What Is Only for Me to Do

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Sometimes, I look at what other people are able to accomplish and I think "Damn. Am I just lazy?"

But then, if I dig a little (if I unfold it far enough) I find the comparisons irrelevant -- I'm not interested in accomplishing what they have accomplished. I'm not here to do somebody else's work, I'm here to do mine.

And mine is all I intend to be equipped for.

You can't touch it. He can't touch it. She can't shame me for doing what is only for me to do.

So, in the future, if I'm going to feel lazy at all, it will simply be because I have compared what I know in my heart I could be doing to what I have actually managed to bother with.

...a kinder, gentler judgment that involves no one else is at least a step in the right direction.

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