How Much Abundance Do You Intend To Have?

You can at least dream Big, can't you?

Save the Reason and the Practicality for the Execution Phase of your Manifesting -- because the Universe is infinitely abundant; It knows no lack.

So why are you so quick to run off and begin manifesting with only manageable, limited intentions?

The fear of there being too little -- not enough to go around -- is only your perception. Your fears sabotage your intentions. You unconsciously send mixed messages to the Universe -- you ask for more, yet you don't really believe there is enough… or you don't really believe that you are worthy of receiving all that you ask for…

Maybe, because of your fear, you ask for less.

There's a Question even more important than:

"Is the glass half-empty or half-full?"

How you choose to perceive what you have is crucial to discovering more of it in your life, and there are plenty of arguments out there to convince you of how critical your optimistic bias is -- [link The Right Way to Pray] -- what my friend Diannia nicknames so well your "attitude of gratitude."

But back up a minute, and let's look at this glass you're using…

Universal Abundance flows like a fountain, it will fill whatever cup you bring -- I'd even go so far as to suggest that the Universe offers free refills to dine-in clients -- your cup represents your intention.

How much do you intend to receive? How much are you worthy of taking?

Here comes the hose -- the downpour shows no sign of letting up -- your cup shall runneth over -- but -- really important detail, here, people:

How big is your cup?

You can go to the well of Universal Abundance, you can ask, and you shall receive, you can have as much as you can carry away -- "your intentions can be a bucket, a coffee mug, or a thimble…"

So, how much wealth can you carry? How much joy can you stand?

[paraphrasing source: Sonia Choquette]