You Are God - Act Like It

Your creativity and your divinity are one and the same.

You most resemble God, the Creator — the ultimate, all-encompassing, whatever-you-want-to-call-it expression of All That Is — when you are co-creating your unique reality.

Don’t get stuck on the word “creative” and think I’m talking about “art.” Think bigger, more generally. If you think you don’t create, you’re wrong. You are creating your reality each and every moment. It’s inevitable and unavoidable. Creativity is inherent. Eminent.

In Genesis, God literally assigned Adam [man] a role in Creation: to name everything. That’s our job — to continually explore and define all of reality. Reality is information. The ultimate goal of information is to saturate all creation.

Thoughts are tools; words are their handles.

What words are you wielding? And do they reflect how you want to feel?