Are You an Architect or a Gardener?

Image - Garden Intentions are much more like seeds than steel beams.

A blueprint would be peachy. An exact plan that you can hover over and predict. Control often seems like it would be the best tool to wield.

But maybe what you most want to manifest in your life right now cannot be assembled or built to order.

And maybe it doesn't even need to be.

You've put it out there, you've seeded the clouds, you've danced with the rainmakers, and you've collected drops from brainstorm after brainstorm, saving them in barrels and staining the pages of notebooks.

Does what you most want to create have a life of its own? Does the Universe have a plan that you couldn't manage if you tried?

Maybe this stage of what you're making needs a guiding hand, not a hammer. Or maybe all you need to tend is your patience.

Intentions are seeds -- are you an Architect or a Gardener?

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Image credit h.koppdelaney via Creative Commons on Flickr