Taking Action - Earth Element - Manifesting a Relationship

How to approach taking action that represents the Earth Element in the context of attracting a relationship:

Hi Slade, I bought your Manifest Anything program recently and it has been wonderful! It has helped me make sense of times where I had manifesting success and to help direct my current intentions — thank you.
The one part that I still have difficulty understanding, however, is the Earth Element in regard to taking action.
What would taking action in the Earth Element look like, for example, if I were trying to attract a new relationship?
Thanks so much! Ben

Action = Participation

Contemplate and substitute the verb phrase "to take action" with "to engage in" or "to participate in."

  • What activities (actions) would you ideally wish to participate in with a partner? (Not talking about literal sex here, but other other kinds of recreational or social activities.)
  • Which of these same activities can you participate in as a single person — either by yourself or, ideally, among friends?

Concentrate on the Earth Element/ Physical Form as less about a Physical Object/Thing and more about Physical Environments.

  • Where do you currently socialize?
  • Where do your friends gather?
  • Where do you typically meet new platonic friends?
  • Where do you participate in groups?

Attracting a relationship is about human connection. You don't want to be lurking and cruising people from a corner — alone. You want to be surrounded by people you know — laughing, talking, expressing your personality.

  • Are you drinking in pubs?
  • Are you going clubbing?
  • Are you taking a class in something that interests you?
  • Are you doing a play at a local theater?
  • Are you going to church-sponsored functions?
  • Are you going to art gallery openings and receptions?

Travel can be the most literal form of taking action within the Earth Element.

The Vibration of You, the Social Creature

All kinds of activities and social situations are going to incorporate both Fire (the social aspect of Fire) and Earth, but the Earth Element extracted, in this context is more about Setting/Place.

You may notice, as you try to identify activities and environments that appeal to you, that the things on your list are a mix of those that you are so comfortable with, that are such a part of your lifestyle, that they don't seem like such a "big deal," and, hopefully, at least a few things that you've always wanted to try or keep saying you "should do more of."

The goal here is to elevate the vibration of You, the Social Creature. Any couple can stay at home on the couch, comfortable in their sweats, lounge around together on Sunday mornings reading the paper, go grocery shopping, make dinner together, watch TV... argue about the dishes, etc. All those couple-y, comfortable relationship activities are where you'll probably end up after the relationship begins to settle in, mature.

You need time to get to all that...

First, a relationship story needs a Beginning You need the scene where you first meet; you need dates to go out on in public when you're getting to know each other...

If you were writing a romantic comedy, where might your relationship begin? Pretend you're "location scouting" for ideas on how/where you might meet someone, and go to as many of those locations/events as you can.

Last, but not least, there is the Physical/ Body aspect of Sexual Chemistry. You can't fake this part, and you can't control it. As much as you are focused on daydreaming about what the Other Person's physical attributes will be, you can only impact or affect your own (and only then to a very small degree).

Animals as well as humans have mating and courtship rituals that are all about strutting your stuff.

Swagger is a combination of Behavior and Mindset that raises your vibration through an invocation of Feeling Sexy. Don't turn this into a critical self-judgment. This is not about an inventory of what you would change about yourself — it's about dialing yourself up a notch so that you feel a little hotter. You feel a little more confident.

It could be a certain item of clothing that makes you feel cool. It could be a fresh hair cut. It could be all these things as part of your personal grooming ritual — putting on some music and getting ready to go out...

You know the "pump" that you feel when you've worked out? Even though you may not have transformed your whole physique, and other people may not see it from the outside, you feel it. Having that pump in your muscles makes you carry yourself differently, it changes your posture, gives you just a bit of that swagger.

I know a woman who keeps a tiara in her vanity cabinet drawer and wears it while applying her makeup.

Really, it's an internal vibe.

Give yourself positive physical attention. Attraction is about being a magnet and mirroring. Become more the person you want to be in a relationship. (Who's the Movie Version of you in a relationship? Aim for that.)

This should feel comfortable. If you're wearing something trendy and trying too hard to "look cool" but feeling ridiculous... you're doing it wrong!

Being comfortable in your own skin is attractive.

Anything that makes you feel healthier — is direct evidence that you respect and love your physical body — is always a good bet.

You don't have to improve yourself over night — you don't have to "reach some goal weight" or whatever — it's the intention. As long as you lean in the direction of your goal and take any small action, it changes your vibration.

The Good News about Who You Want to Become

The very actions that will upgrade your romantic partner persona create an amazing, empowered single person's life in the meantime.

Shifting your vibration and shifting your spirits attracts all aspects of the reality you want to live in.

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