5 Tips for Being A Money Magnet

  1. Appreciate money. A penny on the street is a flower from your lover. If you get a dollar and think "Is that all?" you're training yourself in such a way that when you get $100 dollars, you're naturally going to think "Is that all?"
  2. Strengthen your boundaries. It takes courage to say "Yes" to what you do want, and "No" to what you don't want. Conserve your energy and your time -- they both quantify your values and your sense of self-worth. What if you said No to all the things you don't want to do for a whole year? Think about how much time and energy you would save.
  3. Make a wish list. 100 things you would do or have if money was not an issue. "Wouldn't it be nice if…" "Wouldn't it be nice to..." Put it out there and then put it away. Don't be so specific about how the Stuff is supposed to look, and how it's supposed to happen, that you limit the Universe's ability to deliver. And don't keep repeating the request - that just keeps restarting the process. Have faith that once you put it Out There, it's on its way. Sit back and be open to finding it when it arrives.
  4. Stop treating money like a monster. Become a good money manager. If you don't have much, manage what you have - How can you manage a million if you can't manage a thousand? [Yeah, that one slapped me right in the face…]
  5. Surround yourself with the people who've mastered what you want to learn. If you only hang around people who believe Money is the root of all evil, you are reinforcing that belief in yourself. If you persist in behaving as if money is negative, your relationship with money will continue to be negative. Like attracts like. Find people who are successful and happy, who believe that money is plentiful, abundance is infinite, and behave as if money is fun and useful.

Source: Morgana Rae