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Recent emails from Shift Your Spirits readers:

Slade, Thanks for posting your previous entries about Money. I've done some dialoguing with my Money archetype and it's really been helpful; it seems we have a good working relationship.

I wonder if there was something parallel to Money in personal relationships -- something like Love, for instance? I sense that there is, but I'm not sure if that is the proper guide to address or the proper way to approach the subject...? Mike

Great question/ great observation! It's interesting that you bring up the parallel between Money (Abundance) and Love (Relationships).

Morgana Rae "discovered" this parallel while coaching people in and about relationships. She noted that people with relationship issues have comparable issues with money.

Last fall, while studying with Doreen Virtue, she also drew the parallel between being able to receive Love and receive Abundance, and brought up how "blocks" occur in both these life areas simultaneously.

This was indeed a revelation for me, because I sensed it too... Once it was pointed out to me, the similarities -- the parallels one can draw -- continue to grow as I contemplate these subjects.

Slade, I thought you'd like to hear about this --

I took off work last week to stay with my parents in Missouri while dad had surgery. Prior to the trip, a brief worrisome thought about the lost income flitted through my mind. I let it go, and consciously stated, "I'm doing what I need to do. Whatever I need to accomplish the task will be provided."

And it was. Plus some!

A unexpected dividend check in the mail for nearly $300. Generous tips from happy clients. More so than usual. More out-call fee income than usual (just "landing" in my lap). Friends that borrowed my truck and returned it with a full tank of gas the day before my trip. A cash gift from my parents for my "trouble and time" in coming to visit. a friend that dog-sat for the week, saving me from paying six days of boarding fees for two dogs.

The "irony" that I actually "made" more money last week not working than if I had been!

The most important point in all of this for me is being clear about what I am to be doing and just doing it. And usually, what I need to be doing is doing, NOT worrying about the details of the doing! (seems like SOMEBODY has told me this a time or two, right?) :)

Now to manifest my miracle house sale for big bucks in record time! (this week's post being very timely for me as well).


Oh, you're RIGHT -- I do love this!

A great case study in how abundance and support "happen." The same kind of thing has happened to me so many times -- not worrying about the specifics, or the details, or the "form" the money/support will come in, but simply asking "Take care of this situation!" and then allowing the rest -- the form, the details, the How -- to be a surprise.

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