy) or the sense of peace is found in the internal modes of attitude and choice.

A Common Thread

The good news is that the "fix" for dissatisfaction is usually a single, universal pursuit that affects all facets of the life you're creating. The fix is unique from one person to the next, but there's a common thread within the life of every individual.

If you do indeed have a soul mate that you are destined to meet, that individual most likely waits for you within the vicinity of your sense of purpose, or within the realm of another humbler, simpler pursuit of happiness. A shared hobby. A common interest.

There's one passion you can focus on that transforms all areas of your life simultaneously.

Deep down, you already know what that passion is. As you're reading this, you have flashes of this knowledge -- that goal you know you must achieve… that thing for which you feel you were put on this earth...

Go back to doing that -- love will find you there.

If you do not know what that passion is for you, talk to me.